Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c39

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Went rock climbing for the first time and now I’m so sore T~T
Haven’t been translating recently so I’m a little behind x.x But I finally finished this chapter so enjoy !!

Chapter 39

He suddenly laughed without restraint, causing her to glare at him. “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing because you know too little about s.e.x, this isn’t even considered lewd.”

Genuine obscenity was beast-like and without moral limits, it was completely beyond most people’s imaginations. It was a different world that permeated money, power, and violence. He’s seen it before.

He suddenly lifted her, which startled her. While she was confused about what he was doing, he already placed her on top of the kitchen island.

“What are you doing?” She nervously asked.

“You’ve never met a good partner, but meeting me can be considered lucky. I’ll teach you, let you enjoy the real pleasure of intimacy between couples, until you become addicted and fall in love with this type of feeling.”

“Ah – – I don’t want to – – Don’t be like this – -“

She panicked; he really wanted to have her in the kitchen? In regards to this high-cla.s.s kitchen island, it must’ve cost over a million dollars. She originally could only see it in Western food programs, and the part of her that liked cooking often dreamed of having this big a kitchen of her own.

She didn’t think that one day, she would be the food that a man placed on top of the table. Her wrists were held firmly by him with one hand, and set above her head. His body pressed down on her while his other hand was on her thigh, moving upwards and pus.h.i.+ng her skirt higher.

“Relax yourself, don’t treat s.e.x as a sin. Trust me, give yourself to me, I promise you’ll feel good, come…” His bewitching voice was very alluring, carrying a gentle hypnotic affect.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Zhong Zhen Dong’s desire for her was like eating three meals a day.

He wanted it in the morning and at night. In the morning, he’d watch her like a wolf watching a little white rabbit. Yes, he really treated her as if she was a little white rabbit. He always said, “You’re my exclusive little white rabbit.”

Even when it was bedtime, in the midst of the darkness, she could see Zhong Zhen Dong staring at her with a burning glint.

This man’s appet.i.te was really too big, and he had a lot of tricks; this was undeniable. She would reach a state of extreme bliss every time, as he let her experience the true taste of s.e.x.

She was a person who was slow at warming up to people, but under his training, she became more and more sensitive, more and more lascivious.

Every time she recalled those moments, Tang Xin Lian struggled between desire and sin. Her personality was conservative, but her body didn’t listen to her and was always unable to escape his teasing.

This man wanted her anytime and anywhere; bathroom, kitchen, living room, balcony, even in the car.

If this continued, she would be eaten by him until not even her bones were left. He persuaded her every time. Although he said he wouldn’t force her, he would kiss her until she was disoriented, and then take advantage of her. Her lower body continuously ached without getting better.

Even laborers had vacation days! But her protests were unsuccessful, so she could only stick to her son and use him as a s.h.i.+eld. For a few nights, she slept with her son, which prevented Zhong Zhen Dong from touching her.

She didn’t know that the reason he didn’t touch her, was because he was willing to let her off. He felt bad that the little white rabbit had dark circles under her eyes, and that her complexion was bleak too. He didn’t want to deplete the little white rabbit, so he resolved to temporarily release her and let her mend her body; because it was only when fattened that one came to slaughter.

Additionally, he was also busy and needed to be alone in a room to chat with others. It had to do with what Lin Yu Fan asked him to do last time, so he had to get in touch with a few people to explain some matters.

Seeing Zhong Zhen Dong preoccupied with something else, she finally let out a breath of relief.

Although she had food, a place to stay, and didn’t have to worry about not having enough money, Tang Xin Lian still wanted to find a new job. Didn’t the experts on television always advise women to be independent economically? So even though Zhong Zhen Dong was wealthy, she didn’t want to rely on him her whole life.

She didn’t plan on informing Zhong Zhen Dong that she was looking for a job because according to her intuition, he would definitely oppose it, so she could only do it in private.

As she was looking for a job, she received a call from her previous landlord, telling her that she forgot some things at the apartment and to come get it when she had time.

She was already outside, but she hesitated over whether or not she should go back to her old apartment alone. She was reminded that she couldn’t always depend on Zhong Zhen Dong for everything. Moreover, it was broad daylight, so she should be safe. That’s why she decided to take a bus there.

The items the landlord gave her were a pair of and something metal. These things were unfamiliar to her, and when she was thinking if it belonged to Zhong Zhen Dong, the landlord curiously asked, “Is your husband a private investigator?”

“Huh?” She was dumbfounded.

“I know, if he isn’t a private investigator, then he should be in this type of science and technology field. I am also a professional. In the past, I ran a shop. I’ve seen this kind of monitoring equipment before.”

Tang Xin Lian was completely shocked.

“Monitoring equipment? This isn’t a pair of”

“Yes, the lenses of these are cameras, and this small metal is a receiver.”

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c39

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