Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c13

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Chapter 13

After finis.h.i.+ng his greeting, Zhong Zhen Dong didn’t say anything else. Under everyone’s lost gazes, he held the little white rabbit in his arms and walked away.

One arm held the little white rabbit, while the other arm pulled the little rascal along. Although the little rascal resisted him at home, in public, he understood that the gun should always point outward, so there was a mutual agreement to act this play out.

“Will this be too high profile?” Tang Xin Lian softly asked. In the beginning, she only wanted to use the ident.i.ty of being married to chase away her hara.s.sers. She didn’t intend to flaunt it, but after looking at those women’s envious gazes, she felt a little nervous.

“How can that be? Letting everyone know that you have such a handsome and gentle husband will prevent other people from bothering you. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“Your words aren’t wrong, but displaying our love to everyone seems excessive. It looks like we’re showing off.”

“Does it?”

“Yes. If you look at normal married couples, which one of them would hug and embrace in public? We don’t look like husband and wife, more like sweethearts who are pa.s.sionately in love.”

She was the one that suggested they act like a married couple, but he was more into the act than she was. In front of strangers, he hugged her, kissed her, and occasionally, he would whisper a few words into her ear. He didn’t feel embarra.s.sed, but other people would blush just seeing it.

“Did you know that those women frequently gossip behind your back?”

“I know, it’s because they’re afraid that I’ll seduce their husband. I found you so that everyone would know I have a husband, and hopefully, they’ll be able to relax.”

You’re really a little idiot, no wonder it’s so easy for people to walk over you.” He lightly flicked her nose.

She frowned, touching her nose. “How am I stupid?”

“Listen carefully, being the topic of gossip is also a type of hara.s.sment. You think that by letting others know that you have a husband, those rumors would just disappear? Don’t be silly, rumors will never stop, it’ll only change. The way to stop this hara.s.sment is to make a bigger uproar to cover it. Understand?”

She looked at him blankly, “I don’t understand.”

“Little fool, I know you aren’t a vain person. You also don’t care about those thoughtless remarks because you believe that money can’t buy happiness, reputation isn’t worth much, and pursuing the surface of things will leave the person feeling hollow. As a result, you don’t need to care about the opinions of others. People have to live for themselves, isn’t that right?”

She vigorously nodded her head, feeling surprised. “Yes, yes, how’d you know?” She indeed thought that way.

He laughed. The little white rabbit’s thoughts were pure, virtuous, and easy to read, so he naturally knew what she was thinking. He understood these principles better than her. She was foolish, but this was also one of the reasons why he liked her.

“Come, let me tell you a fact. That fact is, there are many superficial and vain people in this world. The critical expressions in their eyes are like daggers, and the thoughtless remarks from their mouths are like poison. They like to use others’ misfortunes to validate their own happiness and superiority. You don’t want to bother with these people, yet you have to guard against them from trampling over and harming you and your son. You must take up arms when the time calls for it. Speaking of which, you did one thing right, and that is finding me to be your husband. It deserves an award.”

He placed a kiss on her lips, causing the little white rabbit and the little rascal to open their eyes wide. Yes, he did that on purpose. Truths must be said, and tofu must be eaten. (Eating someone’s tofu = taking advantage of someone). In public, there were many eyes watching attentively, so the little white rabbit and the little rascal didn’t dare to protest.

Sure enough, the little white rabbit gave him a shy and cold glance while the little rascal followed, only daring to huff with rage and glare at him.

He pretended to be blind and continued his speech. “Displaying our love in public is a weapon, but this type of weapon’s objective isn’t so that they will admire or envy you. Of course, I don’t deny that it will attract admiration and jealousy, but it will nevertheless achieve its purpose, which is respect.”

The little white rabbit’s eyes lit up. “Respect?”

“Yes. We did nothing but show our affections in a public place, receiving admiration and envy at the same time, as well as bringing about respect and honor. From today onwards, there will be no one who would dare to scorn you and your son because you have a husband who loves you dearly, and a husband who will protect you.

The little white rabbit contemplated over his words, taking them in. Zhong Zhen Dong gave her time to ponder over it and sat on a chair in the park, letting her sit on top of his thigh. Little by little, his arms tightened its hold as he hugged her soft body. Afterwards, he gave a penetrating and cold gaze over her shoulder to those women who loved to gossip.

Ever since he came to this old community, Zhong Zhen Dong put himself in someone else’s shoes and realized that those women’s mouths were really awful. As it turned out, his little white rabbit was subjected to this much grievance. No wonder she had to find a gay person to act as a fake husband, it was really pitiful.

How could he let his little white rabbit be trampled by those ignorant and lowly women? He looked at the little white rabbit as his own possession, so naturally, he didn’t allow other people to criticize her.

Envy is a type of cruel eater that frequently comes out of one’s flaws. People think they don’t have one, but they long for things, so they will naturally be jealous of others.

He doted on the little white rabbit and showed his love more in front of those people, which was the greatest punishment for those women. This was because, just a moment ago, from their envious and admiring gazes, he saw through their façade. They lacked a husband who cared, and since they couldn’t obtain their husband’s affection, they acc.u.mulated resentment and bitterness.

It’s pathetic. He sneered. Originally, this matter didn’t concern him, but if people bullied his little white rabbit, he wouldn’t just sit idly.

He wasn’t a charitable person or someone who had a lot of superfluous mercy. Since he didn’t personally teach them a lesson, and only let them suffer from watching him dote on his woman while feeling envy biting their bitter hearts, it could be considered his greatest act of charity.

The little white rabbit that he was thinking about secretly asked, “Big brother Zhong, it’s enough right? This play’s performance is nearly done, it’s possible to conclude it now right?”

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c13

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