Golden Time (JungYong) Chapter 85

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The ambulance crew shook their heads at Suhyuk's words.

If they cut the stone, the surroundings might collapse. 

"Then the surroundings may collapse." they said.

Suhyuk, fixing his gaze on the victim, opened his mouth, 

 "My idea is to have his leg amputated."

 Everyone's eyes turned big. It was an idea that n.o.body thought of.

 "You are talking nonsense. Who are you?"

When an crew member asked, Suhyuk said briefly. "I'm a doctor."

Then he knelt down on one side of the victim's head, with the blood pack raised. 

Suhyuk asked the victim smiling blankly, "Can you move your right leg?" 

His leg wriggled. As expected, the right side was not trapped. 

But there was bleeding there. The victim let out a painful groan. 

"It looks like you've been  pierced by something."

Suhyuk knitted his brows. What was it? 

But it was not the point. 

"You said you do not have senses. Did you feel it on your left leg?" 

He nodded his head. He could not get out because of his trapped left leg. 

Suhyuk had a brief sigh. The muscles in the crushed area were getting worse and worse. 

That's why he had no senses there.

"I think you have to have your leg amputated.  The odds are 6 to 4."

 "Oh ..." A sigh came out of the mouth of the victim.

"It sounds like the odds are I might die." 


However, the worst could happen when they took away the stone as it was.

Bywater syndrome. Muscles that are pressured by some parts of the body are necrotic and produce toxic substances. When it releases the stone and the pressure is released, the poisonous substance in one place roams the body in the blood. 

Bleeding was severe. 

"I am taking low blood pressure medicine.Would it be okay?" 

At his bittersweet words,  Suhyuk's expression got worse.

That's why bleeding was happening.

 "I think you should make a decision." 

"Give me a little time to think." 

Suhyuk nodded his head. Then, he handed the blood pack to the paramedics and climbed up. "Please save my husband!" 

Tears flowed constantly from the eyes of the victim's wife. 

"Do you think he can't be pulled out?"

Suhyuk nodded his head at Lee 's question. 

"One of his legs was trapped under a stone. I think we should consider amputation."

A bolt out of the blue to her. She knelt down helplessly.

Suhyuk, moving the heap of stones that trapped the victim, said to Lee,

"Bywater syndrome. I think we need to cut his leg and have him get surgery."

Lee looked at Suhyuk quietly. His shoulders slumped. It was as if Lee was looking at the victim's family when he saw what he was doing.  

He was  throwing the piled stones one by one. As for a large stone that he could not remove with hands, he rolled it over with a  steel pipe. But his own strength was limited. Among them, a big rock did not move a bit.

A murmur came out of his mouth, "Move ... d.a.m.n!" 

Then he stood up and moved to the victim.

Then Lee Seung-suk caught him by the shoulder, saying "How is the victim's condition?"

"He was bleeding and taking blood pressure medication." 

"I think I have to take a look," said Lee.

When Lee tried to put his foot into the pit, Suhyuk shook his head. 

"The inside is fairly narrow, let me go in." 

Suhyuk's eyes met with Lee's eyes, as if they were begging him to believe him.

When Lee nodded his head,  Suhyuk began to move.


"Did you decide?" 

The victim closed his eyes for a moment and fell in thought.

It didn't last long.

He lifted his eyelids and opened his mouth. "I want to go out with normal legs."

That meant his rejection of the amputation idea.

Suhyuk respected his judgment, with a slight smile.

The situation was not very pessimistic. 

He could pin some hope on the fact that he was conscious.

I would do what I could.

"Got it." Suhyuk immediately loosen his belt and tightened the thigh of the victim.

"It is an ad-hoc prescription to prevent toxicity that can go up the leg." 

Suhyuk said to the ambulance crew who were watching the surroundings. 

"Please remove the stones so I can pull out his leg." 

The crew nodded. But the heavy equipment vehicles were coming here. 

When they went out, Suhyuk and the victim were left alone. 

Suhyup leaned against the wall holding the blood pack. 

"You're having a real trouble because of me. Thank you."

 Suhyup laughed. 

"You do not have to thank me, this is my job," he said, looking at the hole where the light was coming in.

. "No, you're having this trouble because of me ... If I had had my leg cut, I would have got out already." 

Suhyuk heard what he was saying. 

It was good for him to continue to speak, so he could stay conscious like that.

"I felt as if I was oing to be kicked out of my company if I had my legs amputated. 

And I still have a lot of loans and a family to feed.."

"I think you are a great family man. You should stay calm in order to get out of here."

