Terror Paradise Thriller Paradise Chapter 300

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Swan joined the industry in his early teens and did not rely on the support of any studio. He works alone in the gaming world. The pressure of life and the bias of his family and friends have long been accustomed to him…

He has been suppressed, deceived, encountered vicious compet.i.tion, and even intimidated… so he tends to pay more attention when dealing with people who are not familiar with him.

The soreness and ups and downs of the past ten years made a deep influence in his heart.

As an experienced person, although Swan is still young, his thinking way is not young at all. Facing Feng Bujue's perfunctory answer, he immediately understood that Feng Bujue was obviously unwilling or unable to tell the truth.

Therefore, Swan did not follow up and did not point out his doubts about the Derivative. He soon started to talk to the other three people about other topics casually.

Feng Bujue spent five minutes to explain the principles of the SCP-233 to three teammates in detail, and briefly explained the setting of the SCP Foundation, which solved the curiosity of the other three players.

Then the four came to the wall together.

The part of the ground next to the wall was not repaired by the system, so a rectangular gap of nine meters long and one meter wide was left on the ground. Observing from a distance in the past, it was difficult to determine its depth. At this moment, the four people walked to the side and found that the s.p.a.ce under the gap was not too deep, less than one meter.

“In the entire lobby, only the two pillars here have a distance of exactly nine meters. The distance between other pillars, walls and other objects has nothing to do with 9, whether the unit is decimeters, feet or whatever…… If there is a relations.h.i.+p, the angle between the wall, the pillars and the ground is ninety degrees." Feng Bujue added to the previous plan: "But from the perspective of solving the puzzle, the answer has uniqueness and the probability of correctness is obviously higher. Therefore, I considered that the breakthrough point must be here.”

Swan said at this time: “Although I made a suggestion to let you pay attention to such information when checking… But to be honest… I didn't do it very seriously myself.” He turned to look at Feng Bujue: “I didn't expect that you could only determine the exact length between objects by observation. This is really…”

“Not simply observation, I have measurement skills.” Feng Bujue replied: “Every six months, I will measure my stride when walking, this is my ruler.” He looked around. “Like this larger building, the measurement error will be relatively large. But if I change to a common house, I can walk around and measure the size of each room. If the walls have a mezzanine or anything weird about the building structure, I can almost see right away.”

When they heard the line “every six months…”, the expressions of Autumn Wind, Calm Speaker, and Swan had become quite surprised, but Feng Bujue still continued his way, ignoring the reaction of his teammates: “In fact, the human body itself is a very useful measuring device, such as heartbeat, pulse, and breathing can be used to measure time; while height, stride, and wingspan can be used to measure length, as long as reasonable training is maintained, we can determine the weight at certain degree.” His face gradually showed a frenetic expression: “If you are interested, I can teach you how to calculate the average density of a bucket of feces without the help of tools…”

“Feng Dude… No… Big brother.” Autumn Wind was completely shocked. “I dare to ask what you really do in real life?” At this moment, the inference in his mind was Feng Bujue is a crazy scientist or something similar.

“Artist.” Feng Bujue had been waiting too long to speak the word out.

“Hmm…” The three teammates all stared blankly, staring at Feng Bujue with meaningful eyes, and their minds were basically f.u.c.ked up.

“In short, now that we know where the mission is, it's upstairs.” Feng Bujue brought the topic back on track. He looked up and said, “Then our goal will be clear.”

Corresponding to the ground, there is a rectangular gap in the ceiling against the wall, which is wide enough for players to pa.s.s. But Feng Bujue naturally wouldn't rush straight up, he had to test it first.

Feng Bujue picked up a large piece of block in the gap in the ground. With one wave, he threw it into the gap above. The block flew up obliquely and landed on the floor tile on the second floor two seconds later. Judging from the sound, it seems that no trap has been triggered.

“It seems all right, Well… I'll go up first,” Autumn Wind said. In similar situations, he usually chooses a more aggressive approach.

The choice can reflect the differences between the players. The two t.i.tles [Constant Adviser] and [Gaining Both Wisdom & Courage] appear to be two ways of acting.

Calm Speaker is similar to Feng Bujue, thinking about the worst aspect first. They would try to risk as little as possible until there is really nothing to make sure, then they will act.

The principle of Autumn Wind is that for an unknown situation, as long as no adverse factors are seen, it is a.s.sumed that it is safe.

With a short slap, Autumn Wind jumped and stepped on the way. With the sound of the soles rubbing against the wall, he stepped back and jumped up to the second floor.

When teammates saw this scene, they looked calm. Obviously, to these nearly level 30 players, this level of action is not much. After level 20, if you can't jump 5 meters high on the wall, you will be embarra.s.sed to say h.e.l.lo to the teammates.

