The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 1803 - The Spirit Monarch From Level Two Of The Abyss

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Chapter 1803: The Spirit Monarch From Level Two Of The Abyss

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

‘I thought no one from mankind’s world is capable of achieving the Divine Origin realm anymore? What’s going on here?’

The Bloodriver G.o.dkiller Great Array only began moving after his arrival.

This person lived on the second level of the abyss, and he was only a rank below the abyssal Sage King. He was honorably t.i.tled the ‘Spirit Monarch’ by the abyssal creatures!

Out of the one hundred and eight levels of the abyss, there were only three levels with an ent.i.ty on each level. They were precisely the first three levels.

Because each of them was the only creature on their separate levels, they were known as the Three Abyssal Saints.

Indubitably, the abyssal Sage King was the absolute sublime ent.i.ty. The Spirit Monarch was second only to the abyssal Sage King. He was not just a quasi G.o.d, but he was only a step away from achieving G.o.dhood. Had it not been the abyssal plane’s current limit to the number of G.o.dhood-ranked powerhouses it could have, he would have long since been a G.o.d.

In fact, he was even more eager to devour the Douluo Continent plane than the abyssal Sage King. If he succeeded in devouring the Douluo Continent, he would attain G.o.dhood even if he were to just devour a small portion of the Douluo Continent plane’s life force.

He already had a foothold in the rank. Hence, he understood the changes that would happen upon achieving G.o.dhood more than anyone else.

In simple terms, he was the abyssal Sage King’s right-hand man. When the abyssal Sage King engaged in closed-door cultivation on normal days, the Spirit Monarch was in charge of the entire abyssal plane.

The all-powerful Spirit Monarch did not expect to encounter an opponent he deemed worthy as soon as he came to this plane.

Gu Yuena’s gaze appeared solemn as well. The Silver Dragon Spear in her hand was pointed diagonally at the ground. She raised her head and took a glance at the sky. Had it not been her suppression by the plane, the person before her now would hardly be worthy of her attention. However, her abilities could not fully recover due to the planar suppression all this while. So, she did not have the absolute confidence to defeat her opponent either.

Besides, she sensed that the four people with the Spirit Monarch had powerful auras too. The Bee Monarch was not with them, but the Black Monarch was standing at the edge.

The five people before her were obviously ranked among the top ten powerhouses of the abyss!

It was highly probable that all the top powerhouses from the abyssal plane had arrived on the Douluo Continent plane apart from the abyssal Sage King. The situation now was completely different from six thousand years ago.

It was due to the Bloodriver G.o.dkiller Great Array without a doubt. Aside from the fact that the great array was a huge threat to mankind’s army at present, the army would still find it tough to resist such a powerful abyssal legion.

“This is interesting. It’s quite a good feeling to have a worthy opponent. Let me devour your power. Perhaps, I can achieve that rank even before the plane is devoured.” After the momentary astonishment, the Spirit Monarch was looking at Gu Yuena in excitement.

Gu Yuena said coldly, “You can go ahead and give it a try.”

“Sure!” The Spirit Monarch smiled. Upon seeing him smile, Gu Yuena felt like she was looking at Tang Wulin.

The Spirit Monarch’s eyes suddenly transformed into two golden vortices at this moment. A gush of powerful suction force also appeared abruptly.

It was the Soul Devourment!

The two Spirit PaG.o.da’s powerhouses who were nearby gave out m.u.f.fled grunts simultaneously. One could see a wisp of white energy emerged from each of their heads. Then, their bodies turned into ash instantly before vanis.h.i.+ng completely. Not only that, all the humans engaged in the battle within the range of a thousand meters turned into ashes before dispersing in the air almost instantly. Gushes of white airflow fused into the Spirit Monarch’s body immediately.

Gu Yuena’s expression changed drastically. A layer of seven-colored radiance was added to the silver light on her body. She aimed the Silver Dragon Staff in her hand at the Spirit Monarch. Her silhouette flashed once, and she transformed herself into an arrow tip heading straight toward the opponent.

“Kill!” The Spirit Monarch beamed with joy. His body swayed once, and he was bracing for Gu Yuena’s attack. The abyssal legion that had stopped in his presence earlier began charging fiercely toward the Western Army Corps and the Spirit PaG.o.da’s powerhouses.

