Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 9

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In the blink of an eye, it already reached the fall harvest season. After this fall, it was the third year that Lin WanYue entered the military camp.

The fall harvest was an annual big day for tens of thousands of farmers of the country of Li. The result of the harvest determined the quality of their life in the coming year.

The fall harvest was also important for the imperial court. The huge number of farmers were the major source of tax revenue.

The fall harvest was equally important for the Huns. The Huns who have never farmed in their own long winter, so the number of “trophies” in the fall, directly determined whether they could survive in the cold, long winter.

Lin WanYue held a spear, with the black bow on her back and a machete on her waist, and followed the team, marching toward the deeper hinterland of the border.

General Li Mu decided to set the front line forward for a hundred miles, in order to create a larger strategic buffer zone for the ma.s.ses of farmers behind.

This meant that all the soldiers had to use their flesh and blood to cast a barrier for the people behind them.

At this time, in the military camp, everyone’s face was solemn. Every time of the year, the soldiers would face more frequent and fierce attacks than usual.

Because of the need to h.o.a.rd food for the winter, the Hun soldiers often carried a fierce spirit in this season, so it would be the time with the most casualties of the soldiers.

The period of Lin WanYue did not come again,  and the crisis of revealing ident.i.ty was temporarily over.

However, Lin WanYue’s face became pale, and from time to time she felt cold inside the body, which was the result of taking the Yaow.a.n.g Flower.

“Hey, have you heard that?”


“Chu w.a.n.g encountered an a.s.sa.s.sination, and his wife was killed in order to save him.”

“Really? I hear that his wife is a beauty. What a pity!”

“Uh, this seems to be the second one? His ex-wife was also a.s.sa.s.sinated…”

“Whether Chu w.a.n.g has an ill fortune for threatening his wife…”

“What are you doing?” The pa.s.sing-by officer roared.

The two infantrymen not far from Lin WanYue immediately stopped talking.

The officer looked around and then went away. The army kept on marching.

The sun in fall was still very hot, especially in the north. Many soldiers were sweating like a pig except for Lin WanYue.

She did not sweat because of the harsh sun. Instead, she felt very comfortable in the suns.h.i.+ne because it could eliminate the coldness from inside.

Lin WanYue succeeded in finding the Yaow.a.n.g Flower in the break time. After taking it, she felt like falling into an ice house and was extremely cold.

Even it was noon, Lin WanYue still froze. She curled on the ground trembling, and her eyes began to blur. For an instant Lin WanYue felt that she had returned to the ChanJuan Village — the people were still alive, as usual, and smiled at her;  she felt so relaxed, without worrying about the reveal of her ident.i.ty — and then fell into a coma…

At twilight, Lin WanYue was lucky to wake up.

She sat on the ground first, silent, and then burst into laughter, finally, returned to silence.

She returned to the barracks, where she strove to live without seeing any hope for the future.

The sun was about to set, and General Li Mu made an order to rest and get ready to cook.

The smoke rose up, and Li Mu rode a horse to console the soldiers who were having the meal along the road.

Lin WanYue looked at the pieces of meat in the bowl, which was as thick as the thumb.

The floating sound of the horns came from afar, and the smoke of cooking attracted the Huns who were in desperate need of food.

“Enemy Attack!”

Lin WanYue had already thrown away the bowl at the first time when the horn sounded. She held the spear, being ready to fight.

“Protect the general!” Someone shouted. Lin WanYue glanced at the crowd dozens of steps away. In the middle of the crowd was just the general Li Mu.

“Line up! Ready to fight!”

In the face of the sudden attack, Li Mu seemed calm and pulled out the sword to command the battle on the horse.

Because the marching line was very long and the Huns' horses were very fast, this would be almost a battle without any command.

The rumbling of the hooves were getting closer and closer, and the shake of the earth began to increase significantly. Lin WanYue knew it would be a hard battle.

Just then, with the screams from far away, the battle had begun!

There were splas.h.i.+ng blood when The Huns rushed into the army of the country of Li.

Lin WanYue was anxious because the disadvantages of the weapons were fully exposed.

She immediately inserted the spear into the ground and took black bow off her back, attaching the arrow to the bow and taking aim.

With a sound, the arrow flew away into the chest of a Hun soldier. The latter fell off the horse, surprisedly looking at the arrow deep into his chest, and then was pierced by a spear again.

“Great!” Li Mu witnessed the whole process, and could not help admiring it.

When he looked back, he just saw a black, thin infantryman standing on a soil slope. Meanwhile, the teenager was taking aim. Although he was pulling slowly, but finally, he drew the bow full open, and then an arrow was shot again.

The arrow was shot quickly leaving a shadow in the air, and then hit the chest of a Hun.

Li Mu squinted at the black bow in the hands of Lin WanYue. He didn't expect it to be picked up by a infantryman, and what made him surprised was that this ordinary, black and thin teenager could actually draw his two-stone-bow full open!

Lin WanYue did not know that her actions had been seen by Li Mu. She was concentrating on the battle.

Finally, Lin WanYue measured the distance to the Huns by eyes, decisively put the black bow on her back, lifted the spear inserted on the ground and rushed out without hesitation!

In addition to the tension, there was a little excitement in her heart: she did not expect this black bow to have such big power, and it was really worthy of her appreciation!

Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 9

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