“How's it going?” Calm Speaker asked.

“Well… there should be no danger,” Autumn Wind replied, “Come up and talk.”

The three of them exchanged glances. Since no one expressed any objection, they stepped forward and jumped to the second floor one by one.

The environment on the second floor is basically the same as that of the first floor. Regardless of the style of the tiles, the position of the supporting columns, and the lighting equipment, it is the same as the first floor. The most significant difference is that the ground-to-ceiling height of the first floor is more than four meters, while the ground-to-ceiling height of the second floor is close to eight meters visually.

There are no doors on the farthest wall on this floor. Of course, the players also know that behind the wall is the 23x23x23 room on the ground floor.

After the four of them glanced around roughly, their eyes fell on the center of the second floor ceiling. There is a circular hole with a diameter of about two meters, and a steel pipe extended from the hole to the ground on the second floor. Through this steel pipe, they can directly access to the third floor.

“Let me guess… Does the system want us to climb on the pipe?” Swan muttered.

“Guess it can't be let you dance aside with it,” Feng Bujue continued.

“Feng Dude… Please…” Calm Speaker advised sincerely.

“d.a.m.n, after you mention it, I've started to make up the scene in my brain.” Autumn Wind said: “This is definitely a meaningless Fear Value surge.”

Swan pushed his gla.s.ses: “Feng Dude, your ingenuity is worthy of recognition, but your thinking is a bit…”

“No limit?” Feng Bujue replied, smiling: “A sense of humour is something inherent and cannot be changed…” He said as he walked towards the steel pipe: "I would rather not be speaking some jokes like 'are there going to be fireman slide down from the hole'. “

“So… the point you want to elaborate is that you have the ability to be elegant, but you rather chose to be vulgar…” Swan was really a smart man, he instantly understood Feng Bujue's meaning.

“Thank you,” Feng Bujue replied shamelessly.

“Are you praising you???”

During the talking time, they have come to the bottom of the hole. Looking up, they can see that there should be no light source on the third floor, and the surrounding area of ​​the hole is dark. With the light on the second floor, they could see that the top of the steel pipe was welded to the ceiling on the third floor and did not lead to a higher floor.

“Although it can go directly to the third floor, let's explore this floor as well.” Autumn Wind looked at his teammates. “Also, you have noticed… From the outside of the building, each floor of this building has the same height. But we can't see the contents of the building through the window. From inside… “

“That's very easy to explain. The sight seen outside the building is probably just a camouflage.” Swan said: “It is also possible… since we entered the gate, we have entered another s.p.a.ce.”

“These issues need not be considered at the moment the light wall appeared. Not only SCP-233 but also Feng Dude's NPC friend…” Calm Speaker said: “Anyway, I have never played sci-fi scenarios without any supernatural setting. “

Feng Bujue said: “Alright… Can I go and get that piece of concrete now and throw it on the third floor and try it out?”

“Oh…” Autumn Wind's mouth twitched: “No one is stopping you…”

After a few words, the four still held a tentative att.i.tude and looked around in a circle. Since the second floor and the first floor are almost the same, this time they took a shorter time to confirm that there was nothing to trigger around.

It didn't take long for the four to return to the pipe.

Feng Bujue held up the concrete block that was thrown from the first floor and threw it on the third floor. He still only heard the movement of the object, there was nothing else abnormal.

“If you want to go first, bring a flashlight.” Feng Bujue spoke to Autumn Wind.

“I volunteered for one time, and you are ready to use me to the end…” Autumn Wind replied helplessly.

“Let me do it this time,” Swan interjected. “Autumn Wind has already taken several risks. From now on, it's more reasonable to take turns to explore.” He paused here as a time for his teammates to object.

Two seconds later, when no one answered, Swan went on to say: “From the situation on the second floor, not every floor is dangerous, and not every floor needs a puzzle to pa.s.s. My preliminary a.s.sumption is that… there is a problem on the odd floor, while the even floor is an area for rest and buffering.” He turned to look at Feng Bujue, and suddenly came out a line: “Feng Dude, you should have available flashlights.”

“Yes,” Feng Bujue said, taking out a flashlight from his jacket pocket.

In fact, when Feng Bujue used the phrase “bring a flashlight” to Autumn Wind, Swan figured it out.

“Oh?” When Swan took the flashlight from Feng Bujue, he looked at the item and then said, “The trademarks and descriptions above are in German…”

Autumn Wind and Calm Speaker immediately understood something.

Feng Bujue said bluntly: “Because I bought it from a convenience store nearby.”

“Didn't you say you bought some snacks?” Autumn Wind said.

“I didn't say I only bought snacks.” Feng Bujue shook his head: “I also bought a folding knife, a lighter, a palm-sized notebook, a ballpoint pen, and two flashlights with the battery by the way.”

