Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: Chapter 82

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

On earth, there was a well-known saying on the internet, Don’t be terrified, just do it.

The G.o.d of the spellcaster that just got promoted, was the great mage Mage Ymirjar le-Peyroux. Although He was no traverser, He practiced the essence of the well-known saying. Attack when he says so, without one bit of sloppiness.

He didn’t even greet the three G.o.ds next to Him, but launched an attack at Wor directly. He raised his magic staff, and a golden light blade took shape and chopped it down at Wor’s head.

After entering the G.o.d’s world, many of the commoners’ regular magic skill would lose its effect, especially those magic spells that were direct attacks. But due to the difference in ranking, it was almost impossible to be effective towards G.o.d. To fully give play to one’s power in a battle between G.o.ds, one must apply a magic spell that was above regular magic, in other words, called “legendary spell”.

As the greatest mage in human history, Ymirjar le-Peyroux of course knew legendary spell, and he knew quite a lot. Not only that, as the G.o.d of spellcaster, He was at an excessively natural advantage in magic spell, He could even bestow legendary characteristics on those regular magic spells easily. So, it would be effective as usual, even against G.o.ds.

For example, He was then casting an intermediate magic spell “Blade of Light”. The magic spell would make a light blade and automatically chase after and attack the enemy. If the enemy was a creature from the chaotic or wicked direction, they would receive extra damage.

Of course, this magic spell was definitely useless towards G.o.d. But in Ymirjar’s hands, it was bestowed with legendary characteristic. The golden light blade not only contained power that even Sui Xiong was afraid of, it also faintly locked the s.p.a.ce around Wor to imply that he couldn’t even escape if he wanted to.

Sui Xiong’s eyebrows were tightly knit, and he raised his tentacles to cast a magic spell. He was shocked to discover that he had completed the structure of magic and the magic power was realized, but he didn’t complete the magic spell. A dispersed magic power current flew out from his tentacles and clashed with the light blade. It was crushed without suspicion, and he didn’t even manage to block it for one second.

“What is going on?!” He screamed.

A light shadow appeared before him, the habitual image that the G.o.d of mystery used, “Don’t be shocked, I locked your ability to cast a spell.”

“How could you?!” Sui Xiong screamed, “This is against the rules!”

“I am the G.o.d of Magic. As long as I am willing to, I could lock any person’s or any G.o.d’s spellcasting power.” The Master of Mystery said calmly,” All of you wanted to go against me. I only temporarily locked your spellcasting power, so I am kind enough.”

“This doesn’t accord to your clergy.” The G.o.d of Justice creased his eyebrows as he spoke, “Your clergy was to promote magic, but not prohibit the usage of magic.”

“My clergy was to promote and manage magic.” The Master of Mystery replied, “Manage, of course includes prohibiting the person or G.o.d that I found inappropriate to use magic.”

“…. No wonder the elf G.o.d system was defeated under your hands. You applied the same method, right?” Morani asked coldly, “Then, you are after us now?”

“You think too much.” The Master of Mystery didn’t explain but his shadow slowly faded.

In the end, reverberating in the air, was only His message, “Do not interfere with the battle. This is the biggest justice that I can provide to all of you.”

Sui Xiong’s eyes grew ghastly, the method and measure took by the Master of Mystery made him very UN-HAP-PY!

“Maybe I should find a way to cause this b.a.s.t.a.r.d some obstacles.” He mumbled to himself, then looked towards Morani and Yorgaardman, “Do you know where is the holy kingdom of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?”

“Are you planning to go over?” Morani got a shock and quickly stopped him, “Don’t be silly, you can’t fight against him!”

“Exactly. If you really go over for a fight, even if it was me, I am not certain if I could win.” Yorgaardman spoke in a deep voice, “A mage in his home base, would not be easy to deal with!”

Sui Xiong smiled coldly and turned his tentacles into a pair of hands. He then cracked his knuckle joints.

“I am not that stupid to send myself to his doorstep! If you can give me the exact location of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s holy kingdom, I can cause him trouble with me right here!”

Yorgaardman and Morani exchanged a glance and hesitated whether to believe in what he said or not.

“His holy kingdom was in ‘The Rainbow Kingdom’ located at the positive realm in the ring of the world. That is a kingdom full of fountain and sunlight, countless beautiful and colorful spirits live there.” Yorgaardman introduced, while he pointed out the exact location of the holy kingdom of the master of mystery ‘Rainbow Fountain’ to Sui Xiong .

Sui Xiong nodded, and turned around to watch the one in a battle with the G.o.d of Spellcaster, or being suppressed by the G.o.d of Spellcaster, Wor. Then, Sui Xiong sighed, feeling worried.

“Don’t worry. If he had the danger of pa.s.sing, I will interfere.” Yorgaardman said, “The G.o.d of Knowledge is an important G.o.d in this world. He is a kind strength to bring about improvement to the world, to let people be blessed. I will definitely not allow Him to just pa.s.s away like that!”

Sui Xiong looked at Him for a while and took a deep breath. He thanked him and went underground.

