The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 Rejected Man

It turned that I have to fight Torago, the adventurer belonging to Ramuh.

Full of confidence, he said.

「The rules are simple. Fight until your opponent faints or gives up. Killing is prohibited, other than that, everything goes.」

Everything goes applies to weapons as well. There is a high probability that he will throw something after all. No time to think. The battle began as soon as he gave the signal.

He rushed at me so it became a sword fight. I had no swordsmans.h.i.+p skills but was able to cope well enough. I also had more strength.

「Not bad for a brat.」

「Oh, an opening.」

I slash horizontally in a straight line.

Avoided with backstep, huh.

He has a pretty balanced fighting style. Since he distanced himself there is a good chance a stone bullet will come.

「Have this!」

He extended his hand. Most likely it's【Stone Bullet】. I respond with the same skill. However, I shoot projectile twice as big. When they collide, my projectile flicks away his and smashes into his shoulder.

「Ough!? …W-what, what is the meaning of this? It's big.」

「My stone bullet is a bit special.」

Usually, its size is fixed, but I tweaked it with edit skill.

With his unharmed dominant hand, he finally uses a hidden weapon. Pulling a knife from the backside of his waist he throws it at me.

I fetch a s.h.i.+eld that I had stored in subdimension.

It's an oblong iron s.h.i.+eld, the name is Champion's s.h.i.+eld.

Its skills are【Solid】【Fire Resistance A】【Water Resistance A】【Wind Resistance A】, extremely outstanding.

The knife was easily repelled.

「You even have a storage skill?…」

「Will you give up, Togaro-san?」

「…I didn't say my name… …So you also have appraisal eye…」

「You won't?」

I dash while holding the s.h.i.+eld. Since I was quite angry with him, I had no intentions of stopping anymore.


Being attacked with an iron s.h.i.+eld that had【Solid】attached, hurts a lot. He falls grandly and grinds his teeth in pain as he rolls around. Standing near his head I raise the sword.

「I'm ready to slash at any moment.」

「I u-understand, I'm fine with the draw.」

「This is the angle, I'm going to swing.」

And I actually did. He becomes stiff with his face twitching. Of course, I stopped an inch before hitting his head. Since it will be my defeat if I kill him.

I ask Togaro-san one more time if he has any intentions to continue. This time he conceded.

「…I… …Surrender…」

「Well then, the bet is a bet, I'll be taking this.」

I pick up four wallets. There also were some with a large number of coins in it. Could it be that they are quite proficient?

I store three wallets and return to Laylsan the remaining one.

「This already belong to Noir-kun.」

「Yes, and I'm free to use it as I please. So I'm also free to return it to Laylsan.」

「…Thank you. When I have time, I will visit your home again.」

「I'll be waiting.」

I also ask Great Sage about the position of the second turtle. I relay it to her and leave from there with Emma.

AT LEAST I INTENDED! But Togaro-san keeps pestering obstinately.

「One thing, there is just one thing I want to tell you.」

Swaying from side to side he stands in front of Emma. He breathes heavily, unclear if it had a physical or mental cause. Without caring that she tried to draw away from him confused, he conveys his pa.s.sionate feelings in one phrase.

「Please go out with me!」

So it really came to this. Emma speaks while pointing at my face and other parts with a finger.

「Turn your hair brown and grow it out, change your face to this, adjust your height to this level, and if you can also change your character to be like the one of the third son of Stalgia family then I don't mind accepting.」

「That's mostly me already. …Ugh, my head.」

It's likely a reaction to using Great Sage many times in a short period of time. I do have【Headache Resistance】but it's not perfect.

Emma who understood the situation right away, kisses me. This way, one will be freed from the headache caused by Great Sage. Though to be honest it's embarra.s.sing to do it in front of four people.

As Togaro-san was standing with gaping mouth, his comrades lent him a shoulder and four of them silently walked away. Laylsan had a slightly red face. I was a little embarra.s.sed as well.

「Did the headache go away?」

「Yes, thanks to you. I'm very grateful, but couldn't it be done somewhere else…」

「Hmm~, but you know on top of healing headache it also made that person give up, so isn't this killing two birds with one stone?」

So all of it was calculated… I sweat a little presented with this side of an adult woman in her.

After that, carrying the speed turtle in one hand, we returned to the guild and received the reward from Laursan. After splitting it evenly with Emma, I ask if there is anyone who can cook paws of a black bear.

「Among people I'm charged with there is a person good with cooking. Should I talk to him?」

「Yes, please.」

「For Noir-san, I can do anything.」

Thus, we hand over all paws to Laursan.

I part with Emma here and head to the church where Lunsan was serving as a saintess.

It's not a serious injury, but if she could heal the burn on my hand that I got fighting the Magma Fish yesterday it would be a great help.

…As always, there is a line of people in the church. It's full of injured people and fans of Lunsan. As a side job to being a saint, she is also working as an adventurer, so I really admire her.

I wait in line as well. One hour later, came my turn.

「Isn't it Noir-dono.」

「Thank you for your hard work. I thought maybe you could see me as well.」

「Where did you get hurt?  I will put all my body and soul into healing you.」

「Well, here it is.」

「Healing shot!(Ultra Powerful)」

She was a talented user of a magic gun, with it she could attack and heal.

When the healing shot with a brisk sound hit my wound, a pleasant soothing warmth could be felt.

I'm delighted since the burn has disappeared like it wasn't there from the beginning.

「As expected!」

「It is no big deal. If you are fine with something like that, then you can rely on me as much as you like. Work will soon be over, so let's go home together.」

Since I had no other plans I wait there for a bit and get on the way together with Lunsan. Walking together with her, generally speaking, gathers attention.

As we walk side by side I ask her about her working schedule.

「Tomorrow I will be serving as saintess as well. Though I would like to take on request with Noir-dono and others.」

「You seem busy. Then I guess a trip is impossible.」

「A trip?」

I talk to her about going with Emma and Laursan to the city where my brother lives. I was surprised since she showed a lot more interest than I would expect.

「I'm going as well! I was thinking that I want to take a break soon, yes, yes.」

She looked cute slightly jumping with joy.

Perhaps, she had acc.u.mulated stress from everyday life. Days filled with nothing but work can get to your nerves. If that will become a good breather for her I will be happy as well.

「Tomorrow, I plan to finish my work early, do you have time after noon?」

「Yes, I do.」

「Then, there is a place I want to go together. Is it fine if I pay you a visit?」

「Of course.」

By the way, she didn't tell me where she wanted to go. It seems I'm supposed to look forward to it.

After we made a pinky promise like kids, I went home.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Chapter 95

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