Good Morning, Mr. President! Chapter 81

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Published at 11th of September 2019 05:47:41 AM Chapter 81

Translator: Sweet Bun

Proofreader: Mcsy

The bus b.u.mped its ways quietly and slowly down the drive that night . She was so sleepy that she soon fell asleep on the bus .

The bus went straight on . Groups of pa.s.sengers got on and off .

Sleeping like a log, Xia Xingchen had no idea that someone came to the seat next to her . A masked man in black sat next to her with a cold look . At the same time, a line of luxury cars followed the bus unhurriedly . They didn’t overtake the bus but went along carefully with it .

She leaned while sleeping and unconsciously laid her head on the man’s shoulder .

The man wearing a mask frowned as he felt her head on his shoulder . He could feel her warm and alluring breath on his neck .

He looked down at her face but felt even more upset . She’s pretty, nice and quiet when she’s asleep, like an angel out of this world . That guy must have seen this a lot!

It made him mad to think about it . Now, he just wanted to push her head away . His strong push made her lean to the other side .

Tensing up as he saw that her was about to hit her head on the window, he quickly used his hand to protect her . Now, her head b.u.mped into his warm hand .


With a sigh of relief he became angry with himself for being capricious . He was more annoyed to look at her . She’s sleeping well though .

But how could she sleep well? The push almost woke her up . She opened her eyes a bit while she was half asleep . She had no idea where she was . She felt there was a man sitting next to her and subconsciously thought that was Xu Yan . So she whispered, “Xu Yan?”

She thought she had already said goodbye to him . Why was he still here? Was she dreaming?

She closed her eyes and fell asleep again . She had been exhausted recently . She had hardly slept well this week .

But the name she just whispered was clearly heard by the man next to her . He could feel the fire burning inside his chest . His eyes turned dark . He pinched her face and took his mask off at the same time . His lips covered hers right before she found out what’s happening .

The breath…

The kiss…

Xia Xingchen knew the kiss but she felt like she was dreaming . She thought he was in Istanbul now because his tour was always in the news . Even if he’s not there, it’s impossible for him to be here on the bus .

 … …

Has Xu Yan ever kissed her like that?

Did her tongue respond to him while kissing?

So many questions about Xu Yan crossed into Bai Yeqing’s head . He never knew that he could be so jealous . Before he found out the answer, her soft lips quivered as if she can’t wait to kiss him .

She couldn’t control herself in the dream and she didn’t even want to .

At that moment…

Suddenly he felt that the kiss was going to tear him apart . The soft and beautiful feeling on the lips made his heart beat faster .

But wait…

d.a.m.n it! She must have mistaken him for Xu Yan! So was she such an enthusiastic kisser when she kissed Xu Yan? Did she always respond to him like these?

He got angry while thinking about it . He kissed her as if he’s going to swallow her and touched her as if he’s trying to remove all the traces that Xu Yan left .

… …

Fortunately, the bus was approaching the terminal . There was n.o.body on the rear of the bus except them . And it was very dark inside . The occasional neon light made the scene more indistinct .

It was a good place for lovers to make out . Young couples love places like this .

Xia Xingchen was still half-awake . Or maybe actually she’s already awake but she dared not to open her eyes . It was more like a dream . She didn’t believe he could actually show up .

But the fragrance of his lips was telling her–that’s him . That’s him .

Her long eyelashes trembled badly and her nose twitched .

In a daze, she felt someone took her upon his lap . The cold touch on her breast made her to immediately woke up .

“Don’t…” she began to groan softly . She tried to move backward but her back bone hit the seat in front of them . There’s no room for her to move .

What’s happening?! They were on a bus!

“What do you mean by saying ‘stop’? Are you kidding me, Xia Xingchen?” He wouldn’t let her go .

If she had been half-awake just now, she came completely awake now . The bus braked to a halt . Being pulled back made her realize that what happened just now was not a dream .

The man had already come back!

And he’s now on the bus with her!

“Bai Yeqing, are you crazy?!” Winter’s coming but she’s sweating . She dragged his hands away with her trembling hands . “Not here! We are on the bus!”

 “Who’s crazy, you or me?” Bai Yeqing pinched her chin and looked into her eyes . “Xia Xingchen, you were enjoying the kiss just now . ”

The way they whispered made the scene more appealing . Xia Xingchen could feel her heart sped up and she blushed .

She dared not look back to see if the driver had spotted them in the back . She would rather die than been spotted .

What she didn’t know was that the bus had already been parked in the darkest place and the bus driver had already been sent out by Leng Fei politely . Now inside the bus, there was n.o.body except them but outside the bus, there were many people guarding .

 “I didn’t provoke you!” Xia Xingchen bit her lips and said, “I…I thought I was just dreaming…”

 “Dreaming? What dream? A wet dream with Xu Yan?” Bai Yeqing gnashed and his eyes turned dark as if his thoughts irritate himself . Suddenly he turned her around…

A sense of danger suddenly hit her . Xia Xingchen felt ashamed as her body was shaking .

Good Morning, Mr. President! Chapter 81

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