Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Appearance of a fortress town at the south of Volton

Is this a dream I am seeing?
Today, this thought I had who knows how many times just got stronger as I arrived at the site.

The moment we, taking along the pioneering villagers, left the south gate of Volton in the early morning, we had our first surprise. Excepting the highway leading to the southeast, a highway leading straight to the south was completed. It is wide enough for two large carriages to pa.s.s each other by and maybe because of the paved stone, even the shaking of the carriage was slight.

Typically, the journey on an unpaved road stretching 100 km isn't that much, but it isn't something that even a Demon Horse can reach in a single day. We had estimated it to take 2 days, but we arrived while the sun was still high.

Right, we were supposed to have arrived at the land intended for the pioneering village.

「……… What is that?」

I suspected my eyes had gone strange.
That had to be the case. What was visible to me was an enormous fortress town protected by high walls that wouldn't lose to the one in Volton.

As soon as we approached the castle, my surprise had gotten even larger. The castle on the hill has a feeling of refinement. One could see it was not just from the beauty of its modeling, but also from its strong appearance.

「Ah, Knight Leader Dorn-dono.」
「Ou, if it isn't Sylphide-dono. Where could Irumdono be?」
「I believe Tak.u.mi-sama is at the reclaimed agricultural land.」

Guided by Sylphide-dono, we saw a splendid agricultural land.

「…W-what is the meaning of this! Irumdono!」
「Ah, it's you, Dorn-san. Everyone of the pioneering people and escorts, thank you for your hard work.」

Hearing our arrival, Irumdono appeared.
It seems he was preparing the agricultural land. Afterwards he had shown us that the agricultural land had a completed irrigation channel. I think the pioneers are more surprised than I am. If they were to arrive seeing that their residences were complete, moreover, to even have a Toilet Purifier DM installed in them. And the agricultural land can even be immediately planted seeds on. It's probably inevitable that they'd be disconcerted.

「…… the land is ready.」
「Yeah, the land is soft.」
「The water in the irrigation channel is clean too.」

The pioneering people were excited over the agricultural land.
The gathered pioneering people who had fallen to debt slavery were saved by Earl Rockford and my Lord. There were no elves, but their races varied. Due to the nature of the pioneering village, many are fundamentally married couples and families, but a few widows exist, I must consult with Irumdono regarding the treatment of those individuals.

Afterwards, we separated from the pioneering villagers and were shown the barracks, and the soldiers were astonished by the building.

「The residence of all the soldiers will be expanded in the future, but I believe it can house 1000 people for the time being.」

The barracks built is a large three-story building where 2-4 people can live together in a room. Several private rooms were made to be a.s.signed to the commanding officers.

「Knight Leader Dorn, isn't this better than the Volton Castle?」
「Yeah, there is no doubt this castle is stronger. And the castle can be used if the residents have to be evacuated.」

The castle on top of the hill was built with the castle and its walls were laboriously crafted, and the modeling of the castle was a beauty unlike what I've ever seen before. The duties of the governor to be dispatched to this town are too heavy of a burden for a baron. At the very least, they would have to be in the cla.s.s of a viscount.
Truly, this is a luxury to worry about things going too well, isn't it.

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 90

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