Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: Chapter 109

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Crick did not promote the manure policy in the territory because of the success of the experiment but launched a large-scale experiment. In addition to a small town, his baron territory included four large and small villages, one of which was the manor of James, the head of the Regiment of Knight. The other three were directly under that administration. In order to prevent the trouble caused by the large-scale use of manure, he first selected the smallest one in the three directly-administered villages as a test site. He collected the manure in the late autumn, mixed it with the soil, and buried it in the field to prepare for the next year’s cultivation.

The villagers were very upset about this because they were worried that these dirty things would pollute the land. Therefore Crick announced that if something went wrong, the baron would provide food for the village next year, and even in the later years, which made them feel at ease.

However, it was no longer a matter of making them relieved. According to the return of the bards who had been sent out by Crick to collect the opinions of the people, many villagers even secretly said words like, “If the field is polluted, it will be better, right?”

When he heard the news, Crick felt a little amused and annoyed at the same time. Who had said that the folks were stupid? They were really smart!

A lot of things, which were not found in the small experimental field, were discovered in the large-scale cultivation. For example, the official responsible for the operation rushed back in no time to ask him for instructions. The manure in the village was not enough. What should he do?

“What? Manure is not enough?”

“Yes, sir, not enough manure.” The official who was very responsible for the work took out a piece of material. “According to the estimation, it may take ten times more manure.”

“Ten times?!” Crick thought for a long time, but he couldn’t think of any place to find so much manure. Finally, he just said, “Take a two-p.r.o.nged approach. Collect manure from the town while reducing the amount of use.”

A few days later, the official ran over again and reported. Many people had diarrhea. What should he do?

“How do they have diarrhea when everything is all right?” Crick stared blankly for a while and then he had a thought. He asked, “They didn’t wash their hands or take a shower after working in the field, right?”

“They wash their hands, just casually in a river or in a pool. But taking a shower? Is that necessary?” the official asked.

Crick sighed because he was speechless to those who lacked the knowledge of health and hygiene.

“Preach my order,” he said. “From today on, all those who work in the fields must bathe after work every day! Also, they must wash their hands before eating, with clean water!”

“What is clean water?” the official with Loyalty up to 95 was very responsible, so he seriously asked.

“Water that cools after boiling,” Crick said.

“Sir, this is probably very difficult,” the official replied. “It takes firewood to boil water. This is so expensive that the farmers can’t afford it.”

Crick sighed deeply and felt that he might be overreacting. He thought about it and said, “Then build a filter pool. They can use unboiled water for bathing, but they must use the water in the filter pool to wash hands. By the way, drinking water must also be filtered!”

“Sorry, sir. But what is a filter pool?”

Crick did not remember how many times he had sighed today. He reluctantly found a pen and paper and drew the design of a filter pool for the official.

He had learned the design of this filter pool when he had designed a villa decoration plan for an upstarting rich family. At that time, they had insisted on bringing a river into the yard to form a round river. However, the water in the yard had to be clear, without duckweed. At first, he had proposed several filter designs, but he could not ensure that the river was clear. Finally, he had had no choice but to find his high school cla.s.smate who had studied architecture. Under the guidance of the cla.s.smate, he designed a complete set of plans including waterwheels, filter tanks, and reservoirs. Later, he used this design to win a small award for combining the “intelligence” of science with the “beauty” of farms, uniting technology with culture.

He was so impressed with this design that he naturally drew it. However, looking at the drawings, the official pointed to the waterwheel and asked, “Sir, what is this?”

Crick recalled at this time that the world seemed to have no waterwheels.

What was even more troublesome was that he didn’t know how to build a waterwheel in detail. After his design at that time, the waterwheel was built by the decoration team. The foreman of the team had built the waterwheel easily without inquiring him.

“Let me think about how this stuff should be built…”

He closed his eyes, thinking for a long time, and finally sighed.

d.a.m.n! He didn’t know…

“Forget it. Dig a pool by the river. The bottom of the pool should be covered with sand, and the wall of the pool should be made of bricks and stones. On the side close to the river, build a filter layer there.” He thought for a long time and finally came up with an alternative plan. After a long time of explaining and drawing more pictures, the official with Intelligence 11 at last fully understood what he meant. He nodded and left.

“d.a.m.n! Fortunately, this guy is still smart. If his intelligence was 8 or 9…” Crick sighed deeply, imagining the situation, and couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver.

“s.h.i.+t time travel! I’m a d.a.m.n aristocratic lord, but I still have all kinds of hard things to worry about. If I’m still alive and travel back, if anyone talks to me about the medieval or ancient pastoral scenery, I will collect a bottle of urine from the toilet and pour it to his f**king face. This d.a.m.n place doesn’t even have a waterwheel!”

