Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 215

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Just as the crowd was laughing and chatting, the prelude to the Martial Arts Tournament finally began to slowly unfold. With a flash of light, the two arenas in the square simultaneously began to emit a white light. After that, two figures appeared on their respective arenas.

On the left side of the arena, an extremely pure young lady with a faint smile on her face looked at the crowd. Although she had a pure appearance, her body was extremely hot and hot.

"This girl's figure isn't bad!"

Chaotian looked at the girl and couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. Then, Chaotian looked at the arena on the right again and couldn't help but laugh, "However, I prefer this one on the right!"

Hearing Luan Tian's words, the crowd couldn't help but turn to look at the arena on the right. Just as Mo Feng s.h.i.+fted his gaze from the young girl on the left, his face immediately turned slightly red.

On the right side, it was completely different from the left side. On the left side, there was a pure young lady, and on the right side, there was a hot and mature woman with revealing clothes, exuding the charm that a mature woman should have.

A pair of jade-like white legs were revealed, making the group of young men flush with embarra.s.sment.

"Hur hur, everyone!"

As soon as the two of them stepped onto the stage, they smiled and nodded to the crowd below. After that, the young girl on the left spoke in a charming voice, "Today's match was presided over by the two of us. Now, I shall announce the rules!"

Hearing the young girl speak like this, the crowd couldn't help but reveal a trace of caution as they hurriedly listened attentively to the young girl.

"In fact, there are no rules here. The first team's complete elimination is the losing side. Right now, the system will randomly choose four teams to fight on stage. The victor will enter the top 16 and the loser will be eliminated!"

The mature woman on the right side of the arena could not help but reveal a smile as she spoke slowly.

"However, because some skills or equipment are out of the compet.i.tion's range, you will not be able to use them during the compet.i.tion!"

The pure girl looked at the crowd and added, "Now, everyone can take a look at your own skills and equipment. If there is a 'Forbidden' symbol, it will prove that you can't use it."

Hearing this, everyone hurriedly looked at the skills and equipment on his body, and Lin Fan also hurriedly looked over. Sure enough, among the equipment on Lin Fan's body, the ring of conversion had already been marked with a restriction, but the G.o.d and Demon Source in his backpack hadn't been forbidden.

Not only that, Lin Fan's Thunder Anger had also been banned, and Lin Fan was relieved to find that the spirit beads in his backpack were not prohibited. In other words, he could summon the Spirit Slave.

"My Invisible Immortal Ring is useless now!"

Mo Feng looked at the crowd and said those words with a bitter smile. Then, he removed the Invisible Immortal Ring from his bag and replaced it with a Level 40 purple ring.

Lin Fan also removed the ring and replaced it with a dark gold level mage ring.

Following which, he cast his gaze towards the other three. Seeing that the other three did not have any forbidden techniques, he could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

"Also, we can't use pets in this compet.i.tion!"

"It's not just the team compet.i.tion, but the individual compet.i.tion as well!"

The seductive woman looked at the crowd with a face full of smiles as she slowly said.

When the woman finished speaking, everyone's pets couldn't help but reveal another forbidden mark. Lin Fan hurriedly looked towards his backpack and couldn't help but feel relieved. His spirit bead still didn't have the mark of a forbidden word, so it was obvious that his spirit slave wasn't included.

"Now, let the match begin!"

As soon as the pure girl's voice fell, the hall immediately began to s.h.i.+ne with a burst of light. The four teams were transported to the arena in the center of the hall.

Lin Fan didn't recognize two of the teams, but he was rather familiar with the other two teams. On the left side of the ring appeared the team led by Xie Lan and Faint Smoke, and on the other side of the ring was Wu Feng's team.

As for their opponents, although their skills weren't bad, they were still far inferior to Wu Feng and the others. Therefore, they were quickly slaughtered off the stage.

The smell of smoke was faint, but the Holy War had no peak. He had advanced to the top sixteen.

Following which, the group continued to step on the stage and slowly decided on the top 16 teams. As Lin Fan expected, these teams were all well-known teams, which were advanced without any difficulty, including the members of the Saint Martial Hall, the Steel Cavalry, and the overbearing empire, who had successfully advanced through the sun shooting through the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, and the rain.

As for the people that followed, there were fewer and fewer of them. There were only a few teams, Lin Fan and the others were among them.

Apart from Lin Fan, Huo Burning Heaven had also never competed. And at this moment, what made Chaotic Heavens surprised was that even though thirteen people had been killed, there was still another pair of people waiting for the match.

