Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 104

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“I want to enroll in Ryan school tomorrow.” Ye Shaohua turns to a topic and looks at Duke ye with a smile. Her voice is very serious. “Although I know f-level mental power, who says f-level mental power can't learn magic?”

As she said this, she reached out her hand and condensed an ice blade.

There are few 3S level mental power in the history of the whole magic land. Even 008 marvels at Ye Shaohua's learning speed. She has hardly had a rest since she arrived in the magic land except absorbing the plot.

Even when we are on the way, you are closing your eyes and meditation to absorb the magical elements in the air.

Once the monster is serious, who can cure her?

The cup in Duke Ye's hand “snapped” and fell to the ground, “you, you, you Didn't you,  can't, gather Magic Elements yesterday? “

How did you arrive at the apprentice magician overnight?

Level 1 to level 7 magicians have to chant spells to mobilize the magic elements in the air and cast magic. However, Ye Shaohua skipped this step directly, and almost made it instantly without chanting.

This is a flash that can only be achieved by reaching the saint level mage.

“Patriarch.” Until the voice of the elder came from outside.

Duke Ye took a deep breath. “You will go to your room first, and you will come with me tomorrow.”

He poured himself a gla.s.s of water again and tried to calm himself down.

When the elder pushed the door in, he saw Ye Shaohua who was going out. His eyes suddenly became extremely cold.

However, in front of Duke Ye, he could not be too much. He put up the mental force to be crushed. He looked away and tried to tell himself that everything had not happened.

When the door slammed shut, the elder looked at Duke Ye. “Chief, Ryan school will enroll students tomorrow. Ordinary people are not allowed in the city. I think we will send the elder lady back tomorrow morning. She is safer there. As for the five level magic core, I think it's better to give it to miss Ye Jin. “

The elder didn't know why Ryan school would recruit students in their small town this time, thinking it was the change brought by their rebirth.

But this time, we must not let Ye Shaohua harm them.

It was because of Ye Shaohua that Duke Ye was seriously injured in his last life. At last, he was affected to death by the magic of Holy Level Warcraft. None of Ye's family survived in the wave of Warcraft. The inheritance that has spread for hundreds of years is gone.

To be reborn is a great opportunity given by the G.o.d. He can't do anything when he is old, but he can protect the Ye family.

At least it will not let Ye Shaohua harm Ye's family again. This f-level spiritual man should have been expelled. In the last life, the patriarch has been protecting her and believes that she can study magic hard.

But don't think about it. What magic can an f-level psychic learn?

It's uneasy to be married back by Lance. If she's a little smart and discerning, Lance might save Ye's family in her face.

At last, not only was Gu Hong disgusted, but also the lance family didn't like her.

This time, he must stop all this. Before all this happens, he can't let Ye Shaohua harm his family again without her relations.h.i.+p.

The elder thought lightly, on the face is the pride that he didn't find as the reborn.

Hearing the elder's words, Duke Ye frowned. If he had agreed before, it would have been different now.

He was shocked by the strength Ye Shaohua showed him. Although it's only a level I magic, but it can be instant, which he can't do at present.

Think about the war, other people are still singing magic, your ice blade will scratch in front of others and hit them unprepared.

That's why the saint mage is called the saint mage instead of the eighth level magician.

Because to the holy level is a qualitative leap.

“The five level magic core is left by Shaohua's mother, and I can't be the master of it.” seeing the elder's face turned black instantly, Duke Ye's eyes flashed a thought, “you are looking at Shaohua growing up, and you know that she works hard, and she's not a magician without the spirit of level F in history.”

“Te Shaohua is naturally hard work.” The elder lowered his eyes, but sneered in them.

Of course, you don't know that the hard-working person in your mouth is the one who destroyed their whole family!

Even you can't move forward because you went to the world of Warcraft forest to save her and left the root of the disease.

“But no matter how hard the f-level talent tries, it can't be a level-1 magician,” the elder said in a deep voice. “Even if the level-5 magic core is over, I'd like to take Ye Jin with me for the enrollment of Ryan school tomorrow.”

As a reborn man, he naturally knew the origin of Gu Hong, the successor of the kingdom of Canglang, the top force in the magic land, and Ye Jin's achievements in the future.

In the last two days, he's got two people involved.

But he didn't tell Duke Ye, for fear that Duke ye would come and plug in when he knew.

At this time, he didn't want to be killed by Ye Shaohua. but also caused their entire family to be destroyed.

Ryan school is the first magic college on the road. In the last life, ryan school did not recruit students from the wolf empire. Ye Jin lost this opportunity when she reached the age of entering the school. In this life, he did not want Ye Jin to miss it.

Duke Ye has a good relations.h.i.+p with the Lord cangyun. It's the easiest to find the Lord if you want to enroll.

“I've been told to take Ye Jin and Shaohua.” Duke Ye was going to take Ye Jin.

When he heard that he would bring in the meeting, the elder was relieved. But when he heard the latter sentence, he looked at Duke Ye with disbelief, “chief, please say it again. Who else do you want to take?! “

“Shaohua, she said she wanted to try.” Duke Ye was also thoughtful, and he was really shocked by his hand just now.

But the elder was angry and laughed, “she wants to try? A person with f-level talent, even if she loses face in front of the whole Cangyun City, does she want to lose face again in front of the talent of Ryan school? Who gave her the courage to try Ryan school? “

Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 104

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