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I have looked at the weapon stores one by one. The approximate price of all the permanent weapons and disposable concealed weapons has already been recorded in Jiang Fei's mind. Although it looked so irritating, I couldn't help but close the interface and open the interface of the pill store.

The pill shop is similar to the weapon shop. In addition to the different prices, it only needs enough gold coins to exchange all kinds of pills from the shop.

Every pill is marked with a clear price. For example, I love a stick of firewood, Yinyang Hehuan powder, and * soup, which are not used properly. Generally, the price of the medicine is not very high, about four or five hundred gold coins, which is a little cheaper than most disposable concealed weapons.

Such as Jiuhua Yulu pill, Baiyun xiongdan pill and Da huandan pill, which are high-level pills, will be much more expensive.

Baiyun bear gall pill needs 980 gold coins; Jiuhua jade dew pill needs 1200 gold coins, and Dahuan Dan needs 4500 gold coins!

After all, Dahuan Dan is the most powerful pill in Shaolin Temple. It can not only bring the dead back to life, but also cure all internal and external injuries and increase the power. Shaolin Temple strictly controls this medicine. Even the leader can only use one medicine in his life. No one knows where this medicine is stored except the leader.

If Jiang Fei can take a big pill when he is injured, he will not only be able to resurrect in full condition, but also estimate that even if his four basic attributes may break through the limitation of the system, they will all be strengthened without upgrading the distribution attribute!

So this kind of elixir is much more expensive than other elixirs, although it is far less than the powerful martial arts secret script or the weapon of the magic soldier.

Jiang Fei also took a look at the summoning beast evolution agent that he had fed Tibetan mastiff Xinba to take. It's worth 1050 gold coins. It's the time when he opened the upgrade pack. There is a little masterpiece.

“Lean! What does this system mean! Develop the store, give me such a big cake, put it in front of me but don't give it to me! ” Wiped a handful of saliva. When the interface of the store was closed, Jiang Fei murmured unhappily. My heart is a little angry.

“It's not realistic to use RMB to charge money into the system and continue to be a RMB player. Is there any other way to make money, just like making experience? ” Jiang Fei had a headache. He picked his head.

At last, I was in a daze for a long time, and I didn't get along with anything, so I had to put this problem aside for the time being.

In his mind, he still has great hope for this. He thinks that since the store system is given to him, it will not be a chicken rib. He should still have a way to earn gold coins.

It's just …. He hasn't found a way yet.

“Well, open the upgrade package first to see if there is anything good, and then a.s.sign the a.s.signable attribute points!” Thinking of opening and upgrading gift bags and adding four basic attribute points, Jiang Fei's depressed mood became more and more happy.

The store system was just something that popped up unexpectedly.

Even if to say the least, this store system is really chicken ribs, which has no effect on him, but at least he has nothing to lose!

And character promotion. But it's a big joy. This means that Jiang Fei will have at least a lot of gains, and will make another qualitative leap in all aspects of basic physique!

“Open the upgrade package! Open the upgrade package! “

Jiang Fei's sad face. Once again, I put on a happy smile, rubbed some sweaty hands, and pointed out the flash of gift bag in my mind. According to the old rules, I prayed to all the great G.o.ds and Bodhisattvas in the East and West once in my heart, and then I pressed the word “open”.

The two free allocation attribute points can never be changed. No matter how early or late they are added, they will not increase or decrease. So Jiang Fei doesn't have to worry about them for the time being. Or according to the old rules, after determining what to upgrade the package. Then decide the allocation of attribute points.


There was a slight sound, and the pink bag suddenly opened. There are colorful ribbons and gifts in the gift bag. At this time, it finally appeared in Jiang Fei's sight.

“This is…” Jiang Fei's eyes stared at the gift opened in front of him. He was stunned and couldn't close his mouth.

The most conspicuous thing I saw after opening the gift bag was a pile of glittering gold coins!

Yes, it's gold!

This pile of glittering coins looks like the gold coins in the game of “Xia ke xing”. And there's a string of numbers on this pair of gold coins.

Gold coin +1500

Looking at the picture full of golden light in his mind, Jiang Fei was stupefied for more than ten seconds before he came back to him. Then he cried out in ecstasy, “lying in the trough!”

The excitement was so overwhelming that I couldn't help it any more.

If the sound insulation effect of this room is not good enough, it is estimated that the whole villa will be shocked by his call.

