Long Live Summons! Chapter 781.2

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Chapter 781.2 [Little Monster and Old Monster]

Yue Yang waited for Wei Shu to leave, after which, not sparing the old man a glance, he sat down on the stone bench in the pavilion and picked up the wine jar, directly pouring wine into his mouth……..The old man's eyes almost fell out in envy and his hands started to shake. However, Yue Yang ignored him like he did not exist, drinking mouthful after mouthful, and drank nearly half of the wine in the jug, only when half a jug of wine was left, did Yue Yang let out a burp.

“This is bad wine, very spicy and on top of that hard to drink.” Yue Yang poured the rest of the wine from the jug onto the ground in front of the old man.

“You're such a fool, this is a Hundred Fruits Brew, a fine wine made from a hundred kinds of fresh fruits from the Heaven Realm, it's also a top ten ranked wine in the Heaven Realm, how can it be hard to drink! Besides, if it's that bad, why have you drunk so much of it? Even if you drink all of it I wouldn't say a word, but why do you waste such good stuff!” When he saw Yue Yang pouring the wine onto the ground, his heart was simply broken.

“Because I feel like it!” The tone of Yue yYang was similar to that of a good for nothing young master.

“I really don't know what to do with you, if you don't want to drink it and really have to pour it away, you might as well pour it into my mouth!” The old man had no choice but to throw away his pride to beg Yue Yang.

”This wine is poisonous to you, didn't you just scream a lot? You still want to drink?” Yue Yang didn't turn around, but stopped pouring wine onto the ground, seemingly wanting to listen to whatever reason the old man could come up with.

“It turns out that you saw through it…… that's right, I will get poisoned even if I don't drink the wine, I will have to go through being poisoned a fixed 10 times everyday. The wine merely reacted with the poison lurking in my body, causing it to react faster that's all. It won't die anyway, just let me drink it. Furthermore, it's me who's suffering from the poison, not you!” The old man was suggesting that he wouldn't die after drinking the wine, but even if he would die after drinking the wine he would still drink it, it would even be better if he could be drowned alive in a wine tank.

“That won't do, I don't have many good virtues, but I still have some compa.s.sion, and I generally don't do things that are harmful to others.” if what Yue Yang had said were to be heard by Princess Xixi and the rest, they would definitely not agree.

“Young man, don't be so compa.s.sionate!” The old man hurriedly persuaded, “Letting me drink again is a relief to me, at least spiritually!”

“What good is it to me to give you a drink?” Yue Yang asked again.

He expressed himself as a person who would never do anything without benefit.

What is detrimental to others can still be done, but being detrimental to others yet totally not beneficial to himself? Absolutely not!

The old man choked when he heard Yue Yang's question. This son of a b.i.t.c.h, he had too much of a character, the old man had lived for so long, yet he really had never seen this kind of person entering the Rain Valley. He was obviously very young, yet was very bold, and most of all, he was incredibly stubborn and headstrong, which made it much more difficult to deal with than one would think. But the more character Yue Yang had, the more interested the old man became in Yue Yang and stopped discussing about drinking and asked instead, “Whose family are you from?”

Yue Yang spoke up, “One of the four great clans, the Yue family.”

The old man asked incomprehensibly, “I've heard of the Four Great Clans, but it seems there is no Yue Family!”

Yue Yang criticized, ”How could there not be? What era is your version of that? Not updated at all, these four great families of mine are the four great families of the present!”

The old man immediately cried out when he heard it, “So you're not a member of the real Four Great Clans, I thought so too, with the quality of the Four Great Clans, how could they have raised such an ill-tempered monster, it turns out you're an imposter! Okay, okay, you're not an impostor, we're not going to discuss this, where you came from has nothing to do with me! I'm only curious now, you're only in your twenties, how did you manage to cultivate into Supreme Innate? Who on earth is it that has the power to make a child become so powerful!”

“I'm still at the threshold of Supreme Innate!” Yue Yang waved his hand with faked modesty and brought up the issue of his master: “Speaking of my Master, if I tell you, I promise to scare you half to death!”

“Really? Who is it?” When he heard it, the old man's breathing sped up, and his face lit up as if he had guessed a few possible answers.

“My master is named Shui Dong Liu, and is the Vice Principle of Ivy Academy and specializes in s.p.a.ce teleportation, having spent long years researching how to improve s.p.a.ce scrolls into teleportation crystal b.a.l.l.s, shortening teleportation time and increasing teleportation distance.

“When did you run up from the Tong Tian Tower? Wasn't that gate to the Heaven Realm sealed?” The old man seemed to know a little about the outside world.

“Your news is so outdated, what you have heard is all stale news or yesteryear.” Yue Yang unceremoniously criticized, ”If i can't come from the main gate of Heaven Realm, can't I come in through the back door?” As long as there is a back door, it's much easier to take the back route than the regular route!”

“You know of a back door?” The old man asked curiously, ”Who do you know? Don't tell me that kid, Prison Emperor, is still alive? Was he the one who sent you up here?”

“……” Yue Yang started to sweat, it was his first time hearing others refer to the Prison Emperor as 'that kid'.

“Hey, hey, wait, I know, you're Fei Wen Li, that young girl's apprentice, that's right, that girl s.n.a.t.c.hed a Three Realm compa.s.s from my unlucky old friend back then, presumably she has given that compa.s.s to you. If it wasn't for your hidden Snake Demon Imperial energy, I wouldn't have guessed it! Not bad, little monster, you're actually a disciple of Fei Wen Li that girl. Eh wait a minute, wasn't she sealed by someone? She's broke out? How unfair, the bad things I've done are not even half as much as her, and it's so unfair that I'm still suffering here while she has broken free, this is just too unfair!” The more he said, the more aggrieved he felt.

“Even if you keep pretending to cry, I still won't save you.” Yue Yang recovered from the initial shock in his heart. As expected, this old man was the kind of ancient existence he had guessed him to be, his mind surged, but his facial expressions remained neutral, from his storage ring, he took out a bottle of Qilan wine, carefully poured a gla.s.s, and started to sip it slowly.

“Even if you wanted to save me, you don't have that ability…hey, what kind of wine are you drinking, it's so fragrant, ah, it's almost killing me, give me a sip, please pour some for me!” The old man opened his mouth wide, a pathetic look of a hopeless drunkard on his face.

“No way.” Yue Yang flatly refused.

“Oi oi oi, anyhow I'm still your senior, is this the way a junior treats his senior?” The old man hurriedly brought out his seniority.

“Is it really a senior? Name, place of origin, country, nationality, date of birth, ID number, etc. give me all your info!” Yue Yang immediately brought out the air of an immigration officer and acted as if wanting to check for the old man's credentials, causing the old to fall into a daze.

He had only seen seniors questioning juniors before, and had never seen juniors questioning seniors in such a manner.

Today, finally, he had seen it all.

The old man started to sweat while replying: “Little monster, this Old Master is the same as you, as long as you are not blind, you can see, don't play dumb with Old Master.”

Yue Yang replied in a straightforward manner, ”Old monster, don't be so sure, you must know that there are many liars in this world, some cheat for food, some cheat for money, and even some cheat for s.e.x, I have to be sure of your ident.i.ty, otherwise if will let you abduct me into a pyramid scheme, I might even have to count money for you! Even if we are considered to be slightly familiar with each other, these are unrelated, your id number is still required…your name? your gender?”

The old man shouted with a headache, “I'll kill myself! After 20,000 years being sealed here, this is the first time I've had suicidal thoughts! Which hole did you pop out from, you this little monster?”

Long Live Summons! Chapter 781.2

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