The World Is Overflowing With Monster, I'm Taking A Liking To This Life Chapter 97

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We are exploring the streets after leaving the school. Although the number of people in our group has increased, what we have to do didn't change. Leveling up and acquiring supplies. Not only am I talking about food, I'm also talking about heavy machinery and sc.r.a.p cars that could be used against monsters.

(Because I used up a lot of them in the fight against the dark wolf yesterday)

If it was against normal monsters, I could reuse them after picking them up, but I can't do that when the dark wolf swallows them with its "darkness". Thanks to that, the ma.s.sive number of bullets has. .h.i.t rock bottom. It can be said that the wolf is the nemesis of the Item Box. It can also see through stealth with its sensitive nose. The wolf is becoming trickier to fight against.

While Ichinose was resting, I had already collected some boulders and heavy looking objects from the surrounding, but I don't feel at ease. Power in quant.i.ty. I want to be well prepared in case we meet against a large army of monsters. That being the case, while we're walking, I pick up sc.r.a.p cars, vending machines, and fallen telephone poles when Rikkchan isn't watching.


While moving in such a manner, something in front of me catches my eyes. It's a giant tree which has grown through houses. Ever since the world has become crazy, they have been growing everywhere.

"Doesn't it feel like this tree… has become even larger?"

"Now that you mention it, yes."

Ichinose-san nods at my words. To begin with, it was a huge tree that was dozens of meters long, but its trunk has become thicker.

(I've been paying a lot of attention to the monsters, but these trees are a mystery…)

The day monsters began appearing, these trees appeared as well. They're growing everywhere around the city, and they're getting bigger. What are these trees?

"…but it's strange"

"What is?"

Ichinose-san traces the tree trunk.

"It's such a big and unusual plant, so our attention should be easily attracted to it… but if we don't stop by deliberately to observe, we don't pay much mind to it…"

"Ah, you're right."

Rikkchan agrees to Ichinose-san's statement. I agree as well. I didn't even care about them. They did block my path and get in my way, but I didn't both thinking in depth about their existence. However, now that I think about it, it's really strange. Monsters are abnormal, but it's the same with these trees. I wonder about monster a lot of the times, but why isn't this the case with these trees? It's as if they're purposely making me think this way.


Do these trees also possess some type of skill? A skill which moves other people's attention away from themselves, just like Ichinose-san's "Cognitive Impediment"… There's certainly a possibility. Since animals and insects also have levels and skills, there's no reason for plants to not have them too. Not to mention the fact that these trees appeared along with the monsters. We can't expect them to be normal.

Wait a minute. Then if we cut down these trees, do we get experience?

For a moment, I feel the urge to try it out. However, to cut down a tree of this size is quite the ha.s.sle. By spending time with a chainsaw, it's possible to do so, but the sound might attract the attention of unwanted monsters. It's more efficient to simply hunt monsters by detecting them. Furthermore, the moment I thought about cutting down the trees, I felt something unpleasant. And that feeling was at a "dangerous" level.

Perhaps they have skills that are used to counterattack. If they're something that would become aggressive only when they're attacked, it will be wise of us to not lay a finger to them.

"What should we do? Should we try cutting it as an experiment?"

Thinking so far, I return to reality. Rikkchan is approaching the tree with a hatchet on her hand. I stop her in a hurry.

"Let's not. I don't think anything would come out of cutting it a bit. Rather than that, 'Enemy Detection' has reacted. We should head over there."

"A monster?"

"Yes, probably goblins. There are four of them, one of which appears to be a hobgoblin."

Hearing this, the two show faces of alert. We head towards the direction which "Enemy Detection" has indicated. The moment our consciousness moves from the tree to the monster---


"What's wrong?"

"No, I just felt something strange…"


What is this…? I think I was thinking about something, but I wonder what it was? I can't seem to remember. What was it that I was wondering about?

"No, it's nothing…"

Since I forgot about it, it shouldn't be anything important. The tree rustles behind us. While listening to the sound, we leave the area.

We discover three goblins and one hobgoblin. They're leaning on the wall and stretching.

"I'll snipe."


"I'll do my best."

Ichinose-san holds her gun while Rikkchan holds her hatchet.