“You should say I bought some snacks in the way!” Roared Autumn Wind.

Calm Speaker: “Wait… you don't know German, how do you know how much to pay at checkout?”

“Arabic numerals are displayed on the cash register of the convenience store.” Feng Bujue said, taking out a wallet from his pocket, pulled out a 20 euros. He said proudly: “Also Arabic numerals are printed on the euro~”

“Why showing off your robbed money!”

“Oh. By the way, the kid I robbed was using a Nokia phone.” Feng Bujue put away the wallet and pulled out a phone: “Look, what an arms-level communication device. It even had signals here!"

“Not only did this guy admit that he was a robbery, but he also started to show his stolen things!”

Autumn Wind, another victim who's Roasting Spirit was burning because of Feng Bujue…

“Suddenly can't feel nervous anymore…” Swan didn't bother to watch, he clamped the flashlight with the index and middle fingers of his right hand, holding the steel pipe in his palm. Then, he climbed up with left hand and legs.

The height needed to climb was only a few meters, Swan's upper body soon reached the third floor. However, instead of rus.h.i.+ng into the darkness, he stayed on the steel pipe, holding his body with his legs, grasping the tube with one hand, and holding a flashlight to s.h.i.+ne the surrounding.

The s.p.a.ce on the third floor is also very wide, the height is the same as the first floor with more than 4 meters in height. Because there is no light source on this layer, the distance that the flashlight can s.h.i.+ne is limited. Swan can only observe a range of more than ten meters near the hole.

“At least the area where the flashlight can s.h.i.+ne is empty.” Swan spoke to his teammates, “Oh, except for the building fragment thrown.” He then stepped on the third floor, "Come up, it's nothing.”

“You don't think about making a few laps around, do a wide range of exploration and let us come up then?” Feng Bujue asked.

Swan increasingly felt that this guy was shameless, but he can't be angry: “If I have eyes behind me with two flashlights, I can consider this option.”

Feng Bujue smiled and took another flashlight out of his pocket. He stepped on the ground and grabbed the steel pipe by one hand and went up the third floor.

With a click, Feng Bujue turned on the second flashlight in his hand and shone in the other direction. “Are you afraid?”

Swan was stunned for this question…

Indeed, he was afraid.

In such an empty, dark, and unfamiliar environment, holding a flashlight in the hand and going around to check it alone, anyone would be a little afraid.

“Hehe… then stay here and stay alert, I'll… go around first,” Feng Bujue said easily.

That was unexpected by Swan. From the beginning of the scenario to the present, Feng Bujue has basically been in the back, leaving the risk to his teammates. He didn't expect Feng Bujue to show amazing bravery at the moment.

“Hey… this is not a time to be bold and heroic…” Swan advised kindly.

“Do you think I'm someone who can do that kind of thing?” Feng Bujue asked back.

To be honest, Swan didn't feel like it either.

Fear is not only an expression written on the face but also a pheromone that can be contagious. Therefore, it's easy to tell if a person is pretending or truly not afraid.

Feng Bujue is obviously truly not afraid…

When Feng Bujue walked into this environment filled with horror, the expression on his face was like entering a Maid Café. This is totally different from a guy who took his girlfriend to Haunted House shouting and trembling, making a posture to bit the staff in it.

“I'll back in a second.” Feng Bujue shouted again at the two below: “You two come up first, stay with Swan and just don't move. In case I encounter any situation, you can react fast from here."

As Calm Speaker and Autumn Wind climbed up the steel pipe, Feng Bujue walked far away without looking back. He went further and further, and soon became a light spot in the darkness.

Feng Bujue took the initiative to explore after multiple considerations. First of all, he is a person Spiritual Mind and Spiritual Weapon to defend himself. Even if he cannot use the items in his bag, his melee ability is at the top level of the game. No matter what's his level, he must be better than the three other non-fighting players.

Secondly, he is basically unaffected by the environment. Whether it is depression, a strange atmosphere, the sense of oppression and fear brought by darkness, or the sudden screams, ghosts… nothing can disturb him.

Third, he certainly won't get lost, because he always measures the position in his mind. Regardless of the sense of direction and distance, he's extremely accurate. After all, no one knows what will be on this floor… if there is a kind of black wall that can move silently, maybe after the player walks for a while and then turns back, the entrance will not be seen.

All in all, it is very appropriate for Feng Bujue to go through the situation of this layer alone. His observation and thinking will not be biased by fear; if a monster or a trap is triggered, he will not be easily killed; he is more unlikely to be scared offline… as long as the three teammates are waiting at the role at any time to retreat.

Terror Paradise Thriller Paradise Chapter 300

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