The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

“Why is it so fragrant?” Qiao Yiyi’s eyes were wide open, staring at a plate of reheated dishes, her face full of surprise .

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Even before her debut, she was trained in the company S and M in Bangziguo, which is famous for its strictness . No matter when the artists are beautiful, they have to keep their beauty without dead ends . At this time, Qiao Yiyi is also a little bit overwhelmed .

The smell of this dish is too fragrant!

Ordinary people, where can resist it? . When Qiao Yiyi smelled the fragrance, she couldn’t help but wonder if these dishes had something special added, or if they were not made by Jiang Fei at all .

“Well, we can eat . ” Jiang Fei said with a smile to some stunned Qiao Yiyi after heating the last piece of boiled meat .

Looking at the next day who just kept the star’s demeanor, now this surprised look makes Jiang Fei have a sense of achievement .

Jiang Fei is now more and more convinced that “if you want to grasp a woman’s heart, you must first grasp the woman’s stomach . ” . It’s a lot easier for him to win the favor of a beautiful woman if he has a master’s cooking skill .

This is not even the millions of beautiful star fans now have no resistance to his cooking, let alone other ordinary people?

Just now Qiao Yiyi, who secretly doubted Jiang Fei’s cooking skills, glanced at Jiang Fei with some embarra.s.sment, picked up the chopsticks and began to taste them .

“Wait a minute, your vocal cords are damaged . You can’t eat anything too spicy or stimulating . You won’t eat the sliced pork and dried mandarin fish, or it will be bad for your voice recovery . ” Jiang Fei removes the two dishes from Qiao Yiyi’s side .

“Oh . ” Qiao Yiyi was a little embarra.s.sed because she was about to use her chopsticks to cut the meat .

In fact, she also knows that she can’t eat spicy food after her vocal cord is damaged . But look at the delicious food . It was so fascinating that she forgot all about it .

However . The dishes Jiang Fei cooked at noon today are not only Sichuan dishes, but also spicy ones, as well as several light ones, such as sweet and sour pork ribs, corn pork ribs soup, and several light vegetable dishes .

These are all delicious food, which can make people have a big appet.i.te .

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After her brief embarra.s.sment, Qiao Yiyi was soon attracted by these dishes . She always ate slowly . At this time, she was suspected of swallowing .

Wait till Qiao Yiyi’s stomach is full . She also eliminated most of the dishes with light taste . She was embarra.s.sed to think of being more reasonable and ready to slow down .

But when she looked up and saw Jiang Fei, who was busy eating salted duck eggs, she was surprised and said: “Hey, you have a special way to eat salted duck eggs . Knock a hole from the top of your head and dig it with chopsticks It’s so much trouble . why not peel directly? “

Jiang Fei smiled and didn’t explain . Looking at Qiao Yiyi with malign interest, he said, “well I prefer to eat like this . If you don’t like it, you can peel it . “

Qiao Yiyi doesn’t know what’s going on inside the salted duck egg, and he’s no doubt . Nodded, began to break the eggsh.e.l.l on the table, began to peel the sh.e.l.l .

At first, the side with a lot of thin protein was not bad . It didn’t touch the yolk . It just peeled off and smelled a special fragrance, which surprised her: “your salted duck egg is so fragrant . Just like your cooking, I’ve never smelled such delicious salted duck eggs… “

She said that her delicate nose was wrinkled, as if she was trying to absorb the fragrance greedily .

Very soon . Qiao Yiyi peeled half of a salted duck egg and touched only a little egg white .  It’s covered with egg yolk .

“Click!” A soft sound, when Qiao Yiyi peeled off a small piece of eggsh.e.l.l . A thin layer of protein also stuck to the eggsh.e.l.l and was peeled off . Suddenly, a golden egg oil flowed down Qiao Yiyi’s fingers .

The golden oil is not greasy at all, but exudes an attractive fragrance . Even if Qiao Yiyi, who has always strictly and firmly resisted too much oil in food, saw it, he couldn’t help but stir up his fingers and can’t wait to eat .

“Ah…” Qiao Yiyi let out a low cry . Even if she was hoa.r.s.e, her voice became a little loud and shrill at this time . Looking at the golden oil flowing down the direction of green jade, Joey didn’t think much about it . He made the most original response directly

After putting the salted duck egg gently, it stopped the golden egg oil flowing out, and the oil that had already flowed to the fingers was sent to the mouth by her quickly, put the fingers into the bright red lips like the Canna petals, and sucked it carefully .

“It’s delicious!” Qiao Yiyi, who had the real taste of golden egg oil, was completely conquered by the taste of the share . She said with an intoxicated face, thankfully she didn’t let the oil waste away .

Then she seemed to forget Jiang Fei, who was sitting next to her . Looking at the golden oil on the eggsh.e.l.l of salted duck, she could not help but lick her little pink tongue

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Jiang Fei saw this scene in his eyes . He was just trying to trick Qiao Yiyi with vicious interest, and he was totally stunned .

