The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother Chapter 68

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To Wage War

Droplets were falling from the sky. Qin Mo stood under the collapsed rock wall and looked ahead with a flickering gaze.

When the three men prepared to leave the Black Cavern, it suddenly began to rain heavily. This heavy rain didn't affect them, but they waited for it to stop before leaving.

Qin Mo reached forward to catch the rain droplets. He looked at the water in his palm and his eyebrows wrinkled slightly. There was some black color in the water. No matter how hard he observed it, he couldn't find a reason for its unusuality.

Lin Zizheng stood beside Qin Mo, blocking the gale reaching toward Qin Mo's face. Even though he knew these winds had no impact on him, he was accustomed to protecting Qin Mo.

In the corner behind the two, Wen Qing sat quietly. He looked at the back of them with a smile of interest.

A sound of footsteps suddenly appeared in the originally quiet s.p.a.ce, and a figure slowly appeared before them.

The man wore a long black robe and came towards the three with an emotionless expression. 

Under Lin Zizheng's previous heavy blow, the whole volcano had collapsed, leaving only the center with still burning magma. The man walked on the flat ground among the rubble and stopped two steps away from them.

He slightly lifted his gaze, and his emotionless eyes swept over Wen Qing and Lin Zizheng, before finally landing on Qin Mo as his lips moved, "The master of Tomb Palace requests your presence."

Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng froze on the spot and couldn't say a single word. When the man appeared, he had done nothing, but they suddenly couldn't move a single muscle on their body. 

Drip drip… drip drip…

For a moment, only the sound of falling raindrops. .h.i.tting the rocks could be heard in the whole s.p.a.ce.

Seeing Qin Mo not replying, the man didn't care at all. He still maintained his expressionless face. With a gentle wave of his hand, the broad sleeve drew a strange arc in the air. Under his action, the three men stiffened and their lower bodies moved. They walked to him involuntarily.

The man turned around and left without haste, while the people behind followed him uncontrollably.

Feeling the stiffness all over his limbs, a fierce light flashed through Lin Zizheng's glare as he looked at the back of the man in black. He had never been controlled like this by others before. He glanced at Qin Mo beside him and felt a flame burning in his body. The nascent spiritual power within him began to stir restlessly.

"Huh?" Feeling the fluctuation behind him, a surprised sound came from the man, but his face remained unchanged and he waved his long sleeves.

A dark light shot straight at Lin Zizheng, who turned red and spat out a mouthful of blood. He glared even more fiercely at the man in black.

Those two eyes were very dark, with endless meaning. The man's heartbeat sped up. He raised his right hand, ready to strike Lin Zizheng again.

Witnessing this, Qin Mo stood in a flash before Lin Zizheng, blocking him. He circulated his nascent spiritual power and expelled it in the man's direction.

The man's sight glimmered slightly, as if in fear of something. He jerked his long sleeve and retreated the previous attack on Lin Zizheng. When Qin Mo's attack hit, it immediately turned into a cl.u.s.ter of lights and dissipated in the air.

The man looked at Qin Mo. His lips moved as if he wanted to say something.

"Not bad. The previous fluctuation of power happened here." Just then, a voice sounded around them.

The man in black paused his movement and looked forward with a blank face. The air warped in front of them and a figure appeared.

Qin Mo's pupils shrank. A long white line loomed in front of him, showing how this man's speed has reached its peak.

The newcomer was an old man with a long beard and grey spots of white hair. But his eyes were bright, looking not like an ordinary elderly.

The old man absent-mindedly scanned them. When he saw Lin Zizheng, whose body was full of nascent spiritual power, his sight gleamed brightly. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. After a moment, he opened them, rubbed his hands and looked excitedly at Lin Zizheng. "Sure enough it's you. You have returned."

He extended his right hand towards Lin Zizheng, seeming to want to grasp him to his side.


A crisp sound rang and the old man retracted his hand to see bright red marks on it. His gaze turned to the man in the black robe. His long beard trembled and doubt showed within his pupils.

