Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 471 - Let Me Protect This Smile

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Chapter 471 Let Me Protect This Smile

"I'll be sure to relay the message to Brent. Our Magus Tower concedes this match. Farewell." Abbott nodded with a solemn expression. He indicated to the other Magus Tower magic casters to pick up the crestfallen Hank, and all of them quickly exited the venue.

George took one final glance at Amy before he left, and he felt as if there was a ma.s.sive stone weighing down upon his chest. He was supposed to be a prodigy, but he had been comprehensively crushed. He made a promise to himself there and then that he had to work harder on his cultivation.

The Magus Tower group had come in high spirits, but were now scurrying away like frightened dogs.

"The Magus Tower has conceded, so Chaos School wins!" Karpas' voice spread throughout the entire venue.

"We won!"

The entire venue burst into loud celebrations. Elated smiles appeared on the faces of all of the students and teachers as they celebrated this hard-earned victory.

The Chaos School students got in an excited huddle. They had just suffered the most brutal humiliation and were about to be swept, but Amy had descended like a ray of light, saving them from the clutches of defeat.

"Master, all the bad people ran away, so we've won, right?" Amy held onto her staff as she turned to with an inquisitive expression.

"That's right, they were defeated by Little Amy, so they lost. You won this match for Chaos School." nodded with a gratified smile. It was already completely beyond his expectations for Amy to reach such a level after just a month.

Magic would become more and more difficult as one progressed, but Amy's super apt.i.tude ensured that her cultivation path would be a lot easier.

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As for the parting words he had spoken to Abbott, those were actually words meant for everyone else to hear as well. Many prodigies had appeared on the Norland Continent, but many of them had also died early deaths. There were always some people who didn't want to allow these prodigies to grow up. Mag Alex was a perfect example of this.

As such, he had to make his and Urien's att.i.tudes clear to the world—if anyone dared to attack Amy before she had fully developed, then they were going to be hunted down to all corners of the world by the Lords of Fire and Ice.

I have to work hard as well. Mag slowly clenched his fists. He had successfully purchased a strength point the day prior, so it was time for him to work on his swordsmans.h.i.+p. In the future, he wanted to be the one standing in front of Amy, s.h.i.+elding her from danger.

"That's great! I knew Father wouldn't lie to me; I really can beat up all of the bad guys now!" An elated smile appeared on Amy's face. However, a hint of concern then appeared in her eyes as she turned to, and said, "But Master, why was that green fur monster so sad just then? Is he really going to be unable to cultivate magic from now on? If that's the case, then I feel really sorry for him."

"Little Amy, you have to remember that if you confirm someone to be your enemy, you can't show kindness to them. Otherwise, you and your loved ones will get hurt." looked into Amy's eyes with a serious expression on his face.

"Yes, Master." Amy looked into's eyes and gave a serious nod.

"Amy! Amy! Amy!"

Collective cheers rang out across the entire venue. All of the students chanted Amy's name as if she were their hero.

"This is your moment. Learn to get used to this as there will only be more and more people revering you from now on." smiled as he walked off the platform, leaving Amy to bask in the limelight.

The deafening cheers threatened to raise the roof of the venue as everyone's pent-up emotions erupted. Following four consecutive years of defeat, a hard-earned victory had finally arrived. All of the teachers and students were full of elation and exhilaration.

Amy raised her staff and accepted the cheers and applause in a slightly awkward manner. Her eyes scanned through the crowd, and a smile finally appeared on her face as she caught sight of an applauding Mag.

Let me protect this smile, Mag thought to himself with a wide smile on his face.

Amy's meteoric rise was inevitable. From this day forth, she would become one of the most renowned young magic casters on the entire Norland Continent. However, that fame would inevitably bring more and more trouble.

"Student Amy has single-handedly won the match for our Chaos School today and protected our school's glory. At the same time, the other representatives have fought until the very end and displayed an unyielding spirit. Today's victory belongs to all of you." Novan stood up and applauded the students on the stage.

Claus and the other representatives were a little embarra.s.sed to receive such glowing praise, but they couldn't suppress the smiles on their faces.

"I'm a student of Chaos School, so this is something that I should be doing." Amy didn't think her feats were worthy of being lauded.

"I hope you can always remember what you just said, Student Amy. You are the future pride and hope of Chaos School." A smile appeared on Novan's face.

"I'm also very proud to be a student of Chaos School." Amy nodded with an earnest expression.

The applause from below the stage became even more enthusiastic. All of the students wore excited expressions on their faces. It was a great honor to receive such splendid praise from the, and all of them were hoping to win the same honor someday for themselves.

"You're the best, Amy! I'm so proud of you!" Daphne clapped her little hands like a fanatical little fangirl.

"Can I get off the stage now? My arm is getting sore from raising my staff." As the raucous cheers continued, Amy's smile gradually disappeared as she turned to Karpas with a pitiable expression.

"Of course you can." Karpas faltered momentarily upon hearing that before nodding with a smile. She really was an adorable little girl. If it wasn't for the fact that and Urien had already taken her under their wings, he would definitely take her as his disciple.

"Yay!" An elated smile appeared on Amy's face, and she recited a spell in her heart to shrink her staff before preparing to get off the stage.

"Student Amy, I thank you on behalf of the Chaos School representatives. Thank you for winning this match." Claus led all of the other representatives to her, and they bowed in unison with their hearts clasped over their chests. All of them were looking at her with grat.i.tude in their eyes.

"No problem. All of you have to work hard too. That way, you'll be able to beat up the bad guys when they come next time." Amy clenched little fist in encouragement, putting on what she thought to be a mature expression.

"We will." Claus nodded as he tried to suppress his laughter. This little girl was far too adorable.

"Father!" Amy rushed off the stage, and immediately threw herself at Mag with an elated expression.

"You did really well today, Amy." Mag picked her up and spun her in a circle. He then looked at her with a doting expression, and said, "What do you want for lunch today? Father will cook anything you want."

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 471 - Let Me Protect This Smile

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