Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 106

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The wolf empire is the weakest of the four princ.i.p.alities. It's good to have one that can be entered into Ryan's school every year.

The old man tried the magic array and said, “there is no problem with the magic array. Come here one by one in order to be tested. First, Milo.”

After that, he took a look at the direction of Ye's house, and his eyes fell on Ye Jin and Ye Shaohua.

Ye Jin's mental power fluctuates a lot. He thinks she should be able to pa.s.s the test.

As for Ye Shaohua, the old man squinted his eyes. The other side always had a feeling that he couldn't understand. Even the Dean couldn't give him this feeling. After living for so many years, the only one who could make him have this feeling was that person.

The old man thought and took back his eyes thoughtfully.

A n.o.ble youth with silver eyes stood nervously in the middle of the magic circle.

The magic circle has a light blue circle.

“Level d mental power, apprentice wind magician, unqualified, next.”

“Level E mental power, apprentice to the local magician, unqualified, next.”

“Level C mental power, apprentice wind magician, unqualified, next time.”


None of the first twenty were qualified. The n.o.bles were in a very low mood.

“Level C spiritual power, level 1 water mage, 17 years old, reaching the minimum standard line, congratulations on becoming a member of Ryan college.” The old man looked at the ordinary young man in front of him, his voice slightly gentle.

The young man's face was red with excitement and was taken aside by students from Ryan school to log in.

Then there are more than a dozen unqualified ones.

“Level A spiritual power, level 1 fire magician, qualified!” The old man looked at the dazzling red light on the magic array. When he saw it, he was excited rarely. “Your name is Ye Jin, isn't it? Go there to register.”

“Oh..” to a, the whole hall because of the old man's words, completely boiling.

Hundreds of eyes are looking at Ye Jin.

The ministers of the wolf Empire were also very excited. They thought it would be good for them to have a level C spiritual force, but they didn't expect to have a level a spiritual force, or even a level 1 magician.

He excitedly used the magic scroll to tell the Lord of the Wolf Kingdom the news.

Ye Jin felt the look, and her expression was very proud.

“Brother Gu Hong, is what the teacher just said true?” She thought of another point. “Do you really have a S-cla.s.s spirit in Ryan school?”

Wen Yan, Gu Hongjun flashed a hint of jealousy, “yes, she is the daughter of the president of the magician guild. She inherited her parents' thunder and water system double Department magic. Only two years since she came to school, she has become a level 4 magician. She will be the second student of Ryan college who will graduate in less than five years.”

Ye Jin was attracted by the scene depicted by Gu Hong, clenched her fist, and secretly vowed that she would not be inferior to the S-level monster.

“You have reached the first level magician in a year,” Gu Hong rubbed her head and said with a smile, “level mental power, you must be the first in the enrollment of Ryan school this year.”

Ye Shaohua is just behind Ye Jin.

The elder looked at her with deep eyes.

However, the two elders had a better relations.h.i.+p with Duke Ye. When he nearly died in the world of Warcraft mountains, Duke Ye carried him back.

“Patriarch, are you sure you want Shaohua to enroll students?” Although the second elder didn't know the ident.i.ty of Ye Shaohua's mother, he was also there when ye Shaohua was born.

Her mother can cast a five level magic spell just after giving birth. I think her mental strength will never be lower than B level.

How can Ye Shaohua not be an F-cla.s.s when his parents have such good conditions?

But in fact, the two elders are also very sorry.

Duke Ye shook his head. “I just brought her to join the party.”

Although he said so, he also had some expectations. The 16-year-old ice magician with f-level mental power may also meet the enrollment standard of Ryan school?

On that side, the old man finished testing one, and he said lightly, “next one.”

Ye Shaohua put away the fifth level magic core and walked through the crowd to the center of the magic array.

Here is the aristocrat of Cang Yuncheng who recognizes Ye Shaohua. He can't help sneering, “she's an f-level psychic, too? What about dreaming? “

They all know that the senior lady once detected the f-level mental power in the adult ceremony, and most of them despised her.

Ye Jin also didn't expect that Ye Shaohua also came. Her expression was like seeing a ghost.

“Don't worry about her,” the elder knew from last life that Ye Shaohua couldn't be relied on. Only holding Ye Jin and Gu Hong's thighs could protect the Ye family from worry. “She didn't give up.”

He glanced at the direction of Ye Shaohua. His eyebrows were very dark. If Ye Shaohua wanted to be uneasy this time, he would make her look good.

“Close your eyes,” the old man saw Ye Shaohua, who was concerned about before, and his face was a little gentle. “When you can't hold on to the magic array will automatically close.”

Then he sang a spell and the magic started.

Ye Shaohua only feels that the strong spiritual force is crus.h.i.+ng his own spiritual sea, becoming stronger and stronger.

She didn't know that since she stood in, the magic circle has been emitting a strong white light, gradually turning from red to dark purple, surrounded by white cyan blue and Turquoise whirlpools.

The old man's expression changed from gratifying to stunned, to the last sluggish.

It took a long time for the magic circle to go out.

The old man swallowed his saliva fiercely, then took a deep breath, his voice was shaking: “S-level spiritual force, ice series, wind series and earth series magicians!”

Words fall, the suction in the hall obviously shows that those eyes looking at Ye Shaohua are full of horror, which is the fear of this terrible spiritual force.

Ye Jin is still at the mouth of the smile moment frozen.

Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 106

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