• Nidome no Yuusha
  • Nidome no Yuusha

  • Author(s) : Kizuka Nero - 木塚ネロ
  • Genres : Action - Adventure - Fantasy - Mature - Psychological - Romance - Seinen - Tragedy
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Nidome no Yuusha Summary:

    Nidome No Yuusha is an exciting story of mixed genres written by Kizuka Nero. The story is quite new and recently published in an online version. It is available for reading on the NovelOnlineFull website, so you can find it there if you are interested in this type of content. As mentioned, Nidome No Yuusha novel is, in fact, a combination of action, adventure, fantasy, romance and tragedy genres. There are also a few others next to these ones, and the book provides an interesting mixture suitable for reading. The story is not overly long in comparison with others from this reading platform, however, it is not short too.
    There are around 170 chapters currently published, so there is plenty of content to read. Furthermore, the new updates are also about to arrive in the near future because the story is not finished yet, and the book is still in the ongoing phase of writing. The public is quite satisfied with the story considering the current rating that stands nearly at perfect five stars. However, the vote count is still on a low level because the book is a new one, and readers are mostly unfamiliar with the topic. Fortunately, you have a nice opportunity to find out more on the matter by reading this review. 
    Ukei Kaito is the main character in this action-adventure story. His main mission is to fight and eliminate a demon lord and save the world.
    The good thing is that he really succeeds to achieve that goal. He kills a powerful demon and the world is saved by the actions of this hero.
    The bad thing, however, lies in the fact that he ends up betrayed by his friend who even stabbed him at back. Shortly, he dies due to the wounds the sword made on his body. However, before the death, he cursed all he trusted in life. If he has another chance, he would all of them and not just an evil demon.
    He becomes aware such fake friends do not deserve any type of help. He saved all of them and the entire world, but they show no grat.i.tude to him. Instead, he is granted with the attack and death.
    This exciting plot is about to continue, and you can find out what destiny prepares for all of them by reading Nidome No Yuusha novel. The life after death is not possible in regular circ.u.mstances, however, an online book can hold various twists and turns including that one. It is, of course, just a speculation of the writer of this review because the book is still in the ongoing phase and the end is not finished yet. So everything is possible, isn't it?
    If this sounds interesting, you should certainly visit the website and check the book. There are various interesting details publicly visible, and you can also read the story in case you are a registered member of the platform. The joining is not complicated at all, and you can simply sign-up if you do not have an account yet. The registration is free and open to all, so that's a nice benefit for a lot of potential readers.

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