Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 507

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Chapter 507: Chapter 47Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Watching the relieved look on Cambrona’s face, Sui Xiong laughed.

“Very well, you made a wise choice,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter what happened in the past. After all, people can’t live in the past. The present and the future are the most important.”

Cambrona nodded and said, “Then it’s time for us to say goodbye.”

“Don’t leave in a hurry,” Sui Xiong said. “Since I said that I will help you solve the problem, at least I should act on what I have said. Don’t think that there is only one way to solve this problem. I have great abilities!”

After saying that, he waved his tentacles and the huge Tree of G.o.d waved too. All the branches and leaves were shaking together, and the green light fell like rain, instantly submerging the area.

In the green light, a black-handled knife with a green scabbard slowly moved out of the tree and appeared in front of Cambrona and Jane.

“What is this?” Cambrona asked.

“Something to treat your wife’s amnesia,” Sui Xiong said with a smile.

Cambrona was stunned for a while, but he saw his wife reaching out to hold the knife in her hands.

Her left hand held the green scabbard, and her right hand held the knife’s handle. It was a standard backhand pulling position.

However, the knife seemed to be solidified in the scabbard and could not be pulled out.

She was stunned for a moment and looked at the knife doubtfully. Then her body shook violently, and her eyes were filled with confusion.

After a while, her confusion disappeared, and her eyes became clear. She completely awoke up again without the previous feelings of ignorance.

“I feel like I was in a dream…” She raised her head and looked at the green light that fell down like rains. “A very long dream.”

“No matter how long the dream was, you will wake up in the end,” Sui Xiong said. “Now it’s time to wake up.”

“If dreams are longer than reality, then what is the dream and what is reality?” Jane asked.

Sui Xiong thought for a moment and said, “There was a sage who had a dream when he took a nap. He dreamed that he became a b.u.t.terfly and flew freely. When he woke up, he was still in a trance and wondered, ‘Was it I who became a b.u.t.terfly? Or did the b.u.t.terfly turn into me?’ What do you think?”

“Both of the two questions are possible. Who knows what is true and what is false…” Jane lowered her head and whispered.

“No. This question is quite easy to answer,” Sui Xiong laughed and said. “What stands next to you is real.”

Jane was shocked, and she looked up and turned her face. She saw Cambrona’s concerned eyes immediately.

Looking at Cambrona’s face that had changed a lot from her memory, she was stunned for a moment. His face had more vicissitudes, but the concern showed in his eyes was the same as before.

After a while, she finally smiled and said to Sui Xiong, “You are right. What’s around me and who’s next to me is real. Everything else is an illusion.”

After saying that, she took Cambrona’s hands and said to him, “Over the years … you have done a lot of work.”

“No, no, it’s fine for me,” Cambrona replied naturally.

“It’s been really hard for you to take care of me all these years. I remembered that your soft hands could only use ink to write or paint, but now they have become so rough with so many old blisters…” She picked up his big hands that were no longer as soft as they used to be and put them on her cheeks.

Cambrona clearly felt a little coolness fell on his fingers except for the warmth of her cheeks.

“You… Why are you crying?”

“I’m happy.”

“Happy? Yeah, today is a happy day…” Cambrona, who was skilled in debate, now became clumsy in front of his wife and echoed back like a yes-man.

Sui Xiong shook his head and interrupted the warm scene. “Well, I have done what I promised to you. What are you going to do next?”

Cambrona turned to Sui Xiong quickly and wanted to bow to him, but he could not pull his hands back from his wife. He smiled awkwardly and answered, “I’m going to take Jane to travel here for a few days first. It’s really an interesting place. She’ll love it.”

Sui Xiong nodded and said, “It’s a good idea, but to be honest, the expense of living here is not low. Are you sure you can afford it?”

Cambrona thought for a while and said, “Can I find a temporary job here? I’m a powerful knight.”

“Void City does not need strong fighters,” Sui Xiong said, “Our strength is quite sufficient for national defense.”

Cambrona recalled the scene he had just seen in the square and laughed bitterly. He thought it over and said, “I was a good pettifogger. I was good at grasping the legal provisions, debating in court, and choosing the applicable law in all kinds of situations. Although I haven’t had a lawsuit for more than a decade, I believe I can still play a role in this regard.”

