Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c21

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Officially halfway through the book!

Chapter 21

“So what if I did?”

Lin Yu Fan arrived on the first floor, walked out the door, and gazed at the sky. There were no clouds tonight, so as long as the satellite pinpointed onto a location, the images transmitted would be very clear; so clear that it could even see a cat that was pa.s.sing by.

A man wailed on the curb, stamping his feet in anger because his car was gone.

Lin Yu Fan looked up to the sky and snappily said, “Now are you happy?”

Coming from the wireless communication was Zhong Zhen Dong’s sneer as he watched Han Lun Yao’s pained expression via satellite imaging.

“Send him off, I don’t want him to find a reason to loiter at her house.”

“What do you take me for? A matchmaker and a chauffeur?”

“I just helped you get an $8 billion deal, saving you $2 billion.”

“… Got it.” Lin Yu Fan decided not to argue with him. In the future, the country’s military purchases were depending on Zhen Dong’s mediation. This guy was special, even the section chief had to be courteous towards him.

Besides being a matchmaker and a chauffeur, Lin Yu Fan also had to take on the role of a nanny. Not only did he have to drive Han Lun Yao back home, he also had to bring Cheng Cheng back to Tang Xin Lian’s house.

Tang Xin Lian specially thanked him. Before he left, Lin Yu Fan placed a pair of and earphones on top of a shelf in the living room as per Zhong Zhen Dong’s orders, while the mother and son weren’t paying attention.

Lin Yu Fan cursed. An expensive, high tech intelligence device was turned into a certain voyeur’s surveillance monitor, while he himself was an accomplice!

After Lin Yu Fan left, Tang Xin Lian pulled her son to sit in the living room. Talking and laughing together, their smile and conversations were all transmitted to Turkey.

“Mommy, who was the uncle that was just here?”

“He’s uncle Lin, a friend of uncle Zhong.”

“When is uncle Zhong coming back?”

“Mommy also doesn’t know, why? You miss uncle Zhong?”

“No way! Why would I miss him?”

“Okay, okay, you don’t miss him. Really, why are you getting so worked up? Actually, uncle Zhong is a really good person. He’s helped mom a lot, so you should treat him better.”

“He acts shady towards mom.”

“Uncle Zhong is just playing around, he already has someone he likes.”

“But I always get the feeling that he wants to s.n.a.t.c.h mom away.”

Hearing this, Tang Xin Lian was unsettled. It was all her fault for always being unable to meet good men, affecting her son to not have a sense of security.

She lovingly hugged her son and comforted him. “Mom won’t be s.n.a.t.c.hed away. Mom loves Cheng Cheng the most, and will stay by your side until you grow up, so you don’t need to worry. Be good, go take a shower okay? Then go to sleep after you finish.”

“Okay.” Cheng Cheng obediently nodded while he contentedly snuggled into his mother’s embrace.

Tang Xin Lian took her son’s hand, helped him pick out clothes, and sent him to the bathroom. She decided to go clean up, and when she saw the box of books on the floor, she also thought of senior Han’s car getting stolen. She couldn’t help but shake her head and sigh, thinking to herself that next time, she absolutely must not accept any gifts from senior Han.

What Lin Yu Fan said was right; she shouldn’t let a man enter her house at night. If she were capable of being a little more unyielding, not allowing senior Han upstairs, then his car would also not be stolen.

If Zhong Zhen Dong knew that the little white rabbit was feeling guilty because the other person’s car was stolen, he would definitely laugh his head off.

Tang Xin Lian waited for her son to finish his shower, and sent him to bed to sleep. Turning off the lights, she opened the small lamp beside the sofa in the living room. Sitting alone on the sofa reading, she enjoyed the rare quietness.

Her long hair was loose as it draped down her shoulders. She wore a casual T-s.h.i.+rt, with no bra underneath, and a pair of shorts, revealing her slender legs. Because Zhong Zhen Dong wasn’t here, she could dress how she wanted. However, the view of her chest and her legs was in a certain someone’s view.

In Turkey, Zhong Zhen Dong stared at the images on the screen. Although Tang Xin Lian wasn’t naked, he still thought that she was s.e.xier than the women who were, making him wish he could embrace her and kiss her until he was satisfied.

The dim light casted on her pretty, white face looked warm and tranquil, making her look pure and adorable. It was way better than those women who used various kinds of s.e.x appeal methods and seductive expressions and movements.

Maybe it was because he’s seen all kinds of sculptures of beauties, added to the fact that beautiful women were so readily available, that it made him already feel somewhat immune to women. Even if they were naked and posing attractively, he could still calmly carry a conversation. But right now, because of the woman on the screen, he felt a burst of heat below his stomach.

His little white rabbit was different than those other women. She was prettier than the women he’s seen before. Looking at her, it made him feel homesick.

This was a very fascinating feeling. In the past, he wandered around the entire world; today he was in Central Asia, and tomorrow he could be in Europe. After a few days, he could end up in America. If he didn’t reside in a 5-star hotel, then he would stay at a mansion he purchased.

He wasn’t someone who had attachments to a certain place, but right now, he longed for her small apartment, for someone to help him dry his hair after a shower, for someone to make home cooked meals when he was hungry. He even missed the little rascal who obviously didn’t accept him, but still showed some affection towards him.

He remembered when he was sick, she meticulously took care of him, leaving him with nothing to ask for, taking care of him to the best of her abilities, not minding that he was dirty and troublesome. He felt that deep in his heart, he longed for this simple and softhearted woman.

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c21

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