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This matter must not be handled carelessly by Jiang Fei.

If Ye Zhennan is poisoned, even if he thinks with his toes, he can know what kind of uproar it will cause.

This was once the leader of Jincheng military region, and now it is one of the oldest elders in the army. Even if already retired, it can still be called a national treasure!

Now someone has poisoned Ye Zhennan. It's still such a vicious poison. It's just the rhythm of Ye Zhennan's death! What kind of grudges are involved in this and how much interests are involved? It makes people feel numb to think about it.

Therefore, Jiang Fei would let everyone else out of the ward before saying this.

After all, it's not a small way to be able to poison in a special military sanatorium. No one can be sure where the other party is putting on the eyeliner. It is always right to be careful.

He first told Ye Zhennan about it, and then how to deal with it and whether to publish it or not was not his business.

What he cares about now is how to get rid of the poison in Ye Zhennan's body.

It doesn't matter if you don't know the name of the poison, because the poison is strange. Many poisons have no name at all, and the system can't give a name to the poison naturally.

But the trickier thing is, the drug's properties!

This makes people imperceptible. In the early stage of the poisoning, even all kinds of precision instruments can't be detected, but the toxicity is so gentle and fierce. This poison is absolutely unusual. I'm afraid it's more powerful than some of the deadly poisons in “Xia Ke Xing”.

Ye Zhennan was furious when he heard the news, but because he was in a bad spirit now, he was just like a tiger with teeth missing, and his power was gone.

“Naturally, it can't be food poisoning!” Ye Zhennan's voice said coldly, even though he looked no better, but the strength of the voice. This murderous gas can't be hidden.

Jiang Fei could hear that the old man was really angry.

In fact, think about it, be poisoned. It's impossible for anyone not to be angry if they want to be killed.

This does not mean Ye Zhennan is afraid of death. Mentality is not as tolerant and open-minded as before. It's just that it's totally different from the paralysis of legs and the natural death of illness.

If it's natural death, his decades of life experience in the south of Ye Zhennan has already seen through many things, and he can calmly deal with it in the face of death.

But he couldn't stand being poisoned.

This kind of death, for him, is a shame!

Jiang Fei eyebrows a pick. “You don't know who poisoned you, old man,” he asked

Ye Zhennan shook his head and said, “I don't know.”

Jiang Fei: “…”

He listened to the tone of the old man and looked at his angry look. He thought that he had a bottom in his heart and had guessed who was poisoning him behind his back and wanted to kill him.

“Old man, I'm an old bone. Although it's useless, there are many people who miss my life and look forward to my early settlement! Even in Chengdu. I'm afraid I can't even count the fingers of one hand. “

After such an explosive news, Ye Zhennan's complexion was rather restored at this time, saying: “I was ignorant when I was young and vigorous. I have saved a lot, but I have offended a lot of people. Now I can't wait. I can't even wait for the old man in the last few years. There shouldn't be too many people who want me to leave early. “

Looking at the old man's eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a chilling light. Jiang Fei didn't dare to answer, although he and the old man became nominal friends, but this kind of thing. Jiang Fei thinks it's better not to join in.

After thinking in silence, Ye Zhennan looked up at Jiang Fei again. He sighed and asked, “Jiang Fei, you just said that if I go on like this. There is not a week to live. I want to ask … Is there any room for rescue? I'm not afraid of death. It's just that I'm poisoned. I'm not willing to die. “

Jiang Fei's face was tight, and he said: “if I came to check your body yesterday and found out the poisoning situation in time, I can have 100% a.s.surance to force out the toxicity. As for now… “

After a pause, Jiang Fei said, “it's too long now. The toxicity has spread. I'm not sure. “

Jiang Fei did not dare to say anything false or boastful about such a thing, nor to give any promise at will. This unknown poison is too toxic. Although today's symptoms are not too serious, it's about the same as an acute cold. It's just that the body is not comfortable and a little nauseous.

But wait two days at most, and the poison will come into full play. I'm afraid Ye Zhennan was in a coma at that time, which was equivalent to unconsciousness.

At present, Jiang Fei's medical skill is only 7 levels. Although he is called a miracle doctor by many people, he is far from the real one, and his medical skill is not the best. For Ye Zhennan's toxicity in his body now, he has no power. At least he has to upgrade his medical skills to level 8.

But now it's too short. Jiang Fei's current proficiency is only 7 + 78%. It's more and more difficult to improve his later proficiency. I'm afraid it will take at least a month before he can succeed in promotion.

And a month later, Ye Zhennan's ashes are estimated to have been buried

“It seems that I, the old man, was destined to be so!”

Jiang Fei's expression, and Jiang Fei's answer, Ye Zhennan knew. He knows Jiang Fei's character very well. He has unknown toxicity in his body. I'm afraid there is no hope to dispel it.