But then, the old man's expression calmed down again. He stepped out with a bright gaze. His immense nascent spiritual power started to circulate, until it condensed into a huge fist. He directed it to smash at the man in black. 

Watching the old man's action, the man in black waved his long sleeves with a blank and fearless expression. Instantly, three men behind him fell to the ground. Then, with another gesture of his hands, a huge golden light formed before him to block the old man's attack.

The two men's powers collided with each other severely. Under this collusion, both men stepped back.

The man in the black robes looked at the old man with a tight face and vigilant eyes. He didn't expect the old man to be this strong.

The same surprise was reflected on the old man's face who sized his opponent up and down. He said in a low voice. "When did the Dark Tomb have such a powerful man?" In his mind, everyone in the Dark Tomb was ordinary who couldn't awaken nascent spiritual power. It was very unexpected that someone could resist his attack.

However, the old man glanced at Lin Zizheng and shook his head. If it was only for this, then it wasn't enough.

His face was solemn as he extended his hand forward. A strange wave slowly opened from his palm, and a simple brush appeared in his hand.

He wrote in the air and a faint golden light flowed from the brush tip. A complex series of words appeared in mid-air with the brush's movement. Looking at the golden letters floating, the old man mumbled, "Go."

The word emitted a brilliant ray of light so blinding that people couldn't open their eyes, as a strong wave of nascent spiritual power spread throughout. The giant character flickered and directly attacked the man.

When the man in black robe saw the word, he moved his palm. His expression changed and his lips trembled. For the first time, his tone became somewhat unstable, "Elder Jinbi." From his words, a strong sense of fear could be heard, but his movements didn't stop. 

His eyes widened angrily, and a black light flashed across his body. His hands moved in front of his chest and quickly formed a series of hand seals. As he moved, a shadow slowly formed behind him.

Qin Mo's pupils sharpened when he saw the shadow from the sidelines. The shadow was the image of a fierce evil spirit from the coffin.

As if it felt Qin Mo's gaze, the evil spirit ground its teeth in his direction. The malice couldn't be seen on the evil spirit's face.

The huge gold letters was nearing the man. The evil spirit's figure shook and turned into a ghostly black smoke, intertwining with the gold letters.


Heaven and earth seemed to shake. The black smoke and golden light colliding caused great energy fluctuations. With the wave of power, the surrounding air tightly contracted. 

Under the strong pressure, the other three men, who weren't strong enough, had all stepped back.

As the black smoke and golden light slowly dispersed, revealing the figure of the man in black. His breathing was weak, and blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth. He was seriously injured. The old man's clothes were also damaged, but he was in better condition than the other.

Looking at the old man, the black robed man glared. He swiped the fresh blood on the ground with his foot, and then lifted his leg to step hard on the ground.

The earth suddenly cracked, and a huge-black thorn emerged from below, about to pierce through the old man's body as fast as lightning.

The old man tightly held out his hand and formed a fist. He hit the ground with a fist and quickly retreated.

When the old man was busy defending against the attack, the man in black appeared behind Qin Mo in a ghostly flash. He waved Lin Zizheng aside with one hand and pressed his arm on Qin Mo's shoulder. He directly lifted Qin Mo in his arms and took a step to leave quickly.

"Da s.h.i.+xiong!" Watching the two men getting farther away, Lin Zizheng clenched his first and gave a sharp cry.

A violent nascent spiritual power sprang out from him and turned into a giant eagle, chasing after the man's direction. 

"The Divine Eagle." Seeing the giant eagle, the old man's eyes glittered, and Wen Qing's breathing changed slightly, though it vanished in a moment.

Facing the giant eagle that came after them quickly, the man's expression changed. Then he gave a cold hum and stretched his free hand forward. The blue veins on his arms roamed forward like a snake, bulging out one after another and a long black whip flew out of his palm to hurl toward the eagle. 

Qin Mo, who had been controlled by the man, dropped his gaze and clenched his palm. The long sword appeared in his hand and a chilly light flashed through his eyes. He waved the sword and stabbed the man's chest behind him.

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Editor(s): Dark
Proofer(s): Sarah

The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother Chapter 68

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