Following a flash of light, the remaining five people who were in seclusion were finally teleported onto the stage. However, it was obvious that the people who were secretly killing were very sad, because their opponents were actually Huo Burning Heaven's group.

However, when the five of them faced Huo Burning Heaven's group, it was really unknown who would win. After all, other than the beautiful and vicissitudes of life, the other four people in Huo Burning Heaven's group focused on long-range attacks. As for the five in Stealth, they focused on close-range attacks, mainly to see if the five they killed could approach Huo Burning Heaven's group.

It was really impossible to say.

Immediately, Huo Burning Heaven and the others lost traces of the five However, Huo Burning Heaven and the others were truly worthy of being strong. They directly bombarded out with large swarms of areof-effect magic, and in an instant, the three revealed themselves in their attacks, and were seized by Huo Burning Heaven and the others, directly bombarding their opponents one after another.

"Swish." Right at this moment, the remaining two suddenly appeared behind Huo Burning Heaven and the others. The daggers in their hands fiercely stabbed into the two archers beside Huo Burning Heaven, killing them instantly.

Soon after, their daggers pierced towards Huo Burning Heaven. Of course, the two understood that on this side's team, Huo Burning Heaven was the main force. As long as they killed Huo Burning Heaven, the two of them would have a chance of winning this match.

Huo Burning Heaven dodged to the side, avoiding an's dagger. However, another struck Huo Burning Heaven.

Huo Burning Heaven's health was immediately reduced by a third.

A huge fireball directly bombarded the body of one of the, forcing him to retreat one after another. After that, the vicissitudes of beauty directly rushed back, killing this with a single strike.

"Samsara lost!"

Looking at the last, Lin Fan declared. An against a warrior, plus two mages with powerful magic wounds, in this battle, he lost.

Sure enough, against a Hou Fen, Samsara was unable to achieve victory. With the addition of a Mage and a Warrior, there was no way for them to win. They were directly killed by Huo Burning Heaven's fireball.

"Next, it's our turn!"

Lin Fan stretched his body and looked at the crowd around him. At this moment, there were only Lin Fan and the other three teams left.

With a flash of light, Lin Fan and the others were transported to the arena. The opposing group consisted of a large group of Deities Templar. As one of the ten great guilds, Deities Templar's strength was actually pretty good.

He looked at Lin Fan and Chaotian and could not help but laugh bitterly. He never would have thought that he would be so unlucky as to run into Lin Fan and Chaotian here. This time, the tribe would likely stop at this point.


As he said that, the behind the scholar entered into stealth, and charged towards Lin Fan and the others. As for the scholar archer, he nocked an arrow, and shot a Demon Break Arrow at Lin Fan.

"Divine Wind s.h.i.+eld!"

Lin Fan immediately used the Wind G.o.d s.h.i.+eld on himself to withstand the scholar's attack. Then, his eyes flashed, and he directly used the Fire Dragon spell. A huge fire dragon suddenly appeared, carrying a roar as it flew in front of the scholar, fiercely opening its huge mouth and spitting out a dragon flame, which instantly killed the scholar on the spot.

The tribe of Deities Templar that lacked the young scholar was killed by Lin Fan and the others before they could even display much of their combat prowess. This battle could be said to be a complete victory.

After killing off the scholar team, Lin Fan's gaze s.h.i.+fted to the next stage. At this moment, the next stage's battle situation was already evident. To Lin Fan's surprise, an incomparably flirtatious beauty priest in the next stage directly bombarded a warrior with a spell, instantly killing him.

"What a powerful magic injury!"

Chaotian stared at the beautiful Priest in astonishment. This magic damage was much stronger than most of the Mage players at this moment. Perhaps, he was on the same level as Huo Burning Heaven.

"This Priestess is not simple!"

Lin Fan looked at the name on the female priest's head and slowly said.

This Cleric was the only Cleric on the Level , Aqua Blue.

Soon, the battle situation had been cleaned up and everyone was sent out. Lin Fan and the others also received the notification that they were entering the top sixteen. Tomorrow, they would enter the top eight.

Although this victory was quick, the crowd did not let down their guard. After all, although the Deities Templar's players were of high status, there was still a gap between them and a true expert. They had yet to meet a true expert.

"In today's compet.i.tion, no one has brought out their true strength. Tomorrow, we do not need or need to use any of our ultimate skills. Otherwise, everyone will have revealed their true strength!"

Chaos pondered for a moment before speaking to the crowd.

"Don't worry!"

"We know!"

Hua Feng nodded and said.

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 215

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