"Thank you." 

As soon as he said that, the dirt fell down. It meant the equipments arrived.

 The paramedics came down again.

 "There is a risk of collapse while we are removing the stones, so we will install some equipment." 

Paramedics immediately installed hydraulic support beams here and there. 

Soon solid iron steel was installed to stones that could collapse.

And the place inside became much narrower.

 "Okay. We will remove the stone from above. Tell us if you see any sign of collapse there."

When Suhyuk nodded his head, they went up again. 

Dirts kept falling from above.

Suhyuk pulled up the jacket he had overlaid over the victim. 

"You'll be able to get out of here soon, just be patient." 

How long has it been so long? The amount of light pouring down was more and more. 

Then the paramedics came in. 

"We're ready. We're going to remove the stones." 

"Please do it as much as possible without vibration." 

They nodded, and got the cutter from above. 

 "Even with sprinkling water there will be have a lot of dust." 

The man who put the mask on the victim handed another one to Suhyuk.

. Weeeing.. The cogwheel started to roll and cut the stone slowly. 

On all such occasions, the victim's face frowned. 

Suhyuk asked him, "Are you okay?"

He nodded his head. When he felt the vibration in the part where bleeding came from,

the pain was more severe than before. But he could hold on, for he had a family.

The cogwheels kept running without stopping. So it took 20 minutes.

 The cutter stopped, and the stone on which the victim was trapped  was cut into several pieces. The stones were removed, and Suhyuk checked the bleeding leg.

A rebar was poking through the thigh, which protruded from the stone. 

Suhyuk knitted his brows. 

The risk of cutting the rebar with the cutter and removing it was too great.

Because muscles and nerves could be damaged by vibration. 

Even though he wanted to pull out his thigh, excessive bleeding could occur.

 Though he agonized a bit, Suhyuk made a quick judgment. 

Even a second was not to be wasted.

He could not delay anymore.

 "Please give me some bandage." Suhyuk, who was handed bandage by the crew, tied up the upper part of the stabbed wound with the bandages.

 "You will feel a bit pain."

When the victim nodded, Suhyuk slowly pulled the thigh from the rebar. 

"Ugh ..." The blood poured out. However, it was blood that was stagnant. 

Bleeding was getting less frequent because he tied it very tight with utmost pressure.

 "Move him quickly!" When Suhyuk said that, the crew began to raise him.

 "Honey!" "Boohoo… Dad!" The victim was carried into the ambulance amid the family's crying.

As soon as the victim arrived at the emergency room, he went through examination while he was receiving blood transfusions first. Of course, the place that was stuck in the rebar was also treated. A teta.n.u.s shot was given to him, too.

Can there be such a miracle?

There was a small crack in the bones of his trapped area, and only a little muscle damage. 

However, his blood pressure slightly dropped. That was all. 

The reason the man was not seriously hurt. It was something only Suhyup guessed.

As head of the family, he had such a great care and consideration of the family. 

Could it have caused such a miracle?

 But he could not afford to be off guard. Even bywater syndrome could cause trouble. 

He immediately administered sap and medication. It was a drug that diluted toxicity. 

Prof. Lee took the lead there. Well, it was as much done by Suhyuk, because the victim followed what Suhyuk said.

"Don't cry, I'm okay."

The victim, lying in a stretcher bed, smiled and soothed his daughter. 

Then Lee brought the chart and came up to him. 

"Fortunately, there seems to be no problem, but I need to watch the progress of your condition while you're being treated here for a few days."

When Lee said, the man turned his gaze to the side.

 There, Lee Suhyuk intern was laughing at his daughter. 

If he had not been there at the time of the accident, what would have happened to me?

Suhyuk made him hold his eyeb.a.l.l.s that he felt were closing by having him remember his family.

"Guardian, follow me." 

Lee left the place, and Suhyuk, left alone, opened his mouth. "You're lucky. You've got insurance, right?"

The man smiled and nodded. "Yes, even life insurance for the family."

Suhyuk laughed a little. He was such as great patient caring about the family so much. 

 "But it looked like a new house ..." 

At Suhyuk's words, his expression got harder and harder. 

t was less than a week after his new house was built. How did they build it like that...

"I think there's only one thing I can do for you." 

The victim made a curious expression. 

What does he mean when he said he could do something for him? 

He was so grateful that he saved his life and treated him.

Then he heard something.

 "Hey, Suhyuk!" 

A woman with long waving hair approached him laughing. It was reporter Han Jihye.

Golden Time (JungYong) Chapter 85

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