Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c41

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Chapter 41

“Wait, you said my man? Whom are you referring to?” She couldn’t believe her ears, and suspected that this was a misunderstanding. The person Yuan Jun Hao was talking about couldn’t be Zhong Zhen Dong right? It was possible that it was someone else&h.e.l.lip;

“It’s that man who claimed to be your husband.”

“You’re lying, I don’t believe you.”

“I know you don’t believe it, but Xin Lian, from the beginning, it’s been me who let you down. If it was me who did the bad things, I would admit it, but if it’s something I didn’t do, I also wouldn’t accuse people wrongly. Towards the end, it was him that forced me to threaten you. I think he did this so you would cry to him for help. If it were me, I would also do it this way. Xin Lian, in regards to this matter, I can swear my life on it. If I’m lying to you, then let a car run me over!”

Yuan Jun Hao said it resolutely and decisively, giving his oath without the slightest hesitation. Even if Tang Xin Lian didn’t believe him, she understood that Yuan Jun Hao was a selfish person who would never swear using his life unless it was true.

She stared blankly at the kneeling man, not believing her own ears. Zhong Zhen Dong was capable of breaking the limbs of a Taekwondo master?

If Yuan Jun Hao wasn’t lying, then the person who was lying was – –

She didn’t want to continue this line of thought because Yuan Jun Hao was right about one thing, she indeed couldn’t endure Yuan Jun Hao’s threats over the phone, and therefore asked Zhong Zhen Dong for help. Yuan Jun Hao also said that the threatening phone calls were because of Zhong Zhen Dong.

Thinking up to this point, she felt a cold chill creep upwards from her toes. She also thought about how the security guard quit his job, and the frightened Mr. Zhang&h.e.l.lip;

Could it be she was blind-sighted once again, provoking a person who shouldn’t be provoked?

The gentle Zhong Zhen Dong was capable of seriously injuring Yuan Jun Hao. Didn’t that mean he was more powerful than Yuan Jun Hao?

Could it be that in front of her, he was pretending all along?

She ran as she left the park. Yuan Jun Hao’s begging expression had scared her. If Yuan Jun Hao was that scared, then how could a weak woman like her not be scared?

She prayed she guessed wrong and hoped this was all a mistake.

She already suffered enough due to Yuan Jun Hao, she couldn’t bear it if there was another two-faced person beside her.

While she was scared and all alone, someone silently approached her and embraced her.

“My little white rabbit, what are you thinking about?”

A familiar, enchanting voice sounded near her ear. It was the usual sweet speech and honeyed words coming from Zhong Zhen Dong.

Tang Xin Lian’s whole body became rigid. Currently, the person she didn’t want to see the most was Zhong Zhen Dong, because she still hadn’t mentally prepared herself. She was afraid that he would sense her strangeness.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look like you’re frightened?”

“Do&h.e.l.lip;Do I?”

“You’re trembling? Why is your hand so cold? Your smile also looks forced. Come, tell me what made you scared.”

His brows furrowed. He hugged her tighter and pressed her closely against his chest.

For Tang Xin Lian, this hug right now was undoubtedly like a scary cage, but she told herself she couldn’t be frantic, she had to be calm. Even though she was extremely afraid, she had to remain strong for her son.

She suddenly had a bright idea. Since she couldn’t hide it from him, she should just play along.

“Yes, I’m scared&h.e.l.lip; I originally didn’t want to let you worry&h.e.l.lip;”

“Silly, I told you I’d protect you, so tell me what’s making you scared.”

Probably because she ran into so many bad men, she acquired a set of skills and perfected her responses.

“While I was coming back, I saw a car crash&h.e.l.lip;”

Hearing this, Zhong Zhen Dong was silent for a moment, and then bursted into laughter.

She angrily said, “Don’t laugh, it was really scary. That person lost a lot of blood.”

“Okay okay, I know it’s very scary, my poor, innocent, little baby.”

It looked like he was satisfied, so she secretly rejoiced.

“I’m fine, it’s just that the image was too shocking, and I’m afraid of blood.”

“Who told you to not take the chauffeur when you went out? Didn’t I tell you to ask the driver to take you to places if you want to go out?”

Tang Xin Lian had a scary thought. He even knew she didn’t take the chauffeur, could it be that the driver was his spy, reporting back to Zhong Zhen Dong her daily whereabouts?

“I won’t do it again. Next time, I’ll listen to you and let the chauffeur drive me.”

“Now you’re being obedient. Oh, that’s right, where did you go today?”

Her heart skipped a beat as she decided to test him.

“I went back to my previous apartment.”

“Why’d you go back?”

“The landlord lady told me you forgot something, so I went to help you get it.” When she said those words, she had her head down to prevent him from suspecting something was wrong.

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) c41

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