Golden Time (JungYong) Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

"I can not see the blood vessels over there. Can you hold the tools for me?"

At Prof. Han's instruction, the residents' eyes became wider.

The professor obviously wanted to give him the role of an a.s.sistant when he was already allowed into the operation room. 

Prof. Han spoke to the resident on the opposite side to him at this time,

"Your eyes are bloodshot, so I guess you didn't sleep at all yesterday." 

The resident opened his mouth awkwardly, "As I was on call, I had to see patients until this morning."

"I feel good seeing you working hard, but I think I need a break."

The professor pointed to the opened belly with his eyes. 

"I can not see anything clearly."

Like Prof. Han said, the resident did not read his instructing gaze correctly.

He was just poking at the wrong organ.

"I'm sorry, sir. I'll try to do better."

"No, if you are tired, that can happen."

At his genuine remarks, the resident stepped back, reproaching himself. 

Han opened his mouth again.

"Give Lee Suhyuk what you are holding."

"Okay, sir."

The resident, gazing at him with an unbelievable look, handed an iron tool to him, and he signaled with eyes that he should not make a mistake.

On the other hand, Han recalled the day when Suhyuk located the patient's C line. 

His prompt response was still vivid in his mind.

'As he was such a smart student in his PK days, how much progress has he made since then… His securing a clear view for me must be a simple job for him.'

Some sort of expectancy was reflected in Han's eyes. 

Suhyuk, who received the tool from the resident, replaced his position.

Han opened his mouth, "Pull it a little to the left." 

Suhyuk pulled Dongsu's slightly opened belly without any hesitation. 

At the same time, he frowned because of the pain in the shoulder caused by the motorcycle.

It was painful enough to make his arm tremble.

However, he endured it by biting his teeth. Rather, he gave more strength to the shoulder to stop his arm from trembling. 

"I'll wake you up soon, Dongsu." 

"Now that organ over there."

Even before Han spoke, Suhyuk had already moved his hands quickly.

He checked the surrounding areas near the stabbed wounds thoroughly. Besides, as if to catch anything that he could not see before, he broadened the view of the organs so that Prof. Han and the residents could see it clearly. 

Han smiled dumbfoundedly at him. It looked like Suhyuk had done surgery several times before, though it was impossible. He fully satisfied his expectations, just as he had previously thought. 

At that moment, a resident, standing beside the professor, opened his mouth, 

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you following Prof. Han's instructions properly? Are you out of your mind?"

Han looked at him gently and said, "What's wrong? Mr. Lee is doing great. Just keep focusing on what you're doing."

At his words, everybody became dumb as an oyster. 

Though they knew the professor as someone considered to be generous to his juniors, they did not expect that he would be just as much generous to an intern like that. They were also surprised at him in their heart.

For Suhyuk was looking into all the blood vessels and organs that they expected were bleeding. When Suhyuk let out a light breath, Han opened his mouth, "Fortunately, the inside is clean."

He did not see any bleeding or injuries on the organs.

"Keep giving a blood transfusion. What about the blood pressure and pulse?" 

The nurse looking into the patient monitoring device said, "BP 120/90 and pulse 80."

Han turned his head and peered at Dongsu's face.

"As you're young, you are different. You're a young friend too," said Han.

Actually, Han's words could not explain if it would be a successful surgery. 

Given that it's not an easy surgery, usually the blood pressure drops and the pulse becomes faster, and there could even be brain oxygen saturation. In addition, the patient before his eye was bleeding. Nonetheless, the patient monitor all showed that he was normal. 

Prof. Han could not help but laugh, and so did Suhyuk wearing a little smile.  

Obviously, he came to the emergency room as if he would collapse at once, but the typically strong Dongsu was once again displayed even in the surgery room.

There were no damaged organs and there was nothing to worry about. 

Now only the suture remained. It would be a perfect task without leaving any inflammation later.

"Can you do the suture?" Han asked Suhyuk.

Suhyuk shook his head, "I do not think I can do it."

The professor made a surprised expression at his reply.

He located a patient's C line without hesitation and examined organs with his sophisticated technique. How could he not suture then?
When Han was thinking about it, Suhyuk paid attention to his painful shoulders.

Every time he gave strength, his arms jerked. He endured it against his will. 

He felt he could do the suture, but not smoothly. 

Of course, he really wanted to do the suture for Dongsu by himself, but he could not.

It was a wise decision to leave it to another resident. 

Nodding at Suhyuk, Prof. Han asked the residents to do the finis.h.i.+ng touches with suturing.

Soon the surgery simply ended without any difficulty or complications.


Dongsu, who was lying in bed in the recovery room, slightly opened his closed eyelids. Then, soon his eyes opened smoothly. At that moment, the nurse who was checking his condition said, "You're awake. Can you see me? What's your name?" 

Slowly moving his pupils, he said, "Ooops… It hurts."

At his words, the nurse flinched a bit, rather surprised.

She was worried about his possible showing signs of delirium.

That symptom came to those patients who had emergency surgeries, which caused them to act recklessly and not to recognize their acquaintances. 

On such occasions the patients go as far as beating doctors and nurses.

The nurse murmured at Dongsu with a wry face.

"Looks like you have signs of delirium..."

"No, he's been like that for a very long time," said Suhyuk, who was standing behind her, and approached him.

"How do you feel?"

