The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 1843 - The Abyssal Spirit Dragon

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Chapter 1843 The Abyssal Spirit Dragon

The creature was absolutely terrifying. It looked like a gigantic lizard. Its head was especially huge and took up almost one-third of its body length. It was over fifty meters long, which was considered a ma.s.sive size among the abyssal creatures. It’s four limbs were thick and strong as it crawled on the ground. It was completely covered in densely arranged gray and black scales.

Its most distinguis.h.i.+ng feature was its eyes. Its bulging eyes were made up of countless segments on the inside emitting a ghastly blue glow.

After the abyssal creature crawled out, its eyes suddenly glowed a bright blue. Its colossal body was bathed in the blue light and then vanished into thin air.

In the federal military’s command headquarters, Yu Guanzhi had been observing the frontline closely the whole time. He had been feeling relieved when he received the update that the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy’s powerhouses. Then, he saw the colossal abyssal creature camouflage itself.

“What’s happening? Why can’t I see it anymore? Turn on all the detection soul devices. We can’t let it hide itself.”

At the exact moment the colossal creature disappeared, Yu Guanzhi felt chills run down his back. He immediately had an ominous feeling that this monster would be dangerous in the extreme.

All the detection soul devices were turned on, but then an exceedingly sharp howl shot out from the abyssal pa.s.sage.

The howl turned into a soundwave that defied all comparison and wreaked havoc through the entire battlefield.

The intense blasts and artillery fire on the battleground were drowned out by the howl. Even Yu Guanzhi at the command post felt like something had exploded in his ears. It made his mind go blank instantly.

He was a Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouse!

If this was the case with Yu Guanzhi, the ordinary soldiers on the battlefield would be even more affected.

Immediately after they heard that piercing howl, almost all of their fighting forces turned into a disordered mess. The soul beams were no longer on target while the soul ammunition was firing wildly. All at once, the battlefield turned into chaos.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen giant lizards, exactly like the one before, seized the chance to come out and conceal themselves.

After the lizards, another figure slowly arose out of the abyssal pa.s.sage. It seemed to be a man. He had a gorgeous visage, but his eyes were bulging out and rippled with a horrid deep blue hue. His facial features looked rather similar to Tang Wulin’s, but the expression on his face was unusually ferocious. This was the Spirit Monarch!

He was one of ten great abyssal monarchs, second only to the Sage King!

The Spirit Monarch was burning with fury! When the Eternal Heaven’s attack came, he had been in the blast zone. He never expected that a human weapon could be so deadly. At that moment, he even felt as if the abyssal Sage King had descended upon him.

He had been wounded in that terrible explosion.

Although he fled at once and attempted to escape into the abyssal pa.s.sage, he was still injured rather severely.

That was the first time he had been hurt by something other than the Sage King. This made the Spirit Monarch enraged beyond reason as he cherished his body more than anything.

Humanity’s knowledge of the abyssal creatures was not that comprehensive. Not every type of abyssal creature would be resurrected willingly.

It was fine for those low-level abyssal creatures because they had no intelligence at all. They were only capable of fighting under the leaders.h.i.+p of the clan leaders. They were expendable.

On the other hand, the higher the grade of the abyssal creature, the more it valued its life. This was because, after its death and rebirth, the resurrected creature would not truly be the same individual! The process took a long time and the result would have a similar appearance and abilities, but it was no longer who it had been before!

For example, if the Spirit Monarch was killed, a new Spirit Monarch would be born into the second level of the abyss. However, the new monarch would evolve from one of his clansmen. The process would be completed using his remaining abyssal energy, but in reality, he was truly dead.

He managed to achieve his current superior status with great effort. How could a high-level abyssal powerhouse like him be so willing to die?

As far as the abyssal Sage King’s saw it, it did not matter to him who were his subordinates and who were his slaves, but the high-level abyssal creatures like the Spirit Monarch would never consent to death willingly!

Hence, the Spirit Monarch’s fury had reached its peak after it was injured in the explosion. He almost lost his life when he was caught off guard in the blast, despite his Divine Origin spiritual cultivation base. He had never experienced such a thing before.

When the abyssal legion launched a counterattack, he was supposed to come out after the battlefield had stabilized because of his superior status. However, he returned to the battlefield at once.

The Holy Spirit Cult had already informed him that the blast was most probably caused by the Eternal Heaven, but he found out that the humans only one such device. As a result, his raging heart was not filled with fear, but a desire for vengeance.

The screeching howl was his full-powered outburst that produced an indiscriminate attack in all directions.

His howl had killed countless federal soldiers instantly. Those closer to the battlefield were more exposed to the sound wave and took heavier casualties. Many more had been injured to various degrees.

The Spirit Monarch appeared slightly pale, but he was already feeling gratified after letting out the raging roar to vent his anger.

Meanwhile, a silver silhouette descended from the sky, and a familiar aura appeared before the Spirit Monarch.

The Silver Dragon Spear absorbed the abyssal energy that had appeared on the battlefield. The Silver Dragon Dancing Qilin Gu Yuena’s eyes were ablaze as she stared at the abyssal plane’s second strongest creature.

Spirit Monarch squinted his eyes. “It’s you! Very well. You will die along with all of your humans!”

As he spoke, his body swayed and he charged at Gu Yuena. The air surrounding his body warped violently as if he had set it alight.

He unleashed the Spatial Explosion!

Gu Yuena pointed the Silver Dragon Spear to the sky. Eight rays of silver light illuminated the surroundings rapidly before transforming into eight glowing doors. The s.p.a.ce surrounding her was twisting savagely, yet it could not transgress the boundary and invade her body.

The Spirit Monarch raised his right hand and made a crus.h.i.+ng gesture toward her. At once, all the warped air condensed into a s.h.i.+ning silver orb, which was about to explode in front of Gu Yuena.

Gu Yuena used the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand to draw an arc. In an instant, four glowing orbs were conjured out of thin air. They were yellow, blue, red, and green respectively, with each color representing the earth, water, fire and wind elements. The colorful orbs turned into a rainbow-like stream of light before colliding with the silver orb.

“Boom!” The s.p.a.ce warped while the world shook.

Both of them let out a m.u.f.fled grunt. The Spirit Monarch’s upper body swayed while Gu Yuena levitated backward. It seemed like neither of them had the upper hand.

Meanwhile, there were loud explosions followed by fiery light in the distance.

There was already trouble with the federal military’s defensive line on the left flank.

The Spirit Monarch’s sharp howl earlier was genuinely too overpowering. It had slaughtered almost all the soldiers that were not soul masters in the defensive position. Of the soul masters, only those with higher cultivation bases survived.

The defensive line’s offensive capabilities had also been weakened.

On the other hand, the dozens of giant lizards that had camouflaged themselves and vanished earlier seized the opportunity to make their way to the mountain slope on the left flank. When they reappeared, they immediately unleashed wanton destruction.

These monstrous lizards were renowned in the abyssal plane. They were from the Spirit Monarch’s clan which called itself the Spirit Clan. The other abyssal clans called them the abyssal Spirit Dragons! Sometimes, they were simply known as abyssal dragons.

The number of Spirit Dragons was exceedingly low, yet they were natural-born powerhouses. Every one of them was inherently equipped with a Spirit Domain spiritual cultivation base and this was also their greatest a.s.set. They were skilled in camouflage, and they had a special camouflage technique using abyssal energy which made it really hard to distinguish them.

The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 1843 - The Abyssal Spirit Dragon

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