The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

When Jiang Fei put his finger on Qiao Yiyi’s pulse, the result of diagnosis appeared in his mind .

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Patient’s symptoms: excessive high voice leads to throat lesions, vocal cord was small rest and vocal cord polyp show persistent voice crack . The location of the disease was mainly in the anterior and middle 3 segments of the edge of the vocal cord . Severe . It has developed from a low voice to a hoa.r.s.e voice . If you keep talking, you may lose your voice completely . Also, there is a slight acid reflux .

Comprehensive cause: vocal cord damage .

Suggested treatment: Traditional Chinese medicine plus acupuncture (use warm silver needle to acupuncture brain household, Fengfu, yamen…)

Seeing the symptoms diagnosed in his mind, Jiang Fei had a general idea .

Half a time later, Jiang Fei took his finger away from Qiao Yiyi’s wrist . I have to say that this woman’s skin is really good, white and delicate, very smooth .

“How long did you say it would take to get her vocal cords fixed?” Jiang Fei asked, looking at Mei Yi, a middle-aged female agent on one side .

“Ten days at most! This is the longest time the company has won for Yiyi . As soon as the time comes, Yiyi will have to go on with the unfinished business show . ” Aunt Mei’s eyes revealed a sense of urgency . Although the woman is arrogant, she seems to care about Qiao Yiyi .

I don’t know if it’s because Qiao Yiyi is her cash cow, so we have to take good care of Qiao Yiyi, or there are other reasons .

Hearing this, Jiang Fei could not help but say, “since the schedule is so tight, when the vocal cord has just been damaged and the voice has become low, you should see a doctor in time . At that time, there was no difficulty to cure in ten days? why wait until all have developed Severe . It’s about to be lose her voice before you are looking for treatment? “

Jiang Fei knew a lot about the entertainment industry on the Internet in the early years . It’s said that some brokerage companies don’t treat their stars properly . The workload is far more than half of the white-collar workers . There are countless tears and sweats .

Therefore, behind every star, there is a hard work hidden

Of course, behind some stars, there are still some unknown dirty deals .

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In particular, bangziguo’s brokerage company is one of the best . For example, if you just listen to the name, you will know that it’s very abnormal . For the stars under you, it’s almost abusive . It often happens that a certain singer faints during the performance because of physical weakness .

It seems that Qiao Yiyi is the star who returned from the country . The brokerage company is this so-called s and m, right?

It turns out that Jiang Fei still thinks the rumors on the Internet are untrustworthy . How can these bright stars really work harder than ordinary people?

Most of them are made to win fans’ sympathy and attract fans . Now, it seems true .

Qiao Yiyi’s voice was obviously overworked to the extreme . Obviously the vocal cords have been damaged, but still can’t get a rest before it will become such damage .

Hearing Jiang Fei say that, Mei’s face was suddenly embarra.s.sed . She’s an agent, in some ways, Qiao Yiyi’s nanny . But she didn’t take good care of Qiao Yiyi, which made her vocal cords worsen to such a level . She has an unavoidable responsibility .

“It’s not up to Mei or the agency,” Qiao Yiyi explained to her agent . “At first when the voice is not comfortable . I thought it was a minor illness . I took some throat tablets casually . I would be fine after a night’s rest . I didn’t take it seriously . It’s been dragging, so it’s become so serious . “

“Dr . Jiang, what’s the condition of the vocal cords that we depend on? Is there any hope of recovery within ten days?” Aunt Mei asked anxiously .

She thought it was strange for Jiang Fei to see a doctor . She only felt the pulse when she saw the damage of vocal cords . It’s totally different from the way they see doctors these days . In general, check for damaged vocal cords . It’s all through high-tech instruments, scanning photos, or making Qiao Yiyi make a special sound . To determine what the injury is .

The young doctor Jiang just felt his pulse, and it seemed that he knew it .

However, Mei Yi and Qiao Yiyi are not doctors . They don’t know anything about this aspect, nor can they doubt whether Jiang Fei’s technique is correct . Anyway, Jiang Fei’s reputation is not small . He has been reported by Sichuan Metropolis Daily . He should not be a fake doctor .

Since it is a miracle doctor, the means must be different from that of a general doctor .

“Yes, I can, but there are some troubles…” Jiang Fei pondered .

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Hearing Jiang Fei say that she can, the middle-aged female agent suddenly has a bright eye and can’t wait to ask: “as long as she can cure her dependent voice within ten days, no trouble is a problem! Um… Of course, what are your conditions, Dr . Jiang? Even if you open your mouth, we will certainly not pay you less for the diagnosis! “

It’s a pity that I don’t want to ask for money, Jiang Fei thought regretfully in his heart .

After coughing and clearing his throat, Jiang Fei didn’t start to talk about the conditions . First, he said, “acupuncture is very useful for the treatment of vocal cord damage . Then, with the Chinese medicine I prescribe, if the situation is good, it can completely recover Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord in less than ten days, at most one week . However, the trouble is that the acupuncture method for the treatment of vocal cord damage is complicated and frequent . At least six times of acupuncture should be done in one day in order to quickly recover the vocal cord, otherwise it will have no effect . “

“Six times a day? It’s no problem! ” Qiao Yiyi and the middle-aged female agent are both delighted . As long as Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords can be cured, it’s OK to have more acupuncture every day .

