Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Food Variation Increases

Receiving the details of the request from Barack-san, the Adventurers Guild's Guild Master, we headed towards Quilbas.

In the end, the template-like thieves did not attack. Our client, Tom-san of the Papeck Company, told me that he had finally been entrusted with a merchant unit recently. Though it's called a merchant unit, it's still only small scale, with 2 carriages going to the Quilbas.

Tom-san said he stuffed the carriage with hand pumps, Purifier MDs, and daily necessities such as soap and would sell them at Quilbas.

「The president instructed me to buy and fill the Magic Bag he lent me with solely milk when we're returning.」
「Eh! There's milk?!」
「Yes, it isn't circulated much in Volton though.」

I had never seen milk in the town of Volton.

「Are there dairy products as well?」
「Yes, what was it called again, ah cheese, was it? It looks like soap.」

Oooh, there's cheese too!
I arrived at this world 1 year ago. I'm not the “It can't be anything but j.a.panese food” type of person. But the variation of the food of this world is too limited. One of the reasons is because spices are expensive though. But the menu would improve slightly if there's milk and cheese.

Tom-san and I had idle chatter like this during our meal at the camp.

Sophia sat next to me to snuggle.
Maria and Laeva were sleeping in the carriage.

As we took turns to keep watch, morning greeted us uneventfully, and we once again began travelling towards Quilbas.

Maybe because Tsubaki was leading, the other Demon Horses ran with peace of mind and we arrived at Quilbas by noon of that day.

「This is amazing.」
「That's a tamed wolf, isn't it?」

What came to our view was a herd of cow-like animals grazing in a vast plot enclosed in fences. Wolf-like monsters were on watch, protecting the cows inside

I later learned from Tom-san that the name of the cows were 『Milk Buffalo』 and they produced high quality milk which then yield many of the specialty products of Quilbas. Protecting those Milk Buffalos were the tamed monsters called Hunter Wolves. I've been told that they are monsters that have mostly been made into familiars. Superior in speed and stamina, they are the ideal monster for protecting this vast lands.

「Wolf-type monsters are nice too.」

I've never had a dog, so a small part of me years to have one too.
We lined up at the gate and were able to enter Quilbas before the sun set.

「Irumsama, the inn arrangements will be done by us. We will leave on the morning of the day after tomorrow.」

And so, we can enjoy Quilbas for a whole day tomorrow.
When we arrived at the inn that day, I used the 『Purification』 magic on everyone since the inn did not have a bath.

「It's a little early, but let's have dinner downstairs.」

The inn in Quilbas served hard bread and cream stew. Maria and Laeva were taking whiffs.

「It's delicious.」
「It's true. This is the first time I've eaten such flavor.」
「So goooood!」
「This is really tasty!」

Compared to the one I've eaten in j.a.pan, it probably has various points it could improve on, but it is tasty enough to satisfy me.

「We can't return without buying milk and cheese.」
「This white soup uses milk?」
「That's right. I don't know if there's fresh cream made from milk, but let's look for some tomorrow.」
「If we do then we can eat this even when we return to Volton, can't we?」

It seems Maria has taken a liking to cream stew. Laeva is nodding her head and saying uhhuh, so it seems she doesn't dislike it either.

We've decided. Tomorrow, we'll inquire about the specialty products of Quilbas as we buy all the dairy products we could get our hands on.

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 75

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