Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c23

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Chapter 23

He was stunned. “Left?”

“Yes, she hurriedly asked for leave just an hour ago, and left. Do you want to leave a name and number, and then I’ll pa.s.s it to her?” The lady behind the counter enthusiastically suggested to him.

“No need, it’s okay.”

He casted an incomparably charming smile and then turned around to leave. Subsequently, he immediately took out his cell phone to give Tang Xin Lian a call, but an automated voice informed him that the phone was currently turned off. He frowned.

He knew she was a woman who took her job seriously, so she wouldn’t just wantonly take a leave of absence. If she did, it would have to be for a serious matter.

What would make her not go to work?

He dialed a series of numbers and said with a commanding tone, “Immediately use GPS to find the location of this Taiwan cell phone number.”

He used the GPS to lock onto her cell phone number so that he could find where she was. Simultaneously, he began to consider simply placing a micro-crystal tracer on her clothes for convenience.

Very quickly, the latest position was reported. As it turns out, the little white rabbit went to the little rascal’s school. Thus, he hurried to the elementary school where he discovered form the homeroom teacher, that the little white rabbit helped her son ask for leave. They had just left and were on their way returning home.

For Tang Xin Lian to go as far as to take the little rascal home early, what was going on?

Zhong Zhen Dong dialed her number once again, but it was still turned off. His intuition told him something was wrong, so he promptly rushed to the apartment building.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Right after she asked for leave, Tang Xin Lian directly went to the school to pick up her son. She had no choice but to do this because that man was here.

Yuan Jun Hao. That man was her nightmare.

In order to avoid this man, she travelled with Cheng Cheng from the south to the north, finally settling down in this little apartment. After two years of a peaceful life, she coincidentally met him as she was leaving work.

Even though there was a street between them, she was very clear, as Yuan Jun Hao firmly stared at her, that he saw her too. At that time, she was scared out of her wits. Frightened, she turned around and fled.

Although she ran towards crowded areas and made a few detours through several alleys in hopes that she could leave his line of sight, once she thought of the possibility of whether or not he also found her work place, she decided she couldn’t continue staying at the company. She quickly wrote an application for leave to give to her superior, and hurriedly left the company to go to the school to pick up Cheng Cheng.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Sitting in a cab, Cheng Cheng focused on his mother and felt that something strange was going on with his mom.

“Nothing, let’s head home first.” Tang Xin Lian forced out a smile, trying to remain calm. She didn’t want to unexpectedly scare her son, so she decided to return home first before talking about it.

Even though Cheng Cheng was only a 2nd grader, his sensitivity was able to detect his mother’s unease. He extended his small hand to hug his mom, hoping to soothe her.

“Is there someone bullying you?”

Towards her son’s unguarded expression, she laughed as she patted his head.

“Be good and don’t worry, mom’s just tired today and wanted to go home to rest. I hope you can accompany mom.”

Hearing this, Cheng Cheng nodded at once. “Okay, I’ll keep mom company.”

“Thank you.” She kissed her son’s face, her heart comforted.

She hesitated over whether or not she should tell her son. Once she thought about how hard it was to give her son a quiet life and a good school life, she really couldn’t bear telling her son that she ran into Yuan Jun Hao today.

Yuan Jun Hao was a lunatic. At that time, she must have been blind to date this man. After being together for half a year, she discovered his unstable state of mind and his intense possessive desires.

That man’s desire to control was too strong, his temperament was extremely bad, and he had a tendency to become violent. She wanted to break up with him, but he became infuriated and had threatened her.

With no other alternative, she ran away. In order to escape him, she left the south with Cheng Cheng, and headed north. She had to think of a way to hide from that man, or else her livelihood, as well as Cheng Cheng’s, would once again become a nightmare.

No! She absolutely couldn’t let him find them. Thinking of his violent and savage disposition, her heart started to tremble.

“Mommy, it hurts.”

At Cheng Cheng’s words, Tang Xin Lian realized that she was tightly embracing him a little too much.

“I’m sorry.” She swiftly released Cheng Cheng and lovingly stroked her son’s face.

Today, she left the company earlier than expected and also picked Cheng Cheng up from school early as well because she was afraid Yuan Jun Hao already knew where she worked.

After returning home, she calmed down. She urged her son to take a shower first as she sat down to think.

A while ago, she was too fl.u.s.tered. When she saw Yuan Jun Hao, she had been scared, so she turned around and fled. Thinking back, maybe that was merely a chance encounter. If she asked for a two-day leave from the company, it should be enough to evade him right?

She finally managed to settle down here, and she also had a stable job. If she wanted to leave, her resignation was easy, but what about Cheng Cheng’s school?

If only big brother Zhong was here, everything would be all right. Unfortunately, he was overseas. Even though she hadn’t known him for long, but big brother Zhong was a good person who enthusiastically helped others. If he were here, she would have another person to consult with over dealing with this situation.

Did she have to leave this house? Or should she move to another place again to hide?

She couldn’t make a decision. She didn’t want to leave her peaceful days so finally, she decided to wait and see for the time being.

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c23

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