Terror Paradise Thriller Paradise Chapter 277

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s.h.i.+va and Seven Kill got at least one thing correct – Feng Bujue was indeed found by some “hero” in the scenario.

Maybe it was the so-called “the highest will”, or it was a systematic arrangement. When Feng Bujue was sitting in a car got from Two Face and drove to Wayne Manor, he encountered the worst person he doesn't want to meet.

A shadow fell straight from the air and slammed on the car's front shroud.

Feng Bujue reacted quickly. He stepped on the brakes, but the man was not pushed away by inertia, he stood steadily.

Black cloak, dark tights, sharp muscle contours, red eyes.

He is Jason Todd, once the second Robin, later as Red Hoot, now as "Batman".

Todd's bat mask has a metal mask with a row of bullets slanting across his trunk like Rambo. As one of the most brutal heroes in Gotham City, the biggest difference between him and the real Batman is… he uses guns, and he kills people.

Ping Ping Ping…

The winds.h.i.+eld was shattered by bullets fired, six or seven bullet holes appeared in a sudden in the driver's seat instantly.

How could Feng Bujue be killed by several bullets? When he saw that who came is Todd, he direct launched Body-Spirit Congregation Technique and jumped out the door. His movements were synthesized in one go and extremely fast. If it were a little slower, he'd be shot into a sieve.

“Where are you going?” Todd moved really fast, after three seconds, he caught up with Feng Bujue, who was in the state of the Body-Spirit Congregation Technique, and launched a fierce attack while talking.

Feng Bujue was unable to dodge the blow. His back was. .h.i.t by Todd's knee hard. In the ten seconds after the stroke, Feng Bujue was in a state of asphyxiation. He couldn't breathe, and his blood was twitching in his chest.

But he resisted the pain, rolled forward, and quickly revealed the bomb on his body. “Don't come!” He sighed with the last breath.

Todd's action was delayed and he did not continue the attack.

“Ha…ha…” Feng Bujue knelt on one knee, breathing for a long time.

The position of the two right now is in the middle of the main road, but due to the poor public security situation in Gotham City, there are almost no pedestrians on the street with very few vehicles. The only thing was eyes among those dark alleys that were spying towards the scene.

“This always works.” Feng Bujue saw that the situation was temporarily stable and quickly cancelled the Body-Spirit Congregation Technique to stop the loos of Survival Value. He stood tremblingly and wiped his mouth. The blow even made him drooled.

“Do you think I really care about you or someone nearby killed?” Todd's hoa.r.s.e, low voice came from the metal mask, it sounds like a genuine Batman.

“Of course you won't.” Feng Bujue sneered: “I think… you just saw the great power of explosives tied to me, at this distance. Even with the protection of Kevlar's tights and Memory Cloth Polymer Cape, you will definitely be blown into pieces with me together.”

“Huh …” Todd sneered and put away his guns. “You seem to know a lot, kiddo… Nice work on dodging those bullets before.”

“If I can't avoid those shots, we're both done now.” Feng Bujue replied.

“Yeah… I'll pay attention before the next shot,” Todd said sarcastically. “There are more and more people running around with explosives tied around themselves.”

“Ha!” How could Feng Bujue lose to others on roasting: “Compared to a man with a gun posing as Batman, isn't it strange to have a bomb tied on me?”

Todd's voice suddenly became cold: “I AM Batman.”

“Hahaha…” Feng Bujue went excited: “Jason… Jason…” He directly spoke Todd's name: “If Bruce sees you right now, what would he think?”

The name undoubtedly touched Todd's point. He suddenly growled: “Don't repeat the name!” He angered: “Who are you? How do you know…”

“Look at you…” Feng Bujue interrupted him: “It looks really ridiculous.” He quoted Jason and Tim's lines in the comic, “Like a kid out for trick-or-treats.”

Todd remained silent for a few seconds without being further provoked. “You remind me of someone…”

“Hahahaha…” Feng Bujue imitated Joker intentionally and produced a frenzied laugh: “What? Did you see another Robin being killed and remind you of something unpleasant?” He tried to distract Todd for an opportunity to escape, “You thought killed him once in earth 51 1) makes you invincible? You should go to psychotherapy. Jason, because you are as crazy as he is.”

“That's it!” Todd yelled, trembled his cloak and spun up.

His speed was extremely fast. Cooperating with the initial movement, he nearly became a shadow in Feng Bujue's eyes.

Well-trained skills and strong muscles made Feng Bujue hard to fight. He was soon approached by Todd in a blink and was. .h.i.t again under the ribs. Feng Bujue, whose survival value was full, had only 27% Survival Value left after being hit by Todd.

“Where is the remote control of the bomb?” Todd asked, grasping Feng Bujue's neckline.

“Oh… who knows? But I have to remind you that if I lose consciousness, for example… stunned by you, the bomb will also explode.” Feng Bujue was of course lying, but he's lying level is obvious high with extremely confident expression and tones.

“There are many ways to make you lose your ability…” Todd sneered under the mask: “I've wanted to try this thing for you crazy people from a long time before.” A green little bottle appeared on his hand.

As Todd waved his hand, a bottle of green smoke was sprayed out of the com bottle mouth and rushed towards Feng Bujue.

“Cough… Cough…” Feng Bujue was unable to avoid it under the restraint of Todd and took in several breaths of this gas.

“Taste the fear too, lunatic!” Todd said.

After hearing what Todd said, Feng Bujue knew what he was inhaling the fear gas of the Scarecrow. 2)

In the issue "Battle for the Cowl”, Todd stole some fear gas from the Batcave and used it in the fight with Nightwing. But he did not expect that Nightwing had already been injected with all the known variants of fear gas, thus he is not influenced that much. Todd, who thought he was in control of the situation, later revealed a flaw, which also became the turning point where he was finally defeated by Nightwing.

“Hehe… Well…” About ten seconds later, Feng Bujue smiled at Todd. “Seriously, Jason. Do you still have this thing? Give me some more.”

Reference from Countdown to Final Crisis, Jason went to other universes to find The Atom and reached Earth-51, where all the criminals were killed by Batman. During the fight with Ultraman and Joker (from a different universe, of course), Jason killed Joker because he trapped the corpse of Earth-51's Batman.Jonathan Ryan, supercriminal, doctor of psychology, biochemistry, and former professor of Gotham University. See at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarecrow_(DC_Comics)

Terror Paradise Thriller Paradise Chapter 277

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