Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 105

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Chapter 105

If you don’t see Ye Shaohua’s hand, Duke ye will think she’s joking .

But he knew that, so he didn’t react as much as the elder, but the elder’s words made him frown .

“The heir of the royal family of the wolf Empire more than a thousand years ago was level F spiritual power, and also reached level 6 magician . Elder maybe we are wrong . F-level mental power doesn’t mean anything . What if Shaohua will be admitted by Ryan school tomorrow? ” Duke Ye is in a good mood now .

It’s all his daughter . Although she will be taught in private, no one in the world cares more about her than him .

Although it’s only f-level mental power, he doesn’t want to hear someone say that she’s not good .

So when he heard that lance was going to ask her to back out in public, he was furious and asked the city Lord to apologize to her .

“Yes, you can let her go . But I suggest not to report to Ryan school . There is no magic school in cangyun city? It’s a little more expensive, but it’s much more realistic than Ryan school . ” The elder is too lazy to talk .

In his heart, ye Shaohua has been stupid for a lifetime in his last life, and there will be no great achievements in his life .

Since Duke Ye doesn’t give up, let him watch with his own eyes .


When they finished speaking, they left with their own thoughts .

For lance to find Ye Shaohua to get engaged to wear jade, Duke Ye is very angry . As a magician with level B spiritual power, he is one of the five magicians in cangyun City, and the Lord of cangyun values him very much .

After the palace gave lance a good education, he asked lance to apologize to Ye Shaohua at the enrollment meeting of Ryan college the next day .

But it’s just an apology . He didn’t mean to change the engagement jade pendant back .

No matter how much he valued Duke Ye, he could not let his son marry a man of f-level mental strength .

“Miss ye, I’m sorry . ” At the entrance of lan’en college, lance is ashamed to bow to Ye Shaohua .

He said sorry words in his mouth, but he couldn’t see ye Shaohua’s behavior in his heart . He thought that Ye Shaohua was so free and easy, and he really planned to let go, but she even talked about Duke Ye .

If she thinks she’s going to compromise like this, she really wants more .

Lance’s younger sister saw Gu Hong and Ye Jin, and immediately stopped Ye Jin’s arm . During that time, she gave Ye Shaohua a fierce look .

Ye Shaohua’s hands casually play with the magic core and concentrate on the magic elements around him .

There are three years left for Warcraft to attack the city . She can’t build a car in cangyun city all the time . Saint level Warcraft is not joking . She will try to improve herself in these three years .

Ye family has limited resources . The best place for ye Shaohua to learn magic is Ryan school .

But she didn’t want to stay at Ryan school for ten years . She just wanted to learn all kinds of magic spells before going to the Warcraft mountains .

Duke Ye didn’t expect his daughter to work so hard and nodded in his heart . Although he was not satisfied with Lance’s perfunctory words, he didn’t say anything at last .

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Ryan school has only set up a recruitment place in the wolf Empire, that is, the Cangyun City, so today all the n.o.bles of the wolf Empire come here .

There are countless flying Warcraft of level two or three at the door, which makes the Ye family’s children open their eyes .

“Teacher . ” Gu Hong takes Ye Jin and others to go first . At a glance, he sees the enrollment teacher, who is h

He let the students in the lane school magic robe look this way .

Seeing that it was Gu Hong, these proud students on their faces brightened up in front of their eyes . Then they said with some fear: “it seems that Mr . Gu Hong is going to be promoted again . He is really the only one who can compete with the evil in the fourth grade . ”

“He’s a student at Ryan school?” When the Lord cangyun heard the student’s words, he was surprised to see Gu Hong .

And lance and the others were envious .

Gu Hong is obviously very important in Ryan school, and even the indifferent face of the recruit teacher smiled when he saw him .

Everyone around looked at him enviously, hoping to become a member of Ryan school just like him .

After all, it’s a symbol of status in the magic land!

There is an unwritten rule in lane school that no magician can graduate before level 5, so every lane school graduates at least level 5 magicians .

Level five magicians can occupy a city, which is everyone’s dream!

“Be quiet,” the old man in charge of enrollment glanced at the whole hall, and the voice spread to everyone with the wind magic . “Now I’ll talk about the enrollment rules . ”

The old man takes out an old magic scroll from the s.p.a.ce ring .

Even the novice magician can feel the huge energy contained in the magic scroll .

He sang a magic . The magic scroll immediately sent out a strong light and projected a five-star magic array on the ground .

“This is the magic array that our level 7 magician recorded to detect your non-compliance with the standard . All the enrollees only need to stand in this magic array,” the old man said: “the rating is the same as that of crystal ball detection . The mental force is from level F to level 3S, with magic Department attached . ”

“The minimum standard of mental strength is level B . If Level C mental strength can reach level 1 magician before the age of 18, it is barely qualified . The college found three new students in the Princ.i.p.ality of Leo, all of them are Grade B, a Grade A . For so many years, only that monster in Ryan school has the talent of s level . She comes from the magician guild, “said the old man, glancing at all the people . ” of course, I don’t expect the s level spiritual power . I hope I can call one or two B level spiritual power students in your princ.i.p.ality today . “

Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 105

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