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The foreign martial arts compet.i.tion began as expected, and today was the first match of the foreign martial arts compet.i.tion. It could also be called the preliminaries.

"Fortunately, it's still the preliminaries. After today's preliminaries, we still have time. We should be able to level up!"

Although everyone's levels were already very high up, but they had not reached the highest level of fighting power, and Hua Feng had not reached level 40, and even though Bai Chen had reached level 40, he did not have the time to look for a mount to become a true knight, and Lin Fan did not have the equipment to equip the Medusa Staff.

In reality, the preliminaries of the Foreign Martial Arts Tournament meant that all the players would be dispersed and then randomly divided. As long as one defeated the opponent, the 32 teams would be selected to enter the semifinals.

"System Notification: Your team has registered to partic.i.p.ate in the otherworldly Martial Arts Tournament. The tournament is about to begin in ten minutes. Do you want to teleport into the arena?"

After everyone formed a team, the system notification popped up. Lin Fan immediately pressed confirm.

Immediately, a flash of light flashed past, and Lin Fan and the rest appeared in a place that was similar to a stage. Currently, there were only Lin Fan and the other three on the stage.

"System Notification: The otherworldly Martial Arts Tournament has already opened. After being randomly distributed by the system, your team encountered Young Master Long's team!"

As the system prompt sounded out, rays of white light flashed across the arena. Lin Fan and the rest met their first opponent in the foreign martial gathering.

"This battle … I'll fight it alone!"

Chaotic Sky couldn't help but say as he looked at the small team in front of him. The small team in front of him was actually a team of over twenty. Furthermore, none of them were at least Level 25.

With just a glance, he could tell that the equipment on him was extremely ordinary.

Against such a group, Chaotic Heavenly could easily take down a group of people. However, just as everyone was laughing and chatting, the group suddenly disappeared.

"System Notification: Young Master Long's team has given up. Your team will now enter the next round. Your team will be matched up in two minutes!"

Such a system prompt caused everyone to smile wryly. It was obvious that the little group just saw the name of the group and knew that they were going to lose, so they immediately gave up.

"Swis.h.!.+" The opponents in the second match once again appeared in front of Lin Fan's group. Seeing the randomly appearing group, the expressions of the crowd could not help but become extremely strange. This was because there was a familiar voice amongst the five people from the other party, Han Cheng!

Han Cheng's level had now returned to Level 19. After all, with so many players levelling with him, levelling was relatively easy.

Among the five players, besides Han Cheng, who was a level 19 Knight, there was also a Mage, a Priest, and two Warriors. Their levels were all Level 25. Clearly, this small team wasn't the main force of the Battle Alliance.

Should belong to Team Two or Team Three.

"Evil monster has tears!"

Han Cheng also discovered the group of people opposite him, and there was a trace of killing intent in his eyes. Being killed from level 30 to level 13 was a shame that Han Cheng would not forget. Moreover, he was forced to leave Liu Yue because of this guy.

"It seems like the world is really small!"

Chaotian shook his head. Then, he looked at Mo Feng and smiled, "Fatty, shall we attack together?"

"I can't wish for more!"

Mo Feng licked his lips and chuckled. Then, he directly activated the Invisible Immortal Ring and entered his stealth mode, charging towards the five people.

"Be careful!"

Looking at Mo Feng's Invisibility, Han Cheng's heart was lifted. He couldn't help but shout at the two soldiers beside him, "Protect the priest and mage well!"

"What about you?"

Mo Feng's figure suddenly appeared in front of Han Cheng and asked in a straightforward manner. Then, just as Han Cheng opened his mouth, he stabbed his sword into Han Cheng's mouth and instantly killed the level 19 little knight.

"My target is you!"

Looking at Han Cheng's fallen figure, Mo Feng could not help but chuckle. Then, his eyes turned slightly cold as he swept his gaze towards the other four.

"Fatty, you should let him stay!"

Chaotic Heavens walked in front of Mo Feng, looked at Han Cheng's corpse and said, "No matter what, he is the boss, he should be the one to die first!"

The four people that followed did not have any effect on Mo Feng and Chaotic Heavens. They were all killed by the two men's butcher knives. After all, the difference in strength was just too great.

No one could resist even if they wanted to.

After taking care of Han City's team, Lin Fan and the others welcomed a small group of people. It had to be said that Lin Fan and the others' reputations were too big, and any players who randomly appeared and met Lin Fan and the others would most likely give up. Even if they didn't give up, in the hands of Chaotic Heavens and Mo Feng, they didn't get any benefits and they all fell to the ground.

"This is the last battle. After this battle, we will enter the top thirty!"

Looking at the system prompt, Lin Fan couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief and slowly said.

"Then quickly come and see our final opponent!"

Chaotic Sky's eyes glowed with excitement as he spoke. The continuous battles had long drawn Chaotic Heavens's heart of slaughter out. At this moment, Chaotic Heavenly was filled with killing intent.


