The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 1609 - Sun Nine Hundred and Six

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Chapter 1609: Sun Nine Hundred and Six

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Many parents and teachers sitting below who were there to enroll in Shrek Academy cringed upon hearing the agonizing screams. They trembled in fear and were going through a spiritual breakdown.

Meanwhile, a pleasant hymn was heard. A layer of faint white light had spread out and enshrouded them without their knowledge.

It felt warm and comfortable as if they were immersed in their mothers’ embrace. The amazing feeling formed a sharp contrast against the fear they felt earlier.

The holy light had originated from the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali. She did not make any conspicuous move as everything happened in a natural manner.

Qiangu Dongfeng s.h.i.+fted his gaze for a moment. He thought to himself, ‘Yali’s Limit Douluo cultivation base has stabilized so quickly, huh?’

A soul master who had just ascended to the rank of a Limit Douluo would be placed in a quasi demiG.o.d realm. After his or her cultivation base had stabilized, the soul master would be considered a true demiG.o.d. Even though it would be extremely difficult to advance another step forward at that point, the soul master who had achieved the demiG.o.d realm was considered to be at the pinnacle of the continent.

The Holy Spirit Douluo was the number one recovery-type soul master on the entire planet who fully deserved her reputation. She was beyond compare, for sure!

Even a person as powerful as Qiangu Dongfeng would take care not to offend Yali. The reason was simple. Could a person be without friends or family? She was the one and only recovery-type soul master in the world who could heal a gravely ill or severely injured family member or friend!

Hence, the only person whom Qiangu Dongfeng would never fight against was Yali.

She was a Limit Douluo-ranked recovery-type soul master. She was capable of ensuring everyone in the entire Shrek would not be severely injured.

In the sky, Lan Muzi was stern-looking as he confronted a power strike by the Bloodthirsty Douluo cladded in a three-word battle armor.

The pair of battle axes swelled up immensely in the sky transforming instantly into gigantic axes five meters long. A howling noise was heard when the axes flew out much like two raging storms. In addition, the two Bloodthirsty Battle Axes were spinning violently in two directions to draw in the Bloodthirsty Battle Mist. The axes were like two blood-colored tornadoes with a monstrous overbearingness.

Waves of howling noises appeared in the sky, a result of the destructive forces of the tornadoes. It sounded like a ghost’s wail with a wolf’s howl. Meanwhile, the sixth soul ring on the Bloodthirsty Douluo Yun Tianheng’s body glowed brightly.

His sixth soul skill was not that powerful under ordinary circ.u.mstances. Yet, it was now completely different due to the amplification of his three-word battle armor.

Yun Tianheng’s cultivation base had been elevated to rank-95 this year. He was a Hyper Douluo. His fighting capacity surpa.s.sed ordinary Hyper Douluos as he was from Shrek Academy. Currently, he unleashed a complete outburst under the amplification of his battle armor. One could only imagine how powerful his attacking ability was at the moment.

Lan Muzi shook his wrist once with his body hovering gracefully in the air. He began to move at a high speed. The gold-red halo which surrounded his body changed drastically. The halo exploded into highly-compact, tiny black dots the size of flies and mosquitoes.

Lan Muzi was concealed in the pitch black ma.s.s, but his loud distinct voice was heard soon after. “A hundred and six years since the origin of time, nine years of catastrophe and misfortune known as the ‘Sun Nine’ haunted the earth. There was a drought which withered the plants while a blizzard froze all the insects. Thereafter, a famine plunged all into misery and suffering. Take a strike of my saber, Sun Nine Hundred and Six!”

Countless spots of black light bloomed instantaneously. Every single light spot yielded a black beam in the sky. The black beams moved in a crisscross pattern and spliced through the two gigantic vortices at lightning speed.

The blood-red vortex produced an unending flurry of puffing noises. A stretch of black radiance was unleashed where the black lines collided with the vortices. Then, it exploded into puffs of mist with the Bloodthirsty Battle Mist dispersing in a short while. Almost instantly, the two gigantic vortices were covered full of holes.

Lan Muzi revealed himself once again. He raised the Sun Wood Saber high in the air to gather the black spots. The remaining black spots in the air surged toward the Sun Wood Saber. All of a sudden, the wood-colored saber turned pitch black. He thrusted his saber to unleash a stream of black saber tips. The black saber tips were upon the Bloodthirsty Douluo Yun Tianheng in the next moment.

Since the beginning of the battle, it was the Bloodthirsty Douluo who was on the offensive. Lan Muzi, on the other hand, was defending pa.s.sively. Apart from the two strikes earlier, it was the first time he had gone on the offensive.