“If you really want to sleep, you'll have a pillow. If you want to have a mother, a family and a child, his uncle will come. Send charcoal in the snow! I said that the store system would not be opened for no reason. After it is opened, there must be a way for me to exchange the contents. Sure enough, the gold coins will be delivered immediately! ” Jiang Feixi smiled and could not help being silly.

Seeing the pile of gold coins in the upgrade package, Jiang Fei unconsciously ignored the cla.s.sical book beside him.

Because in his opinion, as long as the gold coin is issued, it will work better than anything else!

Now there is a store system. There are pills, weapons and secret scripts in the store. As long as you have gold coins, you have everything!

With the gold coin, you can have nothing to worry about!

“It's just that the gold coins are a little less. Even buying a big pill is not enough. However, Xiao Li's throwing knife is almost able to buy two; Bingpo silver needle can buy three directly; I love a stick of wood, * soup, sad crisp breeze and several of these overpowering drugs – but I don't seem to use them, do I? I'm not going to commit any crime, to do anything bad, or to do anything as a philanderer. Jiuhua Yulu pill, Baiyun xiongdan pill and other precious pills can also be bought to taste the taste, and there are many remaining gold coins… ” Jiang Fei pointed his fingers and calculated them little by little.

Although the quant.i.ty is small, according to the price of all kinds of things in the shop before, his 1500 gold coins can actually buy many things.

Content, Jiang Fei read a close.

Hua La ~ ~

All of a sudden, this pile of gold coins disappeared. Next to the storage bar under Jiang Fei's task attribute interface, there was a wallet like icon.

“Bite! Congratulations to the player on opening the gold coin system. The gold coins earned by the previous players will be distributed to the player's wallet at one time. “

Just as Jiang Fei was giggling, suddenly a prompt screen appeared, and then the sound of “Hula ~ ~” was heard. The sound of gold coins was more pleasant than anything else in his ears. The 1500 gold coins originally displayed in Jiang Fei's wallet were growing rapidly, directly up to 1851!

“What's the matter? Gold coins I used to earn? When did I earn gold coins before? And made 351! ” Jiang Fei was stunned by the successive surprises. He didn't know what words to express his inner excitement at this time.

Hurry to open the wallet, open the specific information inside, and see the specific source of these growth coins.

At this point, Jiang Feicai suddenly understood why he had made gold coins before.

It turns out that this is the same as Jiang Fei's previous experience. When his life sideline is put into practice, he can not only gain experience value, but also earn gold coins in a small amount!

This is the same as before in the game. It can not only brush experience value, but also drop gold coins and equipment when killing monsters!

Life sub profession is not inclined to brush experience and upgrade, and it is impossible to drop equipment, but at least it will generate a small part of experience value and gold coin!

So Jiang Fei made a lot of gold coins in the course of cooking, planting and raising Simba in the two months.

However, more than half of the 351 gold coins came from, and the source of 224 gold coins shocked Jiang Fei.

Because the 224 gold coins show the source of the guild's “Jiang's Hospital”!

“How can Chiang's Hospital earn gold coins? According to what is the number of 224 gold coins determined? ” Jiang Fei frowned and wondered.

Soon, Jiang Fei thought of a possibility.

“Don't you say According to the turnover of the hospital? ” Jiang Fei had this idea in his mind.

Because Lin Moli gave him a rough idea today. Jiang's Medical Center has been in a booming period for more than half a month since it opened. According to this trend, it's not too far away to build a building to be a hospital. Jiang Fei asked again how much net profit she had made in the past half a month. Lin Moli said with a smile that it was more than 100,000 yuan.

“A net profit of more than 100,000, 224 gold coins? Does it mean that I can get a gold coin for every 500 yuan I earn in Jiang's hospital? Is it 500:1 to exchange? ” Jiang Fei couldn't help guessing.

To make sure this idea is simple, just wait for Jiang Fei to ask Lin Moli how much money he has made in the past 20 days. If it's 12,000 yuan, you can be sure.

Put down the idea first. Don't worry too much. There will be time to make it clear later. Anyway, Jiang Fei now has another channel to earn gold coins.

If the hospital is bigger and bigger in the future, and he makes enough money, it will be easier for Jiang Fei to get gold coins. It's not impossible to exchange dragon slaying sword and heaven reliant sword.

“Now, it seems that we should make up our mind to make a lot of money!” Jiang Fei thought silently with a smile on his face.

The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 140

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