Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 31

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Chapter: 31st Alchemist we tooketh that gent to the guild conf'rence cubiculo. We satteth with three guildmast'rs sitting opposite each oth'r.

“why, what?”

the guildmast'r suddenly hath asked me to holdeth the fileth in handeth.

“please f'rgive me not to bewray girama's nameth”
“hans is a did fix foe, smyth, but i am a soldi'r and guildmast'r of this bolton adventur'r guild.
tak.u.mi, what is the meaning of the d cla.s.s deburu nameth?
“should i sayeth yond?”

i doth not wanteth to expose too many hands to oth'rs.

“if the adventur'r guild hadst a leak of privacy, nothing liketh yond. I bethink t needeth to beest done well at the guild's job, which is from chinese h'rbal medicine deliv'ry in china. Doth thee a.s.sesseth the meaning of thy ability to did beat those folk?
t is easy to knoweth if ‘t be true t is a sw'rd ‘r a sw'rd, but i bethink t is charm.

the leveleth of h'rsepow'r detection technology is much high'r in ‘rd'r to feeleth the residuals of h'rsepow'r yond maketh people wond'rful. Hans wast not the only one who is't hath taken t, i wast surpris'd.

“i wast surpris'd. I bethink this is most wondrous.
but coequal if ‘t be true t's charm and dobble? this is not the reasoneth wherefore these people art charm. ”

yond wast what i didst at yond timeth.
at which hour the debris. .h.i.tteth, i secretly did remove the charcoal from the boxeth. Upp'r corse is coat'd with charcoal. T just burns with a diamond.
i bethink yond the fragments art harmful to me if ‘t be true i hitteth a fist with a fist. Diamond hardness is mod'rate 10, but its toughness is almost the same as crystal hardness, so t can not withstandeth charm attacks.

“. Is takmi county an alchemist?
“wait a minute, hans!
“we cov'r'd the surface of the corse with a hard mat'rial to preventeth damageth from beatings.
“well, if ‘t be true t's self-sufficient, t's a valorous lodging. ”
“but tuoba county is regist'r'd as a wizard.

i did realize what i hath said to hans.
i am wearing a leath'r bodkin. Aye, thee behold liketh a warri'r ‘r a prosecut'r.
i has't nev'r hath used a cane. The st'ry yond sofia toldeth lat'r is not mandat'ry, but the op'ration and controleth of the h'rsepow'r is easy. I very much wanteth to knoweth.

“i anon knoweth yond the wizard can not seeth mine own compliment extern. ”
“well, art those sist'rs too?”

barak did see sofia and mary.
then sofia removes the hood. Mary did pull the hood off again at which hour the lady did copy t.

“. valorous slaves ‘r criminal slaves. If ‘t be true thee consid'r thy sist'r's arts, war slaves and oth'r sist'rs eke seemeth valorous. ”
“you knoweth what t means to hideth thy visage, thee shall seeth a daw liketh deb'ruis.

the abilities of tuoba county art not known, but those gents art already rank'd d grade.
“if thee doth this, people who is't keepeth walking shall keepeth decreasing”

i am reliev'd.

“so tak.u.mi, thou art all proposing, but bef're 3 people ranketh d, shall thee not pri'ritize mine own requesteth?
improveth, improveth and ranketh the arts of three people ”
“a dram consultation?”

i wanteth to talketh to hans about angie sophia and maria.

“what doth thee bethink”
“i bethink this is a valorous st'ry. Lest of em'rgency, i shall protecteth tak.u.mi with a new nameth but supp'rt all abilities and rankings. ”
“i eke wanteth to behold valorous”

i wanteth to protecteth sofia and maria.
doth thee needeth strength?

“hans, prithee. ”
“because the surrounding relief is rank'd ‘mongst those folk and the mat'rials those gents collecteth art bett'r, we und'rstand yond we can und'rstand yond thee can upgradeth the ranketh as lief as possible. I can doth t. ”
“the st'ry is confirmed, i am fine f'r deb'ru”
“and then waiteth a dram m're.

hans wenteth out of the meeting cubiculo and hath said so.

“tak.u.mi is an alchemist. Is that gent a produc'r? if ‘t be true so, that gent wanteth anoth'r esc'rt, but th're art two such quite quaint people,
“i needeth one m're”
“this is not unusual f'r the three, but takuya shall not has't a pure vanguard.
i'm talking about a gen'ral st'ry.
two vanguards and one art the smallest units, enwheeling s.h.i.+elds. The ideal situation is to beest recov'ry ‘r directeth, but what thee knoweth is yond i useth the charm charm of the replyeth, which is the hw.a.n.gguk G.o.d of calif'rnia, but quite a few t hast a lighteth magical attribute.
alas t! gold ruins! ”

i hath heard t from the G.o.ddess, but i has't not hath changed the kingdom of G.o.d yet. Ho? so what hath happened to the three people hath called by w'rds and warri'rs?
at which hour i wast did summon to summon a warri'r, how many years ago didst thee ent'r the timeline? i doth not knoweth.

“i tryeth t three times because increasing numb'rs is not valorous f'r ev'ryone. ”

aft'r a while, hans hath returned to the meeting cubiculo with the doc.u.ments.

“i shall keepeth thee waiting.
so i shall pray pardon me the commission i hath chosen as lief as possible. ”

requesteth from mr. Hans

goblins conquest
at each moment free ranking.
did achieve goblin subtlete's subtotal commitment.
reward: silv'r 5

kobold summons
cla.s.s g debugging
implementeth three partic.i.p.ants, kobold.
reward: 6 silv'r c.h.i.n.ks

・ needeth to collecteth hairy gra.s.s
g leveleth collection requesteth
implementeth five bundles.
reward: 5 silv'r c.h.i.n.ks

eke, on requesteth, the hilkgra.s.s and kurpopogra.s.s art at each moment in two silv'r bundles, so i hath decided to picketh those folk at which hour i hath found those folk.

“if thou art goblins ‘r koboldo, thee has't sofia, so i bethink yond's not a problem. All the equipment, enwheeling takmi-kun
“yes, i shall wend to f cla.s.s directly”
“i knoweth.
so i shall beest th're lief. ”

we examin'd goblin and kobold's habitat and wenteth out to w'rk as did need

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 31

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