Yun Tianheng was startled by the unexpected saber. His pair of battle axes had yet to return to him. So, he was caught barehanded at present. He watched helplessly as the black saber tips headed for him. He could only raise his arms to unleash his surging soul power and urge his battle armor to discharge a layer of protective s.h.i.+eld.

“Poof.” A soft thud was heard. His protective s.h.i.+eld disintegrated in the next moment. The black light spots twirled around his body instantly. The light spots seemed corrosive as sizzling noises were heard coming from the Bloodthirsty Douluo’s three-word battle armor. The glossy surface of his battle armor faded and was filled with pits and holes instead.

The people were astounded upon witnessing the scene. Before they unleashed their battle armors, it appeared as if the Bloodthirsty Douluo was a.s.saulting his opponent. They had just unleashed their battle armors moments ago. Both of them spared no effort in battling one another. How then did the situation take a turn? What sort of attack was this Sun Nine Hundred and Six supposed to be? It was so powerful. It should be none other than Lan Muzi’s sixth soul skill!

Yun Tianheng was a Hyper Douluo. Moreover, he was cladded in his three-word battle armor. He was considered one of the best among the Hyper Douluo-ranked powerhouses. It was unimaginable that his battle armor’s defense could be so easily penetrated with just one strike.

Tang Wulin could not refrain himself from asking Yali who was standing by his side, “Mother, is the Sun Nine Hundred and Six referring to a catastrophe?”

Yali nodded. “It is a formula used for divination in ancient times. A ‘yuan’ is the unit of measurement for the origin of time. Four thousand six hundred and seventeen years make a ‘yuan’. It was a hundred and six years since the beginning of yuan when nine years of catastrophe and misfortune befell earth. It was known as the ‘Sun Nine’ which referred to calamities or misfortune. Lan Muzi’s sixth soul skill compressed the tough masculine energy in his Sun Wood Saber and transformed it into a sunspot-like energy known to be the most potent portion of sunlight. It’s equipped with ultra powerful penetrative and destructive capabilities. Brother Ming praised this soul skill lavishly in the past. Brother Ming said that it may be possible for one to resist such an attack by force with one’s energy. However, one’s soul power consumption will be at least twice more than Lan Muzi’s.”

Tang Wulin could not help drawing a cold breath upon listening to Yali’s explanation. Lan Muzi was a senior brother disciple of Shrek Academy’s inner court! He was never one to show off his abilities on normal days. Tang Wulin only realized how powerful Lan Muzi was after seeing him in a battle.

Lan Muzi had launched a total of six great soul skills in succession including the Three Suns Transcendence, the Sun Spring Snow, the Setting Sun, the Solar Illusion, the Solar Opposite, and the Sun Nine Hundred and Six. Was there any other soul skill which was less impressive?

The soul skills which made a profound impression on Tang Wulin was the Sun Spring Snow which was capable of neutralizing an energy-type attack instantly and the Sun Nine Hundred and Six with its exceedingly terrifying attacking ability. These two skills were beyond imagination. They were obviously quite different from the ordinary soul skills. Lan Muzi’s unique martial soul was worthy of its reputation.

Qiangu Dongfeng had a slight change of countenance as he watched from below. He was truly unaware of the existence of such a powerful person in Shrek Academy.

‘So this is one of Shrek’s inner secrets, huh? It’s a very special martial soul that is worth researching. However, if you think you can defeat the Bloodthirsty Douluo so easily, then you’re mistaken.”

“Howl!” A bitter and forlorn growl was heard echoing from the sky.

For a soul master, especially a battle armor master, nothing was more precious than his battle armor. The pain of seeing his battle armor being destroyed was comparable to the pain of losing his wife and children. Yun Tianheng was grieving deeply.

However, it also caused his intense emotional fluctuation. The seventh soul ring on his body was ignited instantly.

It was his martial soul avatar, the Bloodthirsty Crazed Demon!

Yun Tianheng’s body doubled in size in a split second. The Bloodthirsty Battle Mist which surrounded his body initially had returned to his body. His back was slightly arched, but his body turned exceedingly huge and tall. His pair of battle axes had returned to his grasp. The serrated halo underneath his feet contracted immediately. He raised his pair of battle axes abruptly. Subsequently, his entire person became illuminated akin to a blood-red sun.

Lan Muzi raised his eyebrows ever so slightly, but he did not seize the opportunity to pursue and attack. Lan Muzi fell back a hundred meters. He opened the wings on his back. The gold-red radiance which surrounded his body appeared once again but it was glowing brighter this time.

The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 1609 - Sun Nine Hundred and Six

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