Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) Chapter 248

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Rimuru vs Yuuki - Part 3-

I had to now consider that it was impossible to ever understand this idiot.

He wanted to destroy the world because he had an unhappy childhood or something, it was incomprehensible.

Yuuki was not the only one who had met misfortune as a child.

Not everyone was happy, many people had to overcome their misfortune and grow into great people.

My life was probably on the more happier side, so I'm not sure I could answer if asked whether I truly understood the feelings of unfortunate people.

However, I can determine that it is clearly wrong to involve other people just because you are unhappy.

People are not equal.

With the systems set in place in the world, we can try within limits to treat each other fairly, but we also cannot deny the difference in abilities that people are born with.

Thinking about it like that, it becomes apparent that a world where everyone can live with equality, peace, and happiness could only exist within a fantasy.

And so, if you said that this world was incomplete, well, that would be true.

Even Velda, who had tried to create a completely monitored society; he had been no more than a fool who could not understand what Veldanava's ideal was.

But even more than that, Yuuki's idea that it would be better to destroy everything and bring an end to it all was incredibly naive and juvenile.

He would take no responsibility for himself. He was reckless and would acknowledge no opinions other than his own.

In the end, Yuuki was a fool who I would never be able to understand.

The world was cruel, but it offered you everything.

That was the world that Veldanava had created.

Alone in that s.p.a.ce of nothingness, he had endured his solitude.

And so he had then given birth to this world in order to distract himself from his boredom.

And in this world, was born life. Beings who could act freely and make their will known, just as Veldanava had intended.

After many years, humans were born as the receptacle of the soul, with free will and high intelligence.

Veldanava was overjoyed.

He had been bored in the world of nothingness. Watching the activities of the lifeforms was pleasurable enough, but the activities of these creatures called humans were emotionally moving to him.

However, there was a problem.

These humans who had attained knowledge, they began to stimulate each other and eventually act in ways that he hadn't antic.i.p.ated.

If he left them alone, they would immediately begin to war and begin to walk down the path of destruction.

He had created several different worlds, and yet all of them showed the same tendencies in the end.

The reason for this was emotion.

It was something that he had given as a means to stimulate people and to help them grow even more, but emotions that became too extreme had a tendency of wanting to eradicate the opinions of others.

Different kinds of justice were born through different ways of thinking.

That is what Veldanava thought.

He decided that this phenomenon was a necessary evil, and so he accepted the way the world was as a testing ground for the soul.

The warring would likely stop if humans were monitored completely.

However, their emotions would no longer be stimulated, and the world would turn into a dystopia that might be equal, but lacked free will.

And that was not the kind of world that Veldanava wanted.

He experimented several times after that, trying to push humans into growing in the way that he wanted.

Several parallel worlds existed with small details changed in each, allowing them to evolve in different ways.

Within this system, the humans with especially matured souls were selected to govern the souls with shorter life-spans. And so angels and demons were born.

The system had been constructed so that the souls of all the dimensions would circulate.

The watchers were limited to how much they could intervene, and commanded to prevent the basis of the world from falling apart.

These were Guy, Ramiris, Dino and others like them.

Because there was very little mana in the world that I was originally in, I never witnessed anything spiritual, but perhaps there were also guardians there.

Well, none of that means anything now.

In any case, the construction of the system is complete.

The slaying of the giants who appeared irregularly is finished, and the world is now stable.

Just when everything was starting to move well, the wheel of destiny began to turn.

Veldanava meets Lucia and falls in love.

And the two loved each other, and Milim was born.

When this happened, Veldanava had lost all of his power, and I can speculate that this had to do with the binding force of the world.

This reaction we call a force-the constructed system, it had decided that Lucia's existence was one of evil.

According to the system, G.o.d's love must be shared equally.

And so Veldanava's love for a specific individual must have caused an error.

Ultimately, the price that had to be paid to fix the tear in the system was the lives of Veldanava and Lucia.

Velda's idea to convict the system that had destroyed its own creator was not impossible to understand. However, it was still a self-serving desire and went against the will of Veldanava.

In the end, Veldanava had loved this world, and he wanted Milim, who was his daughter, to live.

The fact that he had sacrificed himself for the system was proof of this.

-Even if he had lost all of his abilities, it was still impossible for someone who was a G.o.d to be killed by a human.

But Velda had not understood this.

And that is why he cooperated with Yuuki and tried to destroy the world… It really was a foolish thing.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) Chapter 248

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