The Master of Mystery, b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I have to show Him a little color. Otherwise, I will write my name, “Sui Xiong ” upside down!

All these years, he worked out many special measures. Although there were many that were not reliable, if only going after power of one attack, he still had a way to…..

Sui Xiong was slowly getting ready. In the air right above the battle ring, Wor and Ymirjar le-Peyroux that couldn’t stay hidden anymore were in a ferocious battle.

As the greatest mage in human history, Ymirjar’s magic level was high and simply unbelievable. If he were to apply the gaming levels, even when he had yet to promote into G.o.d, conservatively estimating it was at about level ninety nine max level character. After promoting into G.o.d, he at least increased by an extra thirty to fifty level, his battle power could said to be in defiance of nature.

Wor naturally wasn’t weak either. Him before promoting into G.o.d was at least level sixty to seventy. After promotion, it was an after thirty to fifty level. He was at least an expert at level hundred or hundred twenty.

Just that… On one hand, the limit was one hundred and twenty, on the other hand, the lowest would be at least above one hundred and thirty. The battle was definitely… One-sided.

Ymirjar cast an unknown amount of gain magic to himself in one goal, and was giving out colourful rays of light, just like a huge neon lamp. He was already of an old age, but at the very moment, he was displaying speed that Wor was too far behind to catch up. With the terrifying speed, He was constantly maintaining a distance from Wor, while he threw magic spells, one after another, continuously.

He didn’t cast any really powerful magic, but all intermediate magic that was legendarified. Although such magic was considered weaker to the level of G.o.ds, its winning point was at its lighting speed. He waved and there was one, he waved again and there’s another one, and Wor was in a fix.

Wor gave full play to his speed. He chased after Ymirjar’s shadow with all his strength, as he swung his blade to break apart the magic spell. He, as the top swordsman, had skills that were naturally accurate and sharp, no doubt. No matter what kind of magic spells Ymirjar cast, with a swing of his black blade, he could disperse them into countless shattered light spots that were totally harmless to him.

But, the situation was that He was still being oppressed, because he couldn’t catch up to Ymirjar’s speed. The impressive black blade was waved countless times, however, it could only be used for defending purposes, but not hurting the enemy at all. The worst part was that, he himself knew that Ymirjar had yet to use his true power!

The greatest mage in human history, was the pioneer that created the modern magic system. A senior expert that was already well-known in the world three thousand years ago, how could he only play such simple tactic!

Dragging on speed to slowly drill, Sui Xiong might call that the “kite flying” method. How could it be His true power!

Wor was feeling uneasy. Although He wasn’t afraid of battle, He also wasn’t afraid of death. But dealing with the upcoming defeat, He couldn’t help but feel worried.

Ymirjar looked very calm, ever since the very beginning. There was even a smile plastered on his aging face. It was almost as though He wasn’t fighting a life-and-death battle, but giving his junior some pointers. Of course, by age, not to mention about Wor, even Morani and Yorgaardman were His juniors.

During the years when He was studying in silence, all his juniors had overtook Him and step foot into the path of immortality before Him, and became great G.o.ds. But he was trapped in the top level of the tower. Although he was highly respected by many, he couldn’t fully complete the trail that belonged to him, to take the most crucial step.

From the time when he meditated in seclusion to breakthrough as G.o.d until then, it was almost three hundred years. Three hundred years of thoughts and loneliness, three hundred years of patience and waiting, all had already trained his will to be st.u.r.dier than steel. To Him, it wasn’t considered a ferocious fight. Even if it was a G.o.ds’ War, destroying one G.o.d system after another wouldn’t move him.

“d.a.m.n it!” Wor couldn’t hold back, but bellowed in anger, “Bring out your true talent! Don’t belittle me!”

Ymirjar didn’t answer, but maintained his smile, and maintained his previous battle method. Maybe He planned to defeat Wor with such a method, to let his junior that was born much later than him, but in the end got onto the pathway of promotion into G.o.d before him, to be defeated in such a humiliating way.

Wor was getting more and more anxious, and he suddenly recalled the battle back then, when he fought against his hometown. That night, he was like today, feeling weak, as though he was trapped in a huge prison cage. He also felt like a worm on a spiderweb, that couldn’t break away from those shackles. But, in the end, he drew his blade, swung it, and tore the trap. He split the cage, killed the enemy, and left. Then, He slowly calmed down, his breath was gradually more stable, too.

“What’s there to worry about?” He told himself, “Fighting against Master Ymirjar le-Peyroux, even if I was defeated by him and died, it would be totally natural. As I have already had such mental preparation, what else could I be anxious for? What else could I be disturbed by?”

“What I want to do today is to fight with all I have, to give full play of my strength. So that, even if I pa.s.s away, I will not regret anything!”

Then, he was suddenly fully enlightened. The long black blade was put back into the sheath, then drawn out fiercely and slashed down. The black blade was like a crescent moon. It tore all kinds of magic spells on the way, and got to Ymirjar!

Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 212

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