Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 271

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The top eight were finally born. Chaotic Heavens, Undead Xue Sha, Lin Fan, Brace the Heavens, Edgeless, Angry, Breaking the Heavens, a total of eight contestants. At this moment, they stood on the platform of the top eight.

At this moment, the Empire was truly standing on top of the game's top powers. He, Chaotic Heavens, and Heaven Breaker, had all squeezed into the top eight. Amongst the top eight, there were three people from the Empire's Trade Union.

"Tomorrow's compet.i.tion will continue to be held at 2 o'clock. At that time, we will decide on the top two spots for each group!"

"Two more players will be eliminated!"

The host looked at the crowd in front of him and laughed, giving them a hint.

After which, Lin Fan and the rest were directly transported out of the arena and into the Holy City.

The moment the crowd came out of the arena, they contacted Mo Feng, who had been transported out because of his loss. They found out that Mo Feng was in a restaurant in the city and rushed over.

At this moment, Mo Feng was drinking with Bai Chen, Hua Feng, Liu Gang and the 13 Hidden in the private room of the restaurant. He looked at Lin Fan and the others and waved his hand at them.


"What do you want to eat, I'll treat you!"

Mo Feng laughed as he looked at the crowd and said. He looked like he was rich.


"You must have made a lot of money!"

Chaotian smiled. Looking at Mo Feng's upstart face, he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Hehe, not much, just a little!"

Mo Feng chuckled, his eyes almost narrowing into slits as he looked towards the crowd and laughed.

"You're welcome then!"

Lin Fan immediately grabbed the menu, ordering several expensive dishes. He smiled at everyone and said, "This guy made tens of thousands of gold coins. If it's converted into real money, then it should be around sixty to seventy thousand gold coins!"

"F * ck, fatty, why didn't you say so earlier!"

Chaotian couldn't help but pat Mo Feng on the head when he heard that. "If I knew, I would have gone to suppress him too!"

"There's no point in suppressing it. I heard that the game company has intervened. After today's matter, the gambling house has withdrawn. It seems that it can't be opened!"

Mo Feng shrugged his shoulders and said.

"Hehe, that's the in-game option. The in-game option is all open!"

If you don't believe me, go to the bar to take a look. There will definitely be a bet!

"Let's bet on tomorrow's match."

Chaotian said with a chuckle.

"Is that so?"

That's fine!

"Let's go out and play tonight!"

Mo Feng nodded and started to destroy the items in front of him.

Lin Fan then revealed a smile, and together with Mo Feng, they began to devour the food in front of them.

Eating a meal worth more than a thousand gold coins was already considered a high price. However, to Mo Feng, this amount of money was nothing at all.

"Have you heard?"

"The game currency is going to depreciate soon!"

Bai Chen finished the items in front of him and spoke to the crowd.

"I heard that in the future, 10 silver coins will be exchanged for 1 real money!"

Lin Fan nodded his head, drinking his wine and said, "Not at all. In the future, perhaps it will still depreciate. After all, the higher the level of a player, the easier it is to get the money. If the system is the same, then the company will lose money."

"Alright, now I will leave a portion of the gold coins. As for the rest, I intend to exchange them for real money!"

Bai Chen nodded, looked at Lin Fan and said, "After all, at that time, the saying about the game currency devaluing will be more reliable."

"Do it!"

Lin Fan nodded. Right now, the Empire was in a state of total profit. In addition to a bunch of equipment being auctioned off, the amount of gold coins they received was extremely high. It was something that needed to be converted into actual currency.

After a short chat, everyone logged off as well.

"Boss, let's go out and have a good meal tonight!"

As soon as he logged off, Lin Fan saw Mo Feng walking towards him and laughed.


"Beat the landlords and divide the local tyc.o.o.ns!"

Hua Feng couldn't help but laugh as he held Mo Feng's hand. Hua Feng had partic.i.p.ated in this gamble, but he was not as big as Mo Feng. He had only won tens of thousands of dollars.

The group of people drove the three cars out of the villa and headed towards the restaurant closest to the villa.

The Lunar City Restaurant was considered a medium-high cla.s.s restaurant in S City, and its standard of consumption could be considered acceptable. Thus, the group drove directly to this restaurant.

"Give me a private room, a private room!"

After everyone entered the restaurant, Mo Feng spoke directly to the waitress.

"Alright, follow me!"

The attendant led Mo Feng and the rest towards the elevator.

"Fatty Mo!"

Suddenly, a startled voice came from within the hall. Upon hearing the voice, everyone couldn't help but look in the direction of the voice.

When Lin Fan saw the source of the voice, he could not help but frown. This was because the owner of the voice was the girl who swept Mo Feng out of the room that day, the owner of the Cloud Restaurant, Little White.

"You guys go up first!"

Lin Fan looked at Hua Feng and the rest and laughed, "I will go up with Fatty later!"

Hua Feng and the rest couldn't help but nod as they followed the waiter upstairs, leaving behind Mo Feng and Lin Fan, as well as Ye Meng Ru, who was holding onto Mo Feng's arm.

