Long Live Summons! Chapter 770.1

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Chapter 770.1 – [ Drastic Changes, Nothing Remains Forever ]

City Lord Tu Hai, managed to locate the beloved concubine of Prince Wu Hai, Grey Sparrow Beauty, then brought her back to Rizhao City safely. He was extremely satisfied with his good luck.

Of course, all this luck had to be credited to Third Young Master.

If he hadn't shown up, then the entire matter would be headed for an irreversible tragedy and Rizhao City would have been completely destroyed.

“Is my child still alive?” Grey Sparrow Beauty asked, again and again. She couldn't wait to see her baby. At her side were two wounded female Dragonhawk guards. The faces of these two Heaven Rank guards were tinged with a guilty look of self-condemnation. After a long and arduous round of communication and explanation, the matter had finally been cleared up.

It turned out that the two vicious dragons had met up with her two guards, who were on the way to her home, then suddenly, without any provocation, started to savagely attack them.

Although the two guards were Heaven Rankers, they were still no match for the two vicious dragons. They could only grab Grey Sparrow Beauty and escape. Nevertheless, during their escape, Grey Sparrow Beauty was badly injured, causing her to lay her eggs prematurely. She had just laid a pair of Gemini eggs when the vicious dragons caught up with them. One of them s.n.a.t.c.hed a Gemini egg! Facing the two vicious dragons whose strength was at Heaven Rank, Level 2, the two female guards, who were only at Heaven Rank, Level 1, were unable to s.n.a.t.c.h it back. They could only seize hold of their mistress, who was weak from blood loss, and attempt to escape. When they arrived at her hometown, all three of them thought that the Gemini egg that had been s.n.a.t.c.hed by one of the dragons was unlikely to survive. Even so, they harbored a slight hope that it might still be alive, so they offered a reward of two million gold coins to look for traces of the vicious dragons' trail. Additionally, through the Warriors' Guild, they contacted Sun Valley in the hope that Eighth Prince would learn of their plight and come to help.

Surprisingly, the dragon that stole the Gemini egg didn't destroy it.

Due to this, eventually, the Gemini egg fell into the hands of the mercenaries from Rizhao City, who ended up selling it to the Potential Alliance War Beast Shop, where Bao'er was able to buy it.

Coincidentally, Prince Wu Hai was already searching for his pregnant concubine.

After gathering together all of this information, Third Young Master had managed to piece together these two incidents. Consequently, he had Bao'er brought to him in order to return the dim, dull, ordinary looking egg to its father. This would allow for the best possible ending to occur. As soon as Prince Wu Hai had worked out a way to properly take care of his and Grey Sparrow Beauty's Gemini egg he would surely return to thank them again. At that time the loving couple would have quite the reunion.

Tu Hai felt very excited that he had been lucky enough to survive such a major catastrophe. What else was there that could stop him from entering Upper Heaven Realm? Not only had he befriended Prince Wu Hai of the Three-Legged Golden Crow Tribe, he had also become friends with the mysterious and inscrutable Third Young Master… Tu Hai had previously been afraid of Eighth Prince Wu Hai returning. Now, he was anxiously waiting for him to return. He hoped that Eighth Prince Wu Hai would immediately return, so that he could be happily surprised when he saw Grey Sparrow Beauty once more.

By reuniting them, he did not believe that Eighth Prince Wu Hai would ask Rizhao City for compensation anymore. Eighth Prince would only feel grateful!


If all of this becomes true, the heavens will have favored me so much, I will wake up from my dreams laughing.

Just as City Lord Tu Hai was about to set up a feast and drink all night long while he waited for the return of Eighth Prince Wu Hai of the Three-Legged Golden Crow Tribe, the sky suddenly turned dark…..

What was going on?

Rizhao City, which was also known as Sun Island, was the base used by Heaven Rank powerhouses to defend against the invaders from Tong Tian Tower. Even after countless battles, the sky had never turned dark before. Why was this happening today? City Lord Tu Hai, Lord Ling Yun, and all of the inhabitants of Rizhao City looked up at the sky in astonishment. However, Grey Sparrow Beauty and her two guards were unexpectedly shuddering, Their intuition was so keen that they could sense that something dreadful was about to happen.

Even Yue Yang was a bit stunned.

He hadn't caused this change in the weather.

Originally, his idea had been to create a diversion to attract the attention of City Lord Tu Hai and Lord Ling Yun, before leaving to change into a different ident.i.ty, so he could secretly explore the forbidden underground dungeons underneath the city. He had not expected that, even before he found a pretext to leave, such an abnormal phenomenon would appear in the sky.

