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Chapter 790.2 – Giving You A Taste of Your Own Medicine

The Central Palace Hall Elder swung his fist triumphantly, striking the finis.h.i.+ng blow.

Expanded the breach in the Rune Crystal Wall.

He even used his claws to break the Rune Crystal Wall wide open after pounding a sizable hole in it… He then walked through the splintered shards of the Rune Crystal Wall and looked down at the enemy with his head held high….

The Central Palace Hall Elder who was stuck in the illusion thought that he had succeeded in shattering the Rune Crystal Wall of his opponent and could strike the final blow at the enemy at any time, but he did not see that Xue Wu Xia's real body had closed the Book of Truth and was meditating with her eyes closed.

A Power of Law was slowly being born in between her brows.

The current Xue Wu Xia was still unable to use her mind to completely wield the Power of Law she had comprehended, and being able to create a trace of the Power of Law was already her limit now. She had to give her full attention and use all of her mental power in order to condense this tiny wisp of the Power of Law. But, don't forget, she also had a completely unified Guardian War Beast, the Blizzard G.o.ddess.

The Blizzard G.o.ddess clenched that wisp of incomparable Power of Law in her fist and sprinted towards the Central Palace Hall Elder.

With a single punch, she pierced the left shoulder of the Central Palace Hall Elder.

There was the Deadly Star Point which contained the true soul of the Central Palace Hall Elder.

He was instantly awakened from his hallucination, the strike that contained the Power of Law which had hit his fatal point that contained his true soul had wounded him grievously, instantly frightening him to death, he started waving his two arms madly, wanting to block any incoming attacks.

The Power of Law quickly disappeared after shattering the Deadly Star Point that housed his true soul, and with Xue Wu Xia's current strength, it was still impossible for her to sustain it for a long time.

Otherwise the Central Palace Hall Elder would be dead by now!

The Central Palace Hall Elder, whose soul was wounded but not dead, retreated in horror and fled.

Regardless of whether it was cast by a quasi-Heaven Ranker or not, the Power of Law was not something he could take lightly. However, the fleeing Central Palace Hall Elder suddenly slammed into the Rune Crystal Wall… Just now, he hadn't smashed the Rune Crystal Wall at all, or even hit it at all, it was all just an illusion of his. The Rune Crystal Wall allowed Xue Wu Xia to deftly make her way behind the Central Palace Hall Elder, the wise Xue Wu Xia had already known that this battle would have resulted in this situation.

The only thing that made her regret.

Was that her Power of Law had been maintained for too short a time, less than a second.

If she could have maintained it for more than two seconds, this Central Palace Hall Elder would already have fallen to the ground, never to get up again… The Blizzard G.o.ddess used her Extreme Ice Cold divine power to easily freeze the two arms of the Central Palace Hall Elder.

Xue Wu Xia shot out two streams of wind and those two arms instantly turned into nothingness.

The Central Palace Hall Elder howled miserably.

He had tried to kill his enemies countless times in his life, but the feeling of letting his enemies kill him on the spot, this was really his first time experiencing it.

This icy cold power was not something his 'Immortal Body' could resist, and after this freezing, his Immortal Body could not recover!

“I'm a little tired now, it's your turn!” Xue Wu Xia drifted to Yue Yang's side, in order to try out the Power of Law, she had also heavily drained mental reserves, and although she was successful, she was unable to kill the Central Palace Hall Elder, leaving her a bit regretful.

“You've done a good job, don't rush.” Yue Yang patted Xue Wu Xia's hand lightly, was the Power of Law something that everyone could use? Not to mention the fact that her Power of Law had been completely self-comprehended and was not obtained from a treasure or something else, that alone was enough to make Xue Wu Xia proud! The rarest thing of all, was that Xue Wu Xia had been able to gather the Power of Law so effortlessly while fighting against a Central Palace Hall Elder, if not for the fact that her opponent was a demon monster who could not easily be killed, she would have won.

“Next, it's up to you.” If Xue Wu Xia were to continue fighting against the Central Palace Hall Elder in her current state, she was still not without the possibility of winning, after all, the opponent was restrained by her and the Blizzard G.o.ddess everywhere, even his Cogenesis Innate Talent and his Immortal Body were also ineffective, the only advantage held by the Central Palace Hall Elder was his superior strength of Heaven Rank 5 but even that was offset by the Rune Crystal Wall.

But she still left the final decisive battle to Yue Yang.

He was the one who was most important to her!

Whenever it was, she wanted him to get the most out of it, whether it was combat experience, or a chance to advance!

Yue Yang did not use any treasures, nor did he use the World-Exterminating Wheel nor the Eternity Wheel, but simply rushed to towards the Central Palace Hall Elder, blasting a fist straight at his face, while at the same time reaching out and forcibly s.n.a.t.c.hing the opponent's 'Magic Mirror' that used spiritual power to guide his Cogenesis Innate Talent: “Who asked you to show off in front of me, Who asked you to use such a disgusting Innate Talent to hurt my loved ones…..Die!”

Yue Yang, who had lost control, beat up the opponent while releasing his World Creation Domain.

Gate of Death!

The Central Palace Hall Elder was about to fight back, and a body double of him appeared who was holding a Magic Mirror appeared opposite Yue Yang, and after taking a glance at it, he smiled grimly at him, and then even he gouged out his eyes like he was used to doing, but a burst of pain came from his eyes… The Central Palace Hall Elder hissed madly, “Impossible, how can you also have the Cogenesis Innate Talent? Why, why did I suffer from this mental trauma? My eyes, my ears, my arms…no!” ! ~!

Long Live Summons! Long Live Summons Chapter 790.2 -

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