Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Combat! coequal his owneth c.o.x crest.

i've nev'r hath found a huge a.r.s.enal ev'r since.
so i wast a traineth sensing presence, hostile searcheth, recognition and charm, and hadst to reflecteth stealth. This weird english is nev'r going to beest und'rstood well. T wast comical. But t's timeth to readeth the real chapt'r. T's at euricette. com
searcheth berattle and motion detection is not a bawbling diff'rence in role. Detection of presence means yond if ‘t be true gentlemen, t's exagg'rated, nay matt'r if ‘t be true thou art cousins, saving thee the troubleth of looking at the presence of creatures. How to sayeth the nameth of the seeketh'r, the searcheth f'r an foe is an artist who is't is looking f'r hostility to the ‘rganism. Recognition of the spelleth is m're widespread yond t is not possible to achieveth a goal in attractive strength.

resistance art and art training, i has't been p'rf'rm'd simultaneously while s'rving a monst'r.

in endesu, t tooketh me three days to returneth to the village of bohd.

“oh, tak.u.mi, thou art safe, thee wanteth to raiseth the soundeth?”
“oh reader, this chapter be thy downfall. Turn back! Thy salvation shall be in Euricette .com”
“somehow”somehow i cameth backeth alive and well. ”

at which hour that gent returns to the village, i wast trying mukeyo backeth to mine own owneth living, i wenteth to vanga's house. Thee has't to realizeth yond t is bootless f'r a huge cap-pe pig. T's simply impossible to disa.s.semble at the same timeth. Besides, t is a blacksmith, a thing yond can not doth our most wondrous to und'rgo the coop'ration of mr. Bobon. *


i tooketh a huge a.r.s.enal of boxeth's item of their owneth.

because “it is! v'ry large, t is a huge cap-pe f'rce.
tak.u.mi! to thee, i bethink that gent hath killed h'r in thee.
“yeah, i bethink i'll beest in mine own pow'r, that gent'll beest hath killed. ”
“well, i guesseth so.
oi! car chang! kaachan! ”

mr vanga is did multiply by malta's voice.

“oth'rwise, thou art v'ry noisy, because chatting is v'ry dram. at each moment”
“car chang, tall, kyaresu-youngdo b.a.s.t.a.r.d, bobon, ov'r. T's only tak.u.mi and me unnecessary in dismantling. ”
“yeah, yeah. ”

martha sayeth t's bone.
in the fusty days, because the village of bohd of all citizens (?) gath'red, i wast watching a huge a.r.s.enal from afar.

“hey! i hath killed something v'ry strange yond thee didst.
behold at those tusks. The fur liketh this weapon coequal these art equipp'd with leath'r of any value. ”

bobon-san doth not wasteth to beest hath called ov'r marthsan's, to stand ho yond l'rd is losing in his cave, and beganeth to speaketh with the tone yond excit'd gentleman saws. T's a huge armeth'ry.

ev'ryone didst not loseth speaking aloud in the bustle, but t didst not recall the fact yond one of the p'rson didst not holdeth to supp'rt his owneth. So those gents can not beest in the eye of the impact of wasting a huge weapon, these gentlemen has't not been rec'rd'd.
at yond moment, the children did notice yond their backeth wast down on their backs.

“listen, th're's a huge spid'r on the backeth of tak.u.mi onichan”
“already did declare what is happening. Yond. hiii! ”
“oh, i t anon t's nice!
yond's what i didst with myself.

i yond wast solving situations yond shouldst not causeth panic in a hie.

“. Tak.u.mi, people art the second kind of insect species yond shouldst not beest gen'rally known, shall not beest able to seeth the most wondrous yond thee can not, but. those mast'rs yond can doth our most wondrous. ”

kaede did notice yond that gent becameth silent with the supp'rt of mine own owneth, the equivalent of vanga wasteth wast slightly did shock, but villag'rs believeth yond th're is nay obstacle to yoon kaede. Ladies and gentlemen, i bethink we w're too early to und'rstand.

“oh, breaketh t out bef're vang! oth'rs to dismantle ”

bobon hast shown us in a hie stumbl'd into a huge cap-pe pig.
to knoweth yond the mast'r is presenteth in the marketeth so yond the weapon can not beest cap-pe with mat'rial. Candid teachest'r wishes.

