Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 278

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Today, the foreign martial arts compet.i.tion had finally entered the final four. And today's two battles were destined to attract the attention of the entire foreign world.

Demoness Tear against the Cursed Mage Undead Blood Fiend, Tyrant G.o.d carrying the might of a huge dragon to cleave the sky apart. The four players who represented the most pinnacle of the game would launch a decisive battle today. Such a decisive battle, one could imagine how exciting it would be.

The first match was Lin Fan's battle against the Undead Xue Sha. This match was also known as the War G.o.d's Battle. After all, the two were both players of the Mage profession.

For this match, all of the Mages were eagerly waiting. Whether they were the former Mages' Kings or Undead Xue Sha, who had displayed amazing strength, the prelude to today's battle was finally about to begin.

Under the announcement of the host, Lin Fan and the Undead Xue Sha both walked onto the stage. Both of them stared at each other, their eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a deep fear.

Undead Xue Sha's magic was better than Instant Cast, making it impossible to guard against. As for Lin Fan, he used two skills at once. One person controlled his main body and the illusion of the Spirit Slave Medusa, which was equivalent to a battle between two Mages and this Instant Cast Mage.

"Today, you will be stepped on by me. I am very excited when I think of this!"

The Undead Xue Sha looked at Lin Fan, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a morbid madness as he laughed loudly.

"You think you can win me?"

Lin Fan was slightly stunned for a moment before chuckling. The arrogant people had seen too much. It was rare to see someone as conceited as the Undead Xue Sha. It was the same for the Four Protectors in his a.s.sociation.

"Seems like I've really agreed with that line. As long as there's a master, there'll be a dog!"

"You and your four dogs are exactly the same!"

Lin Fan had a mocking expression as he looked at the Undead Xue Sha.

Hearing Lin Fan's sarcasm, the expression on the Undead Xue Sha's face suddenly changed. Even the blades in the plaza couldn't help but slightly change color. His gaze towards Lin Fan also carried a trace of intense anger.

"Hmph, after I step on you, you will know how powerful I am!"

The Undead Xue Sha let out a cold snort and laughed out loud: "Today, I will let you know how strong I, the Undead Xue Sha, am!"

"Let's wait and see!"

He looked at the Undead Xue Sha as he spoke. Although he said it easily, Lin Fan still knew that after having seen the fight between him and Wu Feng, the Undead Xue Sha was still so confident in dealing with him. In that case, his skill must not be small.

"Fortunately, I received a good item yesterday!"

Just yesterday, the auction house actually received a pair of wings equipment from a Thunder Wings. What pleasantly surprised Lin Fan was that it was actually a Gold rank wing equipment, and its speed was increased by 50%, which was not something that the Green Soul Wings could compare to. Lin Fan immediately bought this item for 100,000 real money, and replaced it with the Green Soul Wings.

After all, there were simply too few good wings today.

With this pair of wings protecting him, Lin Fan was confident that he would be able to protect himself from the blood fiends of the Undead.


A cheer that came from all directions immediately sounded out in the open ground after the auctioneer's words sounded. Clearly, the audience was already unable to hold it in any longer.


As the host's voice rang out, Lin Fan immediately opened the lightning wings he had just obtained. A pair of golden eagle wings began to grow out of thin air, and golden lightning arcs sparkled on the wings.

It looked especially strange.


Lin Fan directly rushed into the air and unleashed an Ice Wolf Blast at the Undead Blood Fiend. The time it took to activate the Ice Wolf Blast was extremely extreme. It only lasted for two seconds and was extremely suitable to deal with the Undead Blood Fiend.


As the Undead Blood Fiend saw the enormous ice wolf directly charge at him, he couldn't help but let out a soft cry.

Following the low shout of the Undead Xue Sha, a faint layer of film immediately flashed in the arena, blocking the huge Ice Wolf Explosion outside.

Even so, the explosive power of the Ice Wolf's explosion still caused this thin film to vibrate endlessly. It was obvious that the explosion of the Ice Wolf was enough to threaten this thin film.

"Break through the spirit!"

Lin Fan took advantage of this opportunity and rushed forward once more with a Spirit Destruction Blast. The dazzling spear formed from Spirit Destruction directly aimed at the Undead Blood Fiend.


Under the astonished eyes of the Undead Xue Sha, Broken Spirit actually directly pa.s.sed through the thin film. Not breaking it, but directly pa.s.sing through it, as if there wasn't a single obstacle in front of him.

Not only that, even after pa.s.sing through this thin layer, the spear that had been created by breaking through the spirit realm was still as good as ever.

"1784!" The undead blood fiend, who hadn't been prepared in time, immediately suffered a setback. It was. .h.i.t by the Spirit Destruction attack, and its health fell rapidly.


Just at this moment, Medusa's illusion also launched an attack. The enormous ice sword directly broke through the thin film and tore it into countless pieces.


As soon as the film was torn apart, Medusa launched her attack. With a wave of her snake hand, numerous small emerald green snakes transformed into black lines and charged in front of the Undead Xue Sha, opening their b.l.o.o.d.y mouths and chomping down.


Under the shock and fury of the Undead Xue Sha, even his voice had become a lot sharper. He immediately shouted out explosively.


With the Undead Blood Fiend as the center, the huge flames exploded in all directions, instantly submerging the emerald green snakes within the flames and extinguis.h.i.+ng them completely.


The word 'Undead Blood Fiend' could be heard through gritted teeth. After being continuously suppressed by Lin Fan, the Undead Blood Fiend's anger had already reached its peak and was about to explode.

At this moment, seeing the sneering expression on Lin Fan's face, he became even more furious.

"Xiu Xiu …" Several throwing knives immediately shot out explosively, aiming at Lin Fan who was standing in the air.

"Divine Wind s.h.i.+eld!"

Lin Fan immediately activated his Wind G.o.d's s.h.i.+eld. Seeing the flying knives flying in all directions, he immediately moved to the side and avoided three throwing knives. However, two throwing knives stabbed into Lin Fan's body, bringing up more than 300 damage.

The total damage value didn't exceed 700. Clearly, Lin Fan blocked most of the damage with his Divine Wind s.h.i.+eld.

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 278

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