Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 1173 - You Are An Exceptional Chef

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Chapter 1173: You Are An Exceptional Chef

“I apologize for the incomplete service.” Mag kept the empty bowls with a smile, and asked Rom, “I wonder is Master Rom satisfied with this dinner?”

Rom nodded with a complex expression. After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “I want to know, what fish is this? Why could I remember the things that I have forgotten after eating it?”

“This is the Fat Head Fish caught in the extreme north territory of the Roth Empire. It is also called the Icebreaker Fish. Fish head has the effect of nouris.h.i.+ng the brain naturally, and this fat head fish’s head is much bigger than normal fish. And since it lives in an extreme cold environment, it might be the reason why it has some special effects,” Mag said after pondering for a while.

“So that is the reason. Not everyone is able to venture to the extreme north.” Rom suddenly understood, and then he felt lost again.

After eating that steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers, he felt he had sobered up totally. Everything that happened in the past one year had become crystal clear, and he no longer felt trapped when he was thinking.

This was obviously obtained after eating that fish.

This crystal clear, sober feeling was extremely precious to him after living in a blur for two years.

However, he obviously wasn’t able to catch this big headed fish from the extreme north by himself; hence, the hope of eating this fish frequently to maintain his soberness was naturally crushed.

Mag looked at Rom’s rapidly changing expression, and could already guess what he was thinking. Smiling, he said, “If Master Rom wants to eat this steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers, you can come and look for me at Chaos City. I have a restaurant there. If I have a cleaver that I can use, I will be able to provide this steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers every day.”

“Chaos City.” Rom was taken aback. He pondered as he looked at his workshop. He had stayed here for over 400 years, which was almost his entire life. He had also thought for many times that he was going to die here.

He had never thought about leaving this place, no matter if it was during wartime or the peace.

Maybe it was an attachment, or maybe it was fear.

The outside world was strange to him. He didn’t have friends, only customers.

He had never left Issen Castle, and he didn’t know the world beyond it.

This old workshop was seen as the honor and holy place of a weaponsmith. It was his most glamorous outfit and also his sealed fortress.

And now, Mag was inviting him with the steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers.

Instead of dying in confusion, why don’t I change a place to live and die sober on the forging table? Rom’s gaze became determined, and the workshop that he had always held dear became worthless instantly.

Rom turned around and seriously asked Mag, “I will be able to eat steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers every day if I go to Chaos City?”

“If Master Rom could come and line up early, I don’t see a problem.” Mag nodded with a smile. Of course, this richest weaponsmith in the world didn’t have to consider the issue of money.

Rom nodded slightly without a word, but he had already decided in his heart.

“Master Rom, about the bet we had earlier…” Mag probed.

“You won. I have to admit that the steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers you made was the most scrumptious food I have ever eaten. It was also the most special food. I want to apologize for insolent words earlier. You are an exceptional chef,” Rom said gravely.

“Master Rom is an honest person,” Mag said smilingly.

A smile also appeared on Rom’s face as he said without any hesitation, “What kind of cleaver would you like? I can forge it and give it to you by tomorrow.”

“This is the drawing. I need a cleaver like this.” Mag took out a drawing and pa.s.sed it to Rom.

“Seems like you were very confident that you could convince me from the very beginning.” Rom received the drawing with a smile. He stuffed it into his pocket after taking a quick glance. A cleaver was a piece of cake to him.

“It’s not easy for me to come to Issen Castle. It would have been a wasted trip if I couldn’t have convinced you, Master Rom,” Mag replied, still with a smile. Even though he had to stay for one more day, the mission was considered completed in advance.

“We have finished the fish head, but I still have liquor. Do you want a sip of it?” Rom took the botas de vino from his waist and pa.s.sed to Mag.

“I can only drink one sip with Master Rom because I have to take care of my child.” Mag took the botas de vino and tilted his head back, taking a big gulp. The liquor was strong, but not very tasty. Then, he returned the botas de vino to Rom.

“Since this is the case, I will not force you.” Rom took the botas de vino and took two big gulps. After wiping his mouth, he asked, “Where will you be staying tonight?” His gaze landed on Amy. This was the coldest time in winter, and the little girl was too young to stay overnight in the open.

“We are going to check into the Tam Inn over there for the night,” Mag said as he pointed to the front.

Rom waved and said, “Alright. You guys can go over there right now. Come to get your cleaver on tomorrow’s evening.”

“Goodbye, Master Rom,” Mag said, and kept the utensils that he had washed into his backpack. He took a burning branch from the fire to use it as a torch, held Amy’s hand, and walked down the street.

“Goodbye, Old Grandpa.” Amy hugged Ugly Duckling and waved to Rom. Then, she skipped down the street with Mag.

The street that wasn’t very wide was paved neatly with stones. Every stone was cut into almost identical squares and pieced together perfectly. No visible seams could be seen.

The houses at the two sides of the street were also neatly built with stones. The dwarves’ exceptional skills and rigorous character could be seen from them.

It wasn’t the starry sky above the streets. Instead, there were black rocks which were just dozens of meters away from the ground. It made it difficult for people to discover it under the cover of the dark sky.

However, there would be a big hole for the air to flow in and out and provide illumination at every short interval. They made the interior of Issen Castle seem less closed up and oppressive.

This huge building complex that was built and extended over thousands of years by generations of dwarves was considered to be of superlative craftsmans.h.i.+p. There was no way it could be duplicated at all.

The war of the species had destroyed almost half of the castle, but after 100 years of peace, the Issen Castle was now even more spectacular and arduous. It was deemed as one of the most difficult to breach castles in this world.

Mag led Amy to the end of the street. The cold wind extinguished the torch that he was holding in his hand totally.

“This way.” Mag looked around and saw a boisterous tavern at the end of the street. Sounds of laughter and discussions could be heard coming from there. Opposite of the tavern was the Tam Inn that they were looking for. The metal signboard was shaking vigorously in the wind, and the door was tightly shut. He could see the interior was lit up warmly through the windows, and there was also a courtyard at the side where there were many carriages and horses.

Mag went to knock on the door, which opened very quickly. A hunchbacked old dwarf cracked open the door slightly, and warily asked Mag, “Do you want to stay here for the night?”

“Yes. My daughter and I would like to spend a night in this inn.” Mag nodded.

In the tavern across, there were customers of all species. They were drinking hard liquor and talking and laughing loudly.

“Lord Hadeng, did you manage to see Master Rom today?” the bartender asked Hadeng curiously. Those around them also looked over when they heard that. In Issen Castle, everyone was interested in anything about Master Rom.

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 1173 - You Are An Exceptional Chef

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