Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife Of The Military Ye Chapter 52

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Only when Qinglan's figure completely disappear, did the few people that hid behind the bush stand up.

“Shengyu, how was it? Did Beauty Shen accept?” A tall thin young man asked with enthusiasm.

“This doesn't need to be asked, from a glance you could see he was rejected. Right, Shengyu?” The one who spoke was a shorter guy.

There was also a third guy, wearing a light blue plaid s.h.i.+rt and a sly smile on his face. “Admit it, you lost the bet."

Actually, the three guys accidentally saw Yan Shengyu and Shen Qinglan talking together that day. When they went back to their dorms, they made a bet that Yan Shengyu couldn't invite Qinglan to partic.i.p.ate in the social gathering this weekend. If they were right, they were responsible for cleaning the dorm for a month, and if they were wrong Yan Shengyu would help them wash their socks for a week.

Yan Shengyu was not the type of person who liked to do these kinds of things. This time, he promised to do it in an innovative way. The other three were certainly more excited.

Yan Shengyu glanced at the three. “There still is two more days before the weekend. Why hurry? ”

The three frowned but couldn't refute his words. Youngblood around their twenties are the most compet.i.tive, Yan Shengyu was no exception.

Shen Qinglan's rejection, on the contrary, ignited his desire to conquer.

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“Miss Shen, we meet again. Let's eat together. ” Yan Shengyu smiled as he stood in front of Qinglan. The embarra.s.sment from the earlier rejection couldn't be seen on his face.

Now, since he was found out by Qinglan, Yan Shengyu no longer searched for ways to ‘accidentally' meet her. He clearly was following her.

Qinglan didn't move an inch, entirely ignoring him.

But, someone took a photo of this situation and sent it to the campus' online forum. Soon, everybody knew that Shengyu; the postgraduate student of B university was chasing after Shen Qinglan, the campus flower of B university.

Once the news was out, everything boiled on campus. The optimistic students ‘s.h.i.+p'ed them both, but of course, there were people that cursed them in the dark. Youngsters mostly enjoyed the misfortunes of the others. For three years in college; it wasn't as if only a few people chased after Shen Qinglan. But, they had never seen Shen Qinglan like anyone, or even some childhood friend who was close to her.

And Yan Shengyu was indeed extraordinary, extraordinary to the point that they could only look up to him, but so what? When Shen Qinglan first went to college there was nothing connecting them. But, three years later, those two; who never made any waves, suddenly had such news. Who would believe that Yan Shengyu is chasing after Shen Qinglan.

The girls were jealous, jealous of Shen Qinglan's luck. They wanted to get Yan Shengyu's attention. Who doesn't know that Yan Shengyu came from a family that is famous for three generations. He is very handsome and capable. He is a good student in the eyes of the teachers and a good example for his cla.s.smates. What does Shen Qinglan have, besides her face and achievements, she had no other advantages. Only cold and arrogant.

Yan Shengyu is a prince who captivates girls. In their dreams, he was ‘Qing Ren', while Shen Qinglan was a fox spirit that tempted the prince.

(情人 / Qing Ren = dream lover.)

Shen Qinglan, however dull, also noticed the unfriendliness of her cla.s.smates. She heard rumors faintly and felt it was ridiculous in her heart. In order to be clean of it all, she stayed home for a week. Of course, the gossip ended.

Shen Qinglan did not pay attention to Yan Shengyu, and Yan Shengyu was not embarra.s.sed. Following Shen Qinglan, “Shen cla.s.smate, I have no malicious intentions, I simply want to invite you to eat a meal. Your suspicion isn't necessary. Although my family is well-off, I think I have a good character and won't play the kind of cunning game you talked about.”

Yan Shengyu only thought that Shen Qinglan regarded him as a playboy who liked to play with women's feelings, and she hated him for it. He tried to explain.

Listening to Yan Shengyu's chattering, Shen Qinglan finally understood why Yan Xi liked to chatter so much. It seemed that it was genetic, but Yan Xi only made Shen Qinglan feel warmth, while the man in front of her was just chattering empty words.

If Yan Shengyu knew that Qinglan had judged him this way, he would have cried.

“Yan Shengyu. I have said it before, no matter what your purpose is, please stop here. I will not grant you any request, and if you continue to be so stubborn, then I won't be polite. ”

Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife Of The Military Ye Chapter 52

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