Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c11

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Chapter 11

Staring at the little white rabbit’s gaping face, his vision darkened and his smile became more charming.

He asked with his alluring voice, “What are you looking at?”

After hearing him speak, Tang Xin Lian quickly turned around and relaxed.

“So it was you, I thought it was someone else before. I didn’t recognize you at that moment and thought that it was a stranger who suddenly intruded into the house.” She used her hand to pat her heart and held a “you almost scared me to death expression.

He was shocked. “Just a moment ago, you were staring. That was because you didn’t recognize me?” It wasn’t because you were in awe?

“Yeah, because I usually only see you when you’re wearing clothes.”

She said this while she moved past him to toss the laundry into the was.h.i.+ng machine. Her complexion returned to normal, and her expression didn’t contain any amazement. He couldn’t see any signs of embarra.s.sment, so in other words, she wasn’t the least bit affected by his body.

After she placed the clothes from the laundry bag to the was.h.i.+ng machine, she reached for the detergent. However, she suddenly discovered that it was already empty, and therefore had to go get a new one.

The new detergent was placed on top of a high shelf, so she tiptoed and stretched her hand out to get it. However, it was a little bit difficult.

Zhong Zhen Dong pa.s.sed her extended arm and effortlessly helped her obtain the new laundry detergent.

“Here.” He purposely moved near her ear to speak.

He stood behind her and trapped her in place. His naked upper body lightly touched her back, and by the time she turned around and looked upward at him, he also lowered his head to look at her.

They were in close proximity, so he deliberately let his masculine scent surround her and gave her a captivating smile. Watching her stare stupidly at him, he intentionally acted confused.

“What’s wrong?” His eyelashes were graceful and enchanting, while his eyes were deep, as if it was trying to pull you in. Very few women were able to resist his beautiful, expressive eyes.

“Come with me.” She suddenly grabbed his wrist and without saying anything, directly pulled him into the living room.

She ordered him to sit down on the sofa while she turned around and went into a room to get two clean towels; one to drape over his body to absorb all the water, the other to place onto his head. She used both her hands to dry his hair, doing the task and nagging him at the same time.

“It’s very cold at night and you just finished taking a shower. If you don’t dry yourself and keep your hair wet while standing on the balcony to feel the breeze, then it’ll be very easy for you to catch a cold.”

Towards his meticulous seduction, she didn’t feel anything. Moreover, she helped him dry his hair. The way she treated him was like the way she treated her son, it was a little bit vague and lacking.

“I’m used to letting my hair dry naturally.”

“Taiwan is very humid, so it won’t be easy for your hair to dry naturally. It’s best to use a hair dryer to blow-dry it. Also, don’t stand on the balcony bare-chested. City buildings are very populated, and the apartments are very close together. Whatever you do on the balcony, our neighbors will be able to see it clearly. Furthermore, you also look so handsome, it’s possible someone will use binoculars to spy on you. You could be taken advantaged of and you wouldn’t even know it.”

Zhong Zhen Dong rarely took the initiative to seduce women, but she used a big towel to effortlessly defeat his manly charisma. Even his s.e.xy, wet hair was rubbed to look like a ma.s.s of weed.

He was born into a family of marines. He experienced crossing harsh desert storms and survived through extremely cold snowstorms. Climbing mountains and descending into seas were ordinary matters. Even if he wore short sleeves in the winter, he’d be indifferent, so why would he care about Taiwan’s climate.

There had never been a woman who didn’t fall for his s.e.xy appeal. Seeing him bare-chested and also presented with such a good opportunity, which woman wouldn’t seize the chance?

If other women saw his robust physique, they would blush. Yet, all she thought about was the possibility of him catching a cold or being spied on. In her eyes, she didn’t see any eroticism.

Was it because she was too dense, or was it because his method of seduction was wrong?

Regardless of which reason it was, her behavior amused him.

“Why are you laughing?” She discovered he was laughing because his body was trembling.

“You’re really cute.”

Tang Xin Lian didn’t mind his sudden praise, and she only let him go after his hair was relatively dry. Afterwards, she went back to do housework.

She didn’t know that the reason Zhong Zhen Dong suddenly laughed, was because his seduction had absolutely no affect. He didn’t feel disappointed; on the contrary, he was very happy.

He felt that this little white rabbit’s denseness was too cute, and it made him even more interested in her.

Since using his body as temptation was a failure, then he would have to resort to showing tenderness instead. Very quickly, he came up with a second plan.
The sound of her screaming from the kitchen meant that she met with trouble, but it also meant that it was the perfect chance to be heroic.

“What happened?” He asked with concern as he entered the kitchen. He saw her crouching near the sink and hurriedly taking something out from the cabinet below; it was wet.

“I don’t know why but it has acc.u.mulated water here, making everything wet.

“Let me take a look, it’s possible that a pipe is leaking.” Zhong Zhen Dong squatted down to inspect it. After removing everything from the cabinet, he saw the reason for the dripping water. Sure enough, a water pipe underneath the sink was leaking.

Tang Xin Lian felt a big headache. “How could there be a leak? Is the water pipe blocked?”

“You could be taken advantaged of and you wouldn’t even know it.” – Oh the irony…
Who thinks the leaking pipe was planned by Zhen Dong? lol, awfully convenient

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c11

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