Shaking his head and smiling, Ye Zhennan didn't have much disappointment and fear, but was unwilling to say, “the paralyzed legs have just recovered, and they haven't been discharged yet. It's such a thing again. You don't have to blame yourself, Jiang Fei. You are a doctor, not a fairy. It's common sense that you can save sick patients and dying people. If you didn't come, I'm afraid I didn't even know that I was poisoned. Even if I died, I would become a muddleheaded ghost. Now it's enough. Since there's still a week left, it's enough for me to do something… “

As he said, Ye Zhennan, an old lion with drooping eyes, seemed to be s.h.i.+ning back. His eyes narrowed slightly, showing a sharp and extreme brilliance. It seems that the temperature in the whole ward has been reduced a lot.

The last thing he wants to do must be in the last week. Try your best to find out the master messenger who poisoned him!

Now that he is expected to die, he is not dead. Naturally, they have the ability to punch these people hard! Even if you're going to die, you have to get back some interest to keep the other side from getting better, don't you?

The old man is quite open-minded!

Jiang Fei said with a wry smile: “old man, I'm just saying that I'm not completely sure to expel the toxicity in your body, nor that I have no hope at all. Don't you have to be so pessimistic? “

If it was Jiang Fei a few days ago, he would have to sigh in the face of this situation. Admit immediately that you can't do anything about it. There's no way to take this poison. Now the reason why he hasn't given up completely is just that he's not sure he can cure it. That's because he happens to have a store system!

In the store system, there is a special pill cla.s.sification.

Among the pills, there are many magical pills, which have magical effects on detoxification. He can't force out the toxicity of Ye Zhennan's body by medical skill now. Maybe some pills can do it!

But Jiang Fei was not sure, so he had to try his best.

In the store system. There are many elixirs with antidote effect, such as Jiuhua Yulu pill of Taohua island and Baiyun xiongdan pill of Hengshan school, all of which have magical effect on antidote. Maybe it can help the toxicity in the old man's body.

However, these are not special antidotes, the more important effect is to treat the internal injury of the injured!

If these pills are taken by the old man, they may be able to suppress the toxicity in the body to a certain extent, but the possibility of completely detoxifying is very small.

“Antidote pill! Antidote pill! It's easy to poison people, but difficult to detoxify. It's as easy to kill a person as it is to save a person. ” Jiang Fei frowned tightly, and the interface of the store's pill system had been brought up in his mind. Thinking about the way to cure Ye Zhennan.

If Ye Zhennan can be saved, Jiang Fei will surely be saved. Even if he consumes a few precious gold coins. It's not too bad to exchange pills from the system.

Not to mention that the duty of doctors should have been to rescue the dead and help the wounded, and to see someone dying. As long as you don't have deep hatred with yourself, you have the obligation and responsibility to help. And after more than a month of getting along with each other, Jiang Fei really admired the old man and regarded him as a respected elder in his heart.

Ye Zhennan said that he recognized Jiang Fei, a friend who had forgotten his years, not just because he was grateful or perfunctory, but because he had real feelings. They are one old and one small. They really like each other.

“Is there any help?” Ye Zhennan's eyes brightened when he heard this. If he can survive, he'd better not die.

“Let me think again, think again…” Jiang Fei said with a sad face.

If it's any stubborn emergency, even if it's difficult, even if his medical skills are not good enough, many pills in the system store can always be used. It's just that it's poisoned by people, or the virulent poison that has spread out. It's too hard to force the poison out of the body again!

Ye Zhennan nods when he hears the words. He doesn't disturb Jiang Fei with his words. Let Jiang Fei think slowly.

After about four or five minutes, Jiang Fei's eyes suddenly brightened: “yes! It seems that this method is feasible! “

“That's it! Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder, these two kinds of poison elixirs of Hu qingniu, the medical immortal of diegu, combined with the eight methods of Shenzhen, will definitely force out the toxicity! “

Jiang Fei just wanted to exchange one kind of pill for another. He wanted to expel Ye Zhennan's toxicity at one time, but he didn't want to combine two kinds of pills to supplement each other.

Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder are the antidotes developed by Hu qingniu. Hu qingniu and w.a.n.g nangu took the three insect and three gra.s.s poisons in the story of killing the dragon in the heaven. The fierce poisons had already completely dissipated, and both of them almost fell into a real state of death. But after Zhang Wuji took these two pills for two people, and then cooperated with acupuncture, the two people's internal The gas was completely forced out, and the two men were saved.

Although Ye Zhennan's poison is fierce and has spread, it must be much worse than that of the three insects and three herbs.

Since the Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder are combined, even Hu qingniu and w.a.n.g nangu can be saved, it will not be difficult for Jiang Fei to force out the toxicity that ye Zhennan's body has just spread and started to work!

The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 147

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