“Bao'er, get into the grimoire.” Yue Yang ordered Hui Tai Lang to immediately escort Bao'er, Fan Lun Tie, the Old Fox, and the others into the grimoire, then protect them.

“The sky is cracking open!” Fatty Hai exclaimed. In the center of the sky, although not so obvious at first, was a black line. As they watched, the black line gradually widened. Finally, it spread out in a bizarre way that split the whole sky into two parts.

“It looks kind of like a s.p.a.ce-time rift.” Ye Kong could not be certain because the blackness was simply too huge.

“Without a doubt, it's a spatial rift. I just don't know if it's man-made or it occurred naturally.” mused a worried Lord Ling Yun.

Suppose the s.p.a.ce-time rift that had divided the sky into two was a natural occurrence.

That would be better than if it was not.

If it was artificial, then it was over. They would all die.

He really had no idea what kind of powerful expert would be able to create such an immense s.p.a.ce-time rift.

Yue Yang didn't say a word. He gestured, signaling Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang,
Prince Tian Luo, and the others to immediately gather around him. His intuition was screaming “DANGER! ”, leaving Yue Yang no choice but to handle the situation with extreme caution. At this moment, Grey Sparrow Beauty, looking a bit panicked, glanced at Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai before sweeping her gaze over Yue Yang. Subsequently, she quietly moved a few steps towards Yue Yang. She felt more comfortable and at ease when standing next to Yue Yang's side.

Then, the two female guards screamed.

They were the most elite female warriors of the Dragonhawk Tribe. Their intuition was far beyond that of ordinary Heaven Rankers, “The legendary Dark Realm! The souls of the dead and countless other evil beings that dwell within the Dark Realm are currently coming this way. They will engulf everything and everyone!”

The Dark Realm, was in fact, part of Heaven Realm.

To be more accurate, it was a special realm set up by warriors in ancient times to imprison some depraved and fallen warriors, similar to some prisons in the human realm. Additionally, there was an incredibly powerful, ancient [Dark Realm Seal] that locked up the entire s.p.a.ce, preventing anyone from leaving. Heaven Realm warriors could throw depraved and fallen warriors into the Dark Realm at several locations that connected to the Dark Realm, such as; the Valley of Sealing, the Abyss of Exile and the Dark Chamber of the Central Palace Hall's Prison. Of course, the incredibly powerful, ancient [Dark Realm Seal] sealing technique, that could seal such an immense s.p.a.ce, had been lost tens of thousands of years ago. Nowadays, the only sealing techniques that Heaven Realm's summoners could master were the relatively lesser sealing techniques, like the one used on the underground dungeon in Rizhao City. Unfortunately, they could no longer throw fallen warriors into the Dark Realm to banish them wherever they felt like it anymore.

The Dark Realm that had been created by the ancient powerhouses had an extremely strong [Dark Realm Seal].

For tens of thousands of years, there had only been a single case where some Dark Realm fallen warriors were able to break free of the ancient [Dark Realm Seal].

Only that one single time. It was just after Empress Fei Wen Li had stormed Central Palace Hall and was about to destroy the Dark Chamber inside the Hall's Prison. At that time many depraved and fallen warriors of the Dark Realm had been able to escape from within it.

That resulted in a small riot that lasted a while.

However, the incredibly powerful, ancient [Dark Realm Seal] had still managed to emanate a power that affected those hundreds of depraved and fallen warriors as they broke free and fought against Empress Fei Wen Li.

When they were defeated by Empress Fei Wen Li, they were all absorbed back inside by the power of the ancient [Dark Realm Seal]. Even though all those depraved and fallen warriors had managed to break free of the ancient [Dark Realm Seal], they were almost immediately resealed back inside. They never had a chance to harm Heaven Realm.

“Everyone pay attention, there are hundreds of Heaven Rankers emerging from the s.p.a.ce-time rift. The number of Heaven Rank, Level 5 warriors might be as high as ten.” Yue Yang shouted out a warning. With this statement, he confirmed the words of the two female guards. City Lord Tu Hai and Lord Ling Yun's faces immediately fell. If the sky had turned black for any other reason, they might still be suspicious that it was a plot. However, it was not at all surprising that the Dark Realm was opening a s.p.a.ce-time rift in the skies above Rizhao City because in the Sun Island dungeon there was a similar seal to the one in the Dark Realm.

Long Live Summons! Chapter 770.1

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