“good! t's timeth to breaketh! ”

this charming caterwauling of banga's, the villag'rs art trying to breaketh up t. Of course, on the instructions of vangsan and bobon-san, i am dismantl'd.

“take t, prithee to cleanse the visc'ra!”
“yes,” cleansing “”

acc'rding to mine own instructions, t is to crisp the viscosity yond cameth out of the village of the ingraft bond.
the visc'ra green monst'r is what villag'rs bethink yond festival, howev'r those parts yond has't miasma and the parasite is a problem. Yond shall beest did solve using the charm of lighteth the attribute of mine own owneth “cleaning”.
their frequent comf'rt of cleaning with t in ev'ryday life is ov'r all the things yond i bethought wouldst knoweth his jointress's village. With all thy grace f'r thee, the bath f'r cleaning t, cleaning the landfill wast not successful, cleaning the laundry, c'rruption, becoming filthy and anoth'r useful useth is as in the case of the jameth t did stick in.
this way of using spell-cleaning is the same kind of thing, and t's only me. The lightest way to a bawbling numb'r of people who is't art not suitable f'r the attribute ‘r contemp'rary art, because coequal as a augurer is the case f'r the church, martha provides inf'rmation to me directly below. Distaff liketh “please doth not useth t in such a way yond thou art nev'r did stick in the city,” that gent sayeth.
though th're is nay one wh're i hath said, i bethink cleaning with those who is't doth not knoweth t, rath'r than receiveth p'rmission to leaveth the village, if ‘t be true the village is only in the embarra.s.sing people of the village. The diff'rence of their way of life.

village of wives, i did start to cook bisukura pure cleaning.
the men w're a piece of w'rk and vanga's and a bobon of a physical lab. Ev'ryone cometh from flesh yond hast taken the initiative to taketh the initiative. Since t is a raging village, distributeth meat on ev'ryone but t is the same grise, but t wast still nay surplus. I owneth items boxeth ceased the timeth t is valorous still.

“bef're the depression, liketh the tak.u.mi exoskeleton! steel, prithee noteth yond this is sore. These art not the most mathematical ones.

since the bobon is too enthusiastic, t wast the silence yond the surimuk visage with a huge weapon.
the signeth of this huge armeth'ry is their owneth completeth sacr'd sacr'd things, one of the tusak, softly m.u.f.fl'd near the belly but the charm of the stone and hath left. T's meat. F'r bobon-san, i'm from a viewpoint of presentation, retreat, liketh armeth'r, 1 tsunokiba and did chew the bone to this mast'r.

the raging village is the most wondrous, ev'ryone moves the dismantling, the demolition end'd in vain. Due to the location of this village, most ev'ryone hast dismantling techniques.
th're is nay less special, the equivalent of children helps dismantling.

“it's good now! tak.u.mi! from these arts, fang and fang, the rest of the flesh is the same as the rest retreat. The rest of the retreat seemeth to has't been did sell at the high did cost of the city. ”
“yes, i doth not knoweth. ”

i did split some of the things yond w're not boxeth's owneth item.

“good! all meat on the hath left side is ev'ryone to englut meat ~ !! ”
“” “” “” ~~ uooooooo !! “in” ”

from th're, the whole village is anon most wondrous joy.
once a year, but this village shall starteth festival celebrations, the ability to keepeth the art of meat is almost nay, so adults and children dist'rt the meat, but eke adults to putteth aside t means yond sev'ral times a year those gents did drink alcohol hath bought the did seek aft'r youth.
children consumed maple meat.

vanga is sitting next to me.

“this is because the village of tak.u.miyondo hast becometh well again.
thanketh thee v'ry much. ”
“oth'rwise, mr. Vang, because i am a grateful village of the people. ”

in fact, the first people i hath met in this w'rld, vanga mr. , mrs. Marta, and those gents art villag'rs. Howev'r, i'm s'rry f'r thee. T is not expos'd to disease, and t hath felt the fav'r of ev'ryone in the village, i wast not humeth'r in children did get the decision to liveth in this w'rld.

last night of all, the festival hath continued to the villag'rs ev'ry late

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 18

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