At this moment, the little girl could see the frown on Mo Feng's face and couldn't help but look at the girl in front of her. She couldn't help but smile. The girl in front of her was pretty good-looking, but still couldn't be compared with her.

Moreover, having been with Mo Feng for a long time, Ye Meng Ru knew very well that although this fatty's actions were vulgar, he still knew what to do about them.

"I'll wait for you upstairs!"

Ye Meng Ru let go of Mo Feng's arm with a smile. She kissed Mo Feng on the cheek, then she looked at Xiao Bai provokingly and walked up the elevator.


Say a few words to him! '

Lin Fan patted Mo Feng's shoulder and said with a laugh, "No matter what, we can be considered to have known each other. We will not lose if we lose!"

"Haha, Miss Bai, long time no see!"

Mo Feng walked in front of Lil 'White. His face twitched slightly as he looked at Lil' White and laughed.

However, this smile seemed extremely forced.

Xiao Bai looked at Mo Feng and a hint of surprise flashed across its eyes. The current Mo Feng was far different from when he first entered the Cloud Restaurant. He was wearing a proper suit that revealed Mo Feng's temperament.

Looking at the fatty before her, Little White suddenly felt that it was extremely pitiful in the past. Now, it realized just how powerful Mo Feng was.

The person in front of him was one of the hottest newbies in the game world. He was no longer the Fatty Mo who had allowed him to curse and reveal a hint of a silly smile back in the days when he was at Cloud Restaurant.

This person was the one who had driven him out of the Cloud Restaurant.

If this person was still around, then … how powerful would Cloudsoaring Manor be?

Little White had once thought about it himself. A single Fire Burning Heaven could create an extremely powerful studio, but a single Mo Feng could also create an extremely powerful studio. Unfortunately, Mo Feng hid too much and did not discover his potential. By the time he discovered it, he had already been injured to the point of covering his entire body.

"You guys talk!"

"I don't think I should stay here!"

Lin Fan looked at Little White looking at him and couldn't help but to let out a smile. He then walked directly into the elevator, leaving the s.p.a.ce for Mo Feng and Little White.

"Sit down!"

Looking at Lin Fan stepping into the elevator, Little White smiled at Mo Feng and said.

Hearing that, Mo Feng could not help but nod his head and sit opposite to Little White.

"How are you?"

After a short silence, Little White looked at Mo Feng and asked.


Upon hearing this, Mo Feng couldn't help but be stunned for a moment before replying.

"That girl just now, she must be your girlfriend!"

Little White remembered the girl who kissed Mo Feng's cheek. He couldn't help but let out a bitter smile as he asked.


Mo Feng's eyes revealed a hint of sweetness as he nodded in agreement. Mo Feng had always been fond of Ye Meng Ru. After all, she was the one who had forced him out of his emotional predicament!

"Actually … I missed you!"

When Little White saw Mo Feng's expression, it clenched its teeth and shouted.

Those words stunned Mo Feng for a moment. He had a strange expression on his face. After all, Lil 'White had treated him that way before, so how could he miss him?

"Fatty Mo, if … if I say I'm willing to marry you, will you return to Cloud Restaurant?"

Looking at Mo Feng's stunned expression, Little White could not help but clench its teeth and say: "The current Mo Feng has a great value, Little White is very clear, one Mo Feng is equivalent to a peerless expert, and such an expert is enough to push Cloud Tower to its peak." Previously, Little White did not think much of Mo Feng because he was an extremely useless person, but now, it was different.

To marry an expert of the game like Mo Feng, he wouldn't be at a disadvantage at all.

Hearing Little White's words, Mo Feng was stunned. Looking at Little White's eyes, Mo Feng couldn't help but reveal an extremely strange expression.

A long while later, Mo Feng sighed, and with a trace of sadness in his eyes, he said, "If you hadn't been so heartless when I confessed to you that day, perhaps I wouldn't have left Cloud Restaurant, but everything would have changed!"

Hearing this, Xiao Bai's face paled slightly. Then, it looked at Mo Feng and said, "I can make up for it. Can't we do it as though nothing had happened?"

"Miss Bai, I don't think there's any need for us to continue the discussion!"

Mo Feng sighed and said, "I may have feelings for you before, but the current me belongs to the empire. In the empire, there is my brother, my lover, and these are all things that I, Mo Feng, have!"

"It's impossible for me to leave the empire. Mo Feng will take his leave now!"

After saying that, Mo Feng nodded to Xiao Bai and walked into the elevator under Xiao Bai's resentful gaze.

On the third floor, everyone was sitting around the room. Ye Meng Ru kept turning her head to look at the closed door. Her eyes were full of anxiety.

"Don't worry!"

"Aren't you clear on Fatty's character?"

Looking at Mo Feng's expression, Lin Fan couldn't help but let out a bitter smile and said.

"Of … of course I know!"

Hearing this, Ye Mengru was stunned for a moment, then she said, "I'm not worried about him!"


At this moment, the door to the private room opened and Mo Feng walked into the private room. He looked at everyone and said with a smile, "I'm back!"

Looking at Mo Feng's smiling face, Ye Meng Ru could not help but relax a little bit, showing the same smile on her face.

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 271

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