With a flash of white light, Chaotic Sky and the others finally met their last group of enemies. However, the moment they saw their opponent, everyone was stunned.

"No way!"

Chaotic Sky's eyes were filled with shock. He had originally planned to charge in and slaughter the enemies as soon as they sp.a.w.ned, but his figure also paused slightly as he shouted in astonishment.

Lin Fan and the others also had black lines on their heads. They looked at the five people in front of them and smiled bitterly.

Opposite them, the five from the Thirteen of Slaughter, Unforgiving, Shadow, Shadow Nightmare, Tianchen, and Slaughter stared blankly at the five in front of them, their eyes filled with neither joy nor sorrow.

"F * ck your f * cking system, aren't you sincerely playing with us?"

Seeing the five people in front of him, Shadow couldn't help but curse out loud. The five of them had finally entered the semifinals and were only missing the last stage, but they didn't expect to meet Lin Fan and the others.

At this moment, the people from Shadow Nightmare were definitely feeling sour, bitter, salty and salty. They were filled with mixed feelings. This final test was actually met with their boss, a group of people who they simply could not defeat.

"Boss, don't look at us like that. Can't we just give up?"

Looking at the red eyes of the chaotic sky, Shadow Nightmare Terror could not help but laugh bitterly.

After all, there were so many people present, and the Shadow Nightmare simply couldn't stand up to them. Just from the chaos in the sky alone, they already knew a lot about them, and it was better for them to be happy and admit defeat.

Seeing that Shadow Nightmare and the others had admitted defeat and left the stage, Lin Fan and the others directly obtained the qualifications to enter the semifinals. However, this was only for the semifinals.

Everyone still had several battles to fight.

Moreover, Lin Fan and the others also understood that the most difficult fights would be the following matches. After all, the teams that could enter the top thirty-two were not ordinary people, after all, no matter how many matches had pa.s.sed, they would still encounter a group of relatively strong opponents, such as themselves.

In the end, not even the few that had been in Stealth's group had met him. The strength of these few alone was at least on par with Han Cheng's group. They were truly true experts.

"System Notification: Your party has entered the semifinals. Please appear on time tomorrow morning at 10 AM and enter the top 16. The compet.i.tion you are partic.i.p.ating in today has ended!"

Lin Fan and the others could not help but relax a little as the system notification sounded out. Evidently, the compet.i.tion today had been completed and there was still half a day left. Half a day was more than enough for Lin Fan and the others to do a lot of things.

After they were teleported out, Lin Fan and the rest met Liu Meng Xiao and Ye Meng Ru. At this moment, Ye Meng Ru's face turned red with anger.

Beside him, Liu Gang, Qi Yin and the others also looked angry and angry.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing Ye MengRou's expression, Mo Feng couldn't help but ask. At this moment, Mo Feng's entire mind was focused on Ye Mengru. It could be seen how nervous he was towards her.

"Fatty, I've been bullied!"

Seeing Mo Feng appear, Ye Meng Ru could not help but reveal a pitiful expression. This expression caused Mo Feng's expression to change drastically, and a murderous look flashed across his eyes.

"Which son of a b * tch? I'll go kill him!"

Mo Feng cursed loudly. A trace of anger was expressed in his eyes as he said those words.

Lin Fan and the others looked at the expressions of Qi Yin and the others, revealing a puzzled expression. If Ye Meng Ru was like this, it would be better to explain it to them because Ye Meng Ru was not a girl who could afford to lose money. However, Qi Yin and the others all had the same expression, which proved that Ye Meng Ru was not lying.

"It's a chaotic battle!"

Seeing Lin Fan's gaze towards her, Qi Yin immediately said: "We have encountered a chaotic battle squad, and we don't know where that guy hired experts. All of them are very powerful, and after killing us, they even insulted Meng Ru with a lot of insulting words. Among them, the archer called Black Arrow even made some vulgar movements at Meng Ru's corpse."

Upon hearing these words, the expressions of the crowd sank, especially Mo Feng's. At this moment, his eyes were extremely gloomy. Ye Menggru was already considered a treasure in his heart, how could Mo Feng endure such a news?

"Black arrow, huh!?"

"I want him to return to the Beginner Village for the rest of his life!"

Mo Feng gritted his teeth and said coldly to Lin Fan and the rest, "If you meet them in the compet.i.tion, just give me the black arrows!"

"Hehe, I really don't know how to fight in a chaotic battle. Next time, I will go and fight with him again!"

Chaotic Sky also sneered. At this moment, Chaotic Heavenly's expression was equally gloomy.

"From today onwards, regardless of the reason, the Empire will immediately kill all those who have encountered eternity!"

Lin Fan's expression was also cold, directly speaking in a cold voice in the a.s.sociation.

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 212

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