But they quickly responded and found a problem .

Acupuncture is not medicine . It has to be done by the doctor himself . If acupuncture is needed six times a day, it’s almost that Qiao Yiyi can’t do anything during the treatment period . He has to be with Jiang Fei all the time!

Because, six times a day, I definitely don’t need to go to bed at night . So it’s equivalent to acupuncture every two hours in the daytime!

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In this way, Qiao Yiyi can leave Jiang Fei?

After Jiang Fei finished speaking, he was not talking . Looking at the look of the two women, Jiang Fei knew that they had considered the problem and waited for them to think it out .

After about half a minute’s silence, Mei Yi, a middle-aged female agent, soon squeezed out a smile on her face . “If so, can you ask Dr . Jiang to follow us back to Jincheng and stay in Jincheng Hotel . Don’t worry, doctor Jiang . Recently, we have covered Dr . Jiang’s food, clothing, housing and transportation, and Dr . Jiang’s visit fee . We will never give less! Double or triple is OK! “

This time, the tone and att.i.tude of Aunt Mei’s invitation to Jiang Fei to Jincheng Hotel was quite different from the last time she was on the phone . Very polite, very respectful, not high spirited .

After all, now Jiang Fei is the only one they have found . They say they can cure Jiang Yiyi in ten days . If you offend Jiang Fei, you will be in great trouble .

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Unfortunately, Jiang Fei shook his head decisively and said, “I have a lot of things recently . Tomorrow Dragon Boat Festival will have guests at home, so I can’t go to the hotel with you and be your full-time doctor . “

He refused the offer without hesitation .

Jiang Fei listened to Lin Moli’s suggestion and thought it would be nice to ask Qiao Yiyi to be the spokesperson of Jiang’s hospital . But he didn’t have to .

Now the scale of Jiang’s medical center is not large . With his current popularity, it has been able to bring profits to the medical center . No matter how famous it is, it is also good for the future development of the hospital .

Jiang Fei is not worried about the future . In the future, when his medical skill level is improved, is he afraid that he will not have the chance to improve the popularity of the hospital?

So Jiang Fei didn’t want to ask Qiao Yiyi to be their spokesperson, so he would be their follower . It’s too cheap!

And… Jiang Fei thinks that he has decided on the two now . Even if he doesn’t agree . These two people also have no way, can only ask him to cure .

Jiang Fei just diagnosed when he saw that in Jincheng in addition to him . I’m afraid there’s no one else who can guarantee that Qiao Yiyi will be cured in ten days . Even the famous doctors like Qin Zhengming and Ge Fangping need at least ten days .

As for the more powerful famous doctors, even ye Zhennan is not easy to get . Qiao Yiyi’s influence as a big star is not small, but his status is one tenth of that of Ye Zhennan?

So now, Jiang Fei is in a position to win .

Indeed, I heard Jiang Fei’s words . Qiao Yiyi’s face is normal, but Mei Yi, the middle-aged agent, has changed a little . But she didn’t dare to get angry . More dare not turn his face, but try to ask: “Dr . Jiang you mean . Let Yiyi follow you for a while? “

“If she wants me to fix her vocal cords, that’s all she can do . ” Jiang Fei nodded .

He will live in Daocun in the last two or three days . If he lives in Jincheng, they can still drive back and forth every day, not in Daocun .

From Daocun to Jincheng, it takes more than two hours to go back and forth, which is obviously impossible .

The expression on Aunt Mei’s face became more and more ugly, silent and silent . At this time, Qiao Yiyi nodded directly, smiled and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice: “Aunt Mei, let’s do as doctor Jiang said . I lived here before my voice recovered . The scenery here is so beautiful . I’ve never seen such a beautiful place before . It’s just as if I’m relaxing . “

After that, she looked at Dr . Jiang and nodded politely: “just like this, I will disturb Dr . Jiang . ”

“Not in the way . ” Jiang Fei shook his head and said .

In short contact, the beautiful star surprised him . It’s not common to be so polite if you look beautiful .

Mei Yi pulled Qiao Yiyi’s arm and whispered, “how can I do this! If you live here and are photographed by reporters, your image will be ruined! “

One of the most taboo of the idol stars in the entertainment circle is to expose their love, let alone Qiao Yiyi who still takes the route of jade girl . If she is exposed by a reporter and lives with a strange man

It’s unthinkable .

Qiao Yiyi doesn’t care about it . She laughs and says, “Aunt Mei, do you think this place is so remote? May there be a reporter here?”

“But…” Aunt Mei stared at Jiang Fei again .

That means, even if there is no reporter, then you can live with a strange man? How dangerous this is!

Qiao Yiyi stopped her from saying anything . Instead, he took her hands and said firmly, “Aunt Mei, this time you can listen to me .

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The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 100

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