Sui Xiong laughed and said, “That’s right! Construction is more important than fighting. There are too many people in the world who are good at fighting while too few people are good at building. For Void City and the Northwest Republic, a good pettifogger is far more useful than a powerful knight. Come on, I believe you can do it!”

After saying that, the green rain stopped sharply, and Sui Xiong disappeared without any traces as if he had never appeared.

Cambrona opened his mouth in shock, turned to his wife and then smiled. He thought about it and laughed.

They turned around and walked hand in hand towards the bus platform.

“Jane, I’m going to sell my house in Mill City and move here. What do you think?”

“Very well, Mill City is located in the south, so it’s very hot in summer. Void City is located in the north, so it must be very cool in summer.”

“But I’m afraid we don’t have enough money,” Cambrona sighed and said. “After you fell into a coma, almost all of my property was used to find someone to treat your illness…”

“It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have a copper plate,” Jane smiled and said. “What’s the difficulty of making money with your skills? People here also need to go to court.”

Cambrona smiled, and the former number one pettifogger in Mill City who dared to quarrel with G.o.ds appeared in him again.

“You’re right! With my skills, where can’t I go in the world? Where can I not make money? Well! I just don’t have to pay attention to the dilapidated house in Mill City. I’ll go and find a job right now!”

After saying that, he grabbed a pa.s.ser-by in uniform next to him.

“Hey man, do you know where to find a job in Void City?”

The staff member was stunned for a moment, looked at him and looked at Jane again. Then he asked somewhat blankly, “What kind of job are you looking for?”

“I’m a pettifogger, and I’m good at litigating,” Cambrona laughed and said. “Of course, I need to find a job that suits me.”

“Then you must be well-educated; you can go to City Hall to take a look,” the staff member said. “They are always recruiting people who are well-educated. Maybe you can try it.”

Cambrona nodded and asked how to get to City Hall. Then he expressed his thanks to the staff member, turned to Jane and smiled proudly.

“You see, that’s settled.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

Half an hour later, in the waiting room of City Hall, Cambrona raised his head proudly and came out. He laughed, raised his thumb to Jane and pointed his finger at himself.

“Got it done! I will be working here to deal with some civil disputes starting from tomorrow.” He looked very proud and confident. “When I was interviewed, the HR officer looked at me like I was a monster. When I said that I didn’t have a house, he even shouted that he could help me arrange for my lodging. Haha, even the house has been settled!”

“You are awesome!” Jane said with a smile.

“Of course! I’m your husband. That’s what I should be!”

In the air above City Hall, Sui Xiong and Yorgaardman watched them together, and when they saw this, they could not help but laugh.

“Looks like that we don’t have to worry about them,” Yorgaardman said. “We don’t have to worry about them at least for the next decade or even decades.”

“Even after decades, we don’t need to worry,” Sui Xiong said. “She has woken up and will not return to that darkness.”

“It’s incredible…”

“What’s so incredible?” Sui Xiong asked. “The love between Hasarin and Dyalt cannot compare with the love between Jane and Cambrona. Isn’t it taken for granted that true love triumphs over distorted loyalty?”

“You can’t say words like that. Cambrona is just a mortal, and Jane is also a mere mortal. How can the love between two mortals compare with that between two G.o.ds?”

Sui Xiong shook his head and said, “Love should not be compared in this way. What kind of genuineness can Dyalt give to others? The reason why Hasarin is dead set on him is that she has nowhere to go. The love between Jane and Cambrona is true love. How can their love be inferior to the twisted feelings between a monarch and a minister?”

Yorgaardman still shook his head and said, “The time in which Jane and Cambrona have been together is really short! They’ve only lived with each other for more than ten years and Jane was in a coma for most of the time. But Dyalt and Hasarin have been living together for tens of thousands of years!”

“Time is not a problem and ident.i.ty is not a problem. There is only one problem, that is, the sincere degree of their love,” Sui Xiong said. “Jane and Cambrona would both die for each other without hesitation. What about Hasarin and Dyalt? Hasarin would definitely die for Dyalt, but what about Dyalt?”

Yorgaardman was silent.

“So you think too much. In terms of emotions, true love is the strongest. Sui Xiong said. “True love is invincible!”

Yorgaardman thought for a while, nodded and laughed. “You’re right, true love is invincible; I like this ending!”

“Come on, let’s find a place to drink,” Sui Xiong said. “Although neither of us has found true love and it is difficult for us to find it, today is worth toasting to true love!”

“All right! Cheers to true love!”

Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 507

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