This woman just put her fingers into her mouth and gently suck them, and now she sticks out her pink and tender tongue to lick the eggs, plus the intoxication expression  on her delicate face

This expression It seems that it’s too fanciful!

This picture … . . It’s so powerful!

At this time, Jiang Fei automatically made up the appearance that Qiao Yiyi had been yelled and screamed by thousands of fans on the stage and TV programs he had found on the Internet a while ago .

Great contrast!

“…” Jiang Fei also forgot to eat salted duck eggs . his eyelids were drawn . He felt some corners of his eyes were convulsed, his heart beat faster and his blood was boiling .

It’s just a man’s natural reaction .

When Qiao Yiyi woke up from the intoxication, she soon realized that her action just now seemed to be indecent . Then she turned around and saw Jiang Fei in a daze .

Yi”, Qiao Yiyi’s face turned red

She knew what she had looked like just now, and she must have been completely in Jiang Fei’s eyes . At the same time, it occurred to her . Just now, it was Jiang Fei who asked her to eat eggs by peeling them .

It must have been Jiang Fei who antic.i.p.ated this scene from the beginning and deliberately made her look ugly!

This time, the polite Qiao Yiyi can’t sit still . Can’t help being coquettish and angry to stare at Jiang Fei one eye, hate to say: “bad guy!”

“What’s wrong with me?” Jiang Fei asked innocently .

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“You just asked me to sh.e.l.l and eat!” Qiao Yiyi blushed .

“Sh.e.l.l and eat eggs . It can’t be more normal . Is there anything wrong? ” Asked Jiang Fei, puzzled .

It seems that nothing happened just now, and he didn’t see any indecent behavior of Qiao Yiyi .


Seeing Jiang Fei like this, Qiao Yiyi suddenly felt something awkward .

At this time, she felt that Mei’s worry seemed reasonable . This mysterious young doctor’s character was not so reliable as she imagined, so he had the n.o.ble sentiment of hermits

This man, it seems, is no less dangerous than the average man .

Qiao Yiyi can only give Jiang Fei a second look . With her head down, she began to eat the salted duck eggs in the small bowl with chopsticks .

No matter whether Jiang Fei’s character is reliable or not, but his cooking skill is really reliable . Qiao Yiyi, who has always been on a diet, can’t help but take care of him and have a full meal first .

However, as an artist’s self-cultivation, Qiao Yiyi dismissed the idea . After eating the salted duck egg, she stopped chopsticks .

“No more?” Jiang Fei was a little surprised this time .

The dishes in front of Qiao Yiyi are light, but they have been eliminated . But at least half of it remains . And Qiao Yiyi didn’t eat, so it wasn’t a lot . If another woman comes, either Lin Moli or Ye Yuanyuan . Or any one of the three girls from Xia Xiaozhi, these dishes will definitely be wiped out by them, and they still have a lot to say!

Qiao Yiyi didn’t eat half of it . It’s too small . It’s not normal .

“Um . ” Qiao Yiyi wiped her lips with a napkin and nodded .

Is the heated dish not as delicious as the fresh one? Jiang Fei felt strange in his heart, but after tasting them one by one, he found that the taste of these dishes was still delicious, and it was still almost hard to eat outside .

“Are you full?” Jiang Fei asked again .

Is this woman shy just now . So excuse me?

“Almost . Today is the last time I’ve eaten more . ” Said Qiao Yiyi .

“Is that still more?” Jiang Fei doesn’t believe that a person’s food consumption is only so little . Especially in the face of delicious food . This makes Jiang Fei feel that the taste of his delicious food has been questioned .

Jiang Fei thought for a moment . Suddenly asked: “you should be on a diet?”

Jiang Fei once read a report on the Internet that many female stars have dieting habits or vegetarian habits in order to keep fit . Although these artists have boundless scenery, and the money they earn is indeed rich compared with the ordinary people, they never dare to express their desire for food .

“It’s not a diet . However, the daily diet will be controlled, such as fried sweet and sour spareribs . I didn’t eat them before . ” Qiao Yiyi said with a smile . There is no bitterness in it . It’s normal to release Buddha .

It’s a very hard thing for others, but when you do it often and form a habit, you won’t feel hard .

Jiang Fei, speechless, suddenly sympathized with the so-called stars and said, “you are really fighting…”

After dinner, Qiao Yiyi’s agent hasn’t come back, and Jiang Fei can’t do acupuncture for Qiao Yiyi immediately, so he starts to prepare for the Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow .

Hang up the Artemisia, then prepare the materials for zongzi, and finally prepare to take Tibetan mastiff Xinba to the mountain, pick some wild vegetables and mushrooms, and see if you can catch some wild game

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The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 103

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