After the complaints, the problem of getting his villagers well still needed to be solved. He thought about it and then went to see the two guys from the headquarters of the Church of the Distant Song, who fought all day.

Thomas and Nikola lived in a separate yard. They were quiet only when they were praying to the great G.o.ds. Besides that, they quarreled even in their sleep. Crick sometimes felt that perhaps the Archbishop was bothered by these two guys, so he directly arranged the two real masters for him.

When he told them why he came, Thomas immediately said that he knew the field of treatment. He could cast spells to help the villagers dispel disease. Nikola sneered and asked, how much magic power had he stored? How many times could he dispel disease?

When Crick heard Nikola’s words, he was a little curious and then asked, “Do you have a better way?”

“Of course. Although I am just a bard, I can do the same as a priest. We can hold a small-scale sacrifice ceremony and pray for His Majesty to give us a group spell to dispel the disease.”

“I can do that, too!”

“But you can’t think of it,” Nikola said, sneering. “Although you have a high level of spell casing, you are stupid!”

Thomas was so angry that they began to quarrel again.

Crick sighed and shook his head silently while looking at the attributes of the two guys.

Thomas was not stupid. His intelligence was 12. However, Nikola’s intelligence was as high as 16. He actually had the qualification to despise Thomas from IQ.

But in the field of force, the situation was reversed.

After a few moments, Crick started off with Nikola, whose face was black and blue but still full of pride, as if he had won. They went to the village to hold a sacrifice ceremony. Although Thomas had won, he looked depressed and sat in the house muttering, repeating words like “d.a.m.n idiots,” and “do you really think you’re something because you are smart? Huh?”

Crick admitted that a magical world was convenient. If the villagers all had diarrhea on the Earth, the town’s clinic would be unavoidable and overwhelmingly busy. But in this world, after a sacrifice ceremony for about half an hour, along with the sounds of Nikola’s harp, powerful magic swept through the square where the ceremony was held. And the villagers, who had pale faces and soft legs because of diarrhea, quickly recovered. Crick almost could not help but shout, “This is not scientific!”

The group diarrhea accident of the villagers had come to an end. It might have been a blessing in disguise. Crick soon ordered them to build several filter pools in his territory to provide clean water for the people.

In addition, he also strictly required the villagers not to drink unboiled water. He even appointed a special official in every village to supervise it.

Hygiene was a top priority!

Sui Xiong paid attention to Crick’s administration from afar. When he saw that, he couldn’t help but be stunned for a while, because he found that he never seemed to notice that.

“Sterilization, the prevention of infectious diseases…” He talked to himself for a while, suddenly remembered one thing, and then went to Arcaian’s.

Arcaian was still studying mushrooms. He studied his mushrooms in addition to maintaining the adventure maze. Over the years, he worked hard on mushrooms and had developed a number of very practical varieties. The mushrooms in the maze had been changing for generations. Even in the deep mountains of Dragon-roar Town, he bred a large number of new varieties of mushrooms he called the Beast. Those mushrooms were low-risk, but they could quickly resolve the flesh of demon beasts’ remains, which made the stink in the mountains disappear gradually.

“Bacteria? Infection? Infectious diseases?” Sui Xiong had thought that Arcaian had no idea about that, but he didn’t expect that after his unintentional words, Arcaian nodded again and again. Then, he said a lot of things about health and epidemic prevention knowledge the same as Sui Xiong had learned before he had time traveled here. This was really a surprise, so Sui Xiong couldn’t help but ask, “You already know this?”

“Our Pasteur School is for studying bacteria and fungi,” Arcaian said, smiling. “My great-grandfather, Clarhott, divided all the tiny creatures in the world into two categories through the study of the ‘Ash of Eternal Decay.’ The ones with the characteristics of animals were called bacteria, and the ones with the characteristics of plants were called fungi. He also invented the famous Pasteur sweet wine and Pasteur cheese through his research on bacteria and fungi. Your Majesty, have you never tasted those before?”

“What? Pasteur cheese was invented by your great-grandfather?!” Sui Xiong was shocked and suddenly filled with esteem. He had never thought that the original ancestral research of his own mushroom expert turned out to be so high-end. Pasteur cheese was a famous luxury food, and really expensive!

At the request of Sui Xiong, Arcaian put away his research on mushrooms and began to focus on the study of bacteria. The command that Sui Xiong gave him was researching several common infectious diseases. What exactly were they? How would they infect people? How would one prevent and treat them? He needed to take out a set of solutions with as few spells as possible.

“Why don’t you use spells to get rid of the diseases?” Arcaian asked.

“Because, I hope that ordinary civilians can afford it, too,” Sui Xiong replied.

At the same time, in a gloomy and rotten world, the G.o.d of Plague G.o.d suddenly had a chill.

Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 239

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