“Clang!” The Spirit Monarch flicked the Silver Dragon Spear with his finger. Gu Yuena’s charming figure shook slightly, but the Silver Dragon Spear’s devouring power appeared soon after. A golden radiance s.h.i.+mmered on the Spirit Monarch’s finger, while he unleashed a vortex to fend off the Silver Dragon Spear. In the next moment, the light around his body suddenly warped as he unleashed a powerful spiritual tremor burst.

If Tang Wulin were here, he would definitely suffer a great loss from the attack. Fortunately, Gu Yuena was highly skilled in her spiritual power as well. When she sensed the spiritual explosion, the seven-colored radiance around her body exploded simultaneously.

The invisible collision between the elemental power and the spiritual power warped the air in the surroundings tremendously. In the meantime, no one, not even the few abyssal monarchs, dared to enter the battlefield within the range of a thousand meters.

A collision of their ranks was not something ordinary beings would be involved in. Otherwise, they would only be seeking their doom!

The two silhouettes backed away concurrently. It was obvious that Gu Yuena stepped further away. In the next moment, the Spirit Monarch swayed his body once to project a dozen replicas of himself. A melodious rhythm was heard later. Gu Yuena’s gaze revealed that she was currently in a trance.

It was a G.o.d-ranked spiritual enchantment. She immediately identified the opponent’s combat technique. It was one thing to identify the opponent’s technique, but a different matter altogether to fight against such an opponent.

Gu Yuena’s movement slowed down. She seemed to be immersed in the memories of her past.

The scenes from the Sea G.o.d Lake between him and her were the fondest memories of her life. The time spent learning together in Shrek Academy was her happiest.

The wild nights and romantic evenings in the Star Luo Empire turned into disturbing thoughts which latched onto her heart.

At this very moment, a golden finger was stealthily aimed at the area between her brows.

The corners of the Spirit Monarch’s lips curved into a gratifying smile. He was feeling absolutely confident of his spiritual cultivation base. Even though he could not compare to the Sage King, they were of the same rank at the very least! He was truly powerful.

He watched as his finger was about to touch the area between Gu Yuena’s brows when, all of a sudden, the young maiden’s eyes lit up and shot out a stupendous divine radiance.

The Spirit Monarch called out ‘oh, no’ in his heart. He hurriedly touched Gu Yuena’s forehead at once.

However, a round-shaped silver scale appeared on Gu Yuena’s forehead precisely then. The scale was crystal clear with seven colors within it.

His finger touched the scale instead. Immediately, he realized that his abyssal energy failed to pierce the scale. Subsequently, there was a gush of powerful suction force radiating from the scale which had latched onto his finger.

At the same time, Gu Yuena’s Silver Dragon Spear pierced his throat.

The whole process took place in the blink of an eye such that the Spirit Monarch did not manage to react until it was too late.

Just then, the number two person from the abyss displayed his incredible power. The Spirit Monarch’s body glowed brightly with a golden radiance. It was as if he had transformed himself into a G.o.d-like ent.i.ty in an instant.

He vanished instantly and turned into a golden vortex which spun the Silver Dragon Spear away. It then spun toward Gu Yuena.

A seven-colored radiance glowed brightly. It was a seven-colored vortex conjured around Gu Yuena’s body. The two vortices collided into one another.

The seven-colored vortex was tossed to one side, while the golden vortex landed on the other. Later, they regained their human forms once again.

“How did you break my spiritual enchantment? That’s impossible. You shouldn’t have such an ability,” said the Spirit Monarch in a surprised yet furious tone.

If he had reacted slower to the situation, he would have been severely injured. How could he refrain himself from being surprised? ‘Is she really a human at all?’

Since when did mankind become so powerful? He did not take part in the war six thousand years ago. Nevertheless, he had a good knowledge of mankind by communicating with the other clans on the abyssal plane. In his mind, he thought that all the humans could be slaughtered at will when he came to this world. At present, it did not seem like it would be that easy to accomplish. He could not even finish off the person before him easily.


The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 1803 - The Spirit Monarch From Level Two Of The Abyss

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