"Ichinose-san is responsible for covering us. Aisaksan is to follow behind me."



Next, I look at Momo and Aka.


"Furu furu."

Both seem to be in high spirits.


The moment Aka turns into a weapon and Momo dives into my shadow, I start das.h.i.+ng. I hear Ichinose-san pulling the trigger at the same time. With the sound of gunshot, one of the goblin's head explodes.



"Giyaaaaa! Giaagaa!!"

The goblins are panicking due to one of their companion's sudden demise. In that opening, Momo and I cast our shadows at the goblin, binding them in the process. The enhanced skill of the "Shadow Master" is clearly stronger than before, so by putting in just a bit more strength---


The goblins which could not withstand the pressure of the shadow are crushed to death.

"You have gained experience."

Good. What's left is only the hobgoblin. It seems to be trying its best not to be squeezed to death, but that's all it could do. I step forward and approach it instantly. With Aka who has become a weapon, I cut of its neck. I could have finished it faster by using heavy machinery, but as Rikkchan is here, I just killed it the conventional way. I also wish to raise the proficiency of "Swordsmans.h.i.+p" and "Critical Aim" even by a bit.

"You have gained experience."

The magic stones fall, and the Heavenly Voice announces the end of the battle. The battle ends in a matter of seconds.

"Okay, we're done. Good job, Momo."


She has approached me, wanting to be praised, so I praise her. Uri-uri, does it feel good here? Hmm? Here, here.

"Wafu. Wafuuu."

Momo narrows her eyes and allows herself to become comfortable. So cute. I'm healed.

"Kudou-san! Me too! I want to do it too!"

Ichinose-san expresses her desire to mofu-mofu Momo. Momo is cute, so it can't be helped. I guess I'll give way. This is the selflessness of a working member of society.

"Fluffy, fluffy…"


Ichinose-san is satisfied stroking Momo. Momo is satisfied with being stroked. Everyone is satisfied. Yeah, it's a good thing.

"Hm? What's up, Aisaksan?"

Looking behind me, I witness Rikkchan staring blankly with a stunned expression. What happened? Does she want to stroke Momo as well? That doesn't seem the case though.


"Huh? Oh, no, it's nothing!"

"Is that so?"

It's fine if that's the case. I glance at Ichinose-san besides me, and she is also tilting her head in confusion. However, her hand continues to mofu-mofu Momo.

"Well, we should carry on."


Unwillingly, really unwilling, Ichinose-san lets go of Momo. Momo is cute, so it can't be helped. Momo also voices out a "Kuuuu" in sadness, but please bear with me. Leveling up is the priority right now. Now, let's look for the next target. We start walking again.

Staring at the back of the person in front of her, Rikka was thinking.

(This onii-san is overpowered…)

The event that just transpired was burned into her memories. It was obvious why. The moment she readied her weapon and took a step forward, the battle had ended.

(I couldn't see onii-san's movements at all…)

It wasn't at the level of just being fast. When she noticed, the goblins had been squeezed to death by the shadows and the hobgoblin's head was flying in the air. She knew that he was strong based on the skills he that told her, but she didn't think it was to this level.

(Didn't this onii-san say he was level 18? Why is there such a huge gap despite being only 6 levels higher than me…?)

Rikka thought she was decently strong. Even among her friends, she had the highest level, and her status had improved considerably as well. Her strength and agility had gone over 40. Not only were zombies and goblins no longer her opponent, she could also fight against orcs and shadow wolves without Nis.h.i.+no's a.s.sistance. Or so she thought.

But as the saying goes, there is always someone above you.

(I think I've become companions with an incredible person.)

She couldn't help thinking so. At the same time, she felt like she was petty knowing that she was hiding the truth from such an amazing person as well as her best friend who she was able to finally meet up with.

(Maybe I should tell them about it… but what good will come out of telling them?)

What was the best course of action? Rikka pondered. However, she didn't come to an answer. She was never good at thinking to begin with. Soon, her brain overheated and steam came out. The Heavenly Voice resounded in her worried brain.

"You received a mail."


Q: What are the trees?

A: They're the trees that the protagonist observed outside in chapter 2. They grow everywhere in the city.

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