Touching his sutured belly, Dongsu made a funny face. It looked like he was both smiling and frowning his face. Maybe it was a mix of the pain he felt from the belly and his smiling face at his waking up.

"I feel thrilled and good about it."

Suhyuk laughed awkwardly. He might be the only patient in the whole of Korea who said something like that as soon as he woke up from anesthesia.  

"By the way, what happened to Park Janghu? Did he wake up from his unconsciousness?"

"Don't you think you have to swear at the guy who stabbed you first before worrying about such a thing?"

"Well, it's my iron rule to catch a suspect before my eyes."

"That's a detective's job. You're a prosecutor."

The two looked at each other quietly. In the meantime, the nurse checked Dongsu's condition leisurely. All the measurements were okay. 

"You have to stay in bed at the hospital for a week," said Suhyuk.

Looking up at the ceiling, Dongsu replied, "If my mom finds out about this, I'll get a big scolding. Can I be discharged earlier?" 

"Don't even dream about it."


One week pa.s.sed quickly. Dongsu was transferred to a room reserved for a single patient, and while he was there, the detectives stopped by the room as if they were reporting to work there.

That was the same for Suhyuk. After he'd finished for the day, he went to see Dongsu unless he had other calls.

Late in the night today, he went to see him. 

When Suhyuk went into the room, Dongsu, sitting on the bed, welcomed him, shuffling his feet.

"You came very early today. You are far from busy, right?"

With a silly smile, he said, "How do you feel now?"

"As you can see, I'm perfectly fine. As you know, I'm strong and robust, right?"

At that moment Dongsu's head turned to the entrance of the room.

"Oh, you've just arrived sister?" 

Suhyuk turned back.

"Hey, my cute brothers!"

It was reporter Han Jihye.

She was all smiles on her face.

Maybe it was because she had not met them in such a long time?

Suhyuk spoke to her first, "Hey", and then looked at Dongsu. 

There was something that he instinctively recalled. The guy he took to the emergency room from before, he heard from Dongsu that the guy was a serial rapist. It then made sense why she came here to meet him.

Obviously Dongsu must have contacted her.

"Lee Suhyuk, you haven't contacted me for so long. Are you saying you're too busy as a doctor?"

At her curt words, Suhyuk opened his mouth awkwardly, "I was hectically busy."

She nodded her head as if she understood him. A doctor's job is really busy and time consuming.

She met Dongsu occasionally, because as her profession was that of a reporter, she maintained contact with him from time to time. However, it's been a long time since she met Suhyuk.

"You look more handsome than before."

She felt she could smell something masculine from him because she finally met him after such a long time. 

"Do you have a girlfriend? If not, can I introduce one to you?"

"Well, I don't want to get one right now."

Having said that, a young lady came to his mind. Around this time she was helping her father, with her sleeves rolled up. 

"Sister, please introduce one to me. Please!"

Rising from the seat, Dongsu smiled at her, receiving a fruit gift box.

Han looked at both of them with a dubious look.

Fine professions and handsome faces. 

Why aren't the girls thinking about s.n.a.t.c.hing these fine men?

"Please, please!" demanded Dongsu.

She smiled at him, and said, "Okay! You said you want a s.e.xy woman, right? Let me introduce one to you sooner or later."

And then she asked Suhyuk this time, "What kind of girl do you want?"


When he slurred, she looked at him strongly, saying, "Yeah, just say it. Don't feel any burden from answering."

She was full of enthusiasm as if she were ready to bring a Miss Korea lady to him.

"Please don't reveal my name in your report," said Suhyuk.

It was really burdensome for him to be put into the spotlight by the media, which he felt every time it happened. 

At his words, Han opened her eyes wider.

"Suhyuk, it's a misunderstanding. Last time when you caught the criminal, I didn't put your name in my report." 

That was true. She did not reveal his name anywhere in her report. Netizens on the internet found out it was him though. They reported his name. 

The name of Lee Suhyuk is heavy, but at the same time it's light, so it just flies with the wind to the point of his ident.i.ty getting revealed to the people easily.

Was Suhyuk even aware of this?

Suhyuk smiled bitterly at Han, who was wearing a bright smile.

"Please report as if it were not about me."

Han said with a promise, "Sure, if you want it that way. I won't reveal even the surname 'Lee' in the report."

Suhyuk nodded his head, thinking that was enough.

However, there was no way of knowing the results. In other words, the possibility was there that one day his name would find its way into the media with a big news headline again. 

At that moment everybody turned their heads to the entrance of the room.

There was a gentleman dressed casually in training pants. He was Kim Hyunwoo.

"Are you okay?" 

Dongsu smiled awkwardly, saying, "Why did you come here when you're so busy? I was thinking of see you sooner or later, and I'd like to see your mother again too."

Suhyuk greeted him too, asking, "How are you, sir?"

Kim smiled gently, responding, "I feel good seeing both of you like this together. Come on in guys!"

At his words, several men came into the room at once. 

They looked for a proper place to put down large flowers and a humidifier.

With wider eyes, Dongsu said, "I've already got them all here in the room…"

Kim, looking around the room, said, "Don't you think that brand new stuff are better?"

He then grinned wickedly, which was a pleasant smile that made others follow suit.

So, the three of them met once again after such a long time and they merrily chatted away with lots of laughs. 

Golden Time (JungYong) Chapter 66

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