Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 128

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This time, ye Shaohua didn't respond so much, but Schumann was stunned.

She didn't finish what she said, so so she stood still for a long time and didn't respond.

She knew that Ye Shaohua was an orphan and her only grandfather was gone. She also knew that Ye Shaohua envied her brother and parents, so when Ye Shaoling appeared, she was really happy for Ye Shaohua.

But now, she is confused. This is Shaohua's brother? Brother is like this?

She couldn't believe it if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes!

“I don't feel bad. What do you feel bad about?” Ye Shaohua patted Schumann on the shoulder, then calmly turned to see Ye Shaoling. “The Lord of the Ye family has already told me that you don't have to say it again, seeing off guests.”

I don't know why, this tone is the same as before, but Schumann recognized that loss.

She didn't follow Ye Shaohua back to the lab, only after she couldn't see Ye Shaohua, she clenched her fists and smashed them into his face when Ye Shaoling was not prepared.

The Shu family's energy is so huge that it can't be controlled. Now it can be controlled by 30%. It's not something that ordinary people can bear. Even Ye Shaoling didn't expect that he looked down upon Ye Shaohua had such a powerful friend.

Schumann pinched his fist and sneered, “Ye Shaoling, you will regret what you did today!”

Ye Shaoling can only eat a mouthful of loss, he looked at Schumann's direction with fear, and then left a little on guard.

Schumann catches up with Ye Shaohua and pretends to be as if nothing happened. “You've been busy in the lab for so long, go to my house for dinner later.”

Ye Shaohua is playing with his mobile phone in one hand and slapping Schumann's hand around her shoulder in the other, “I'm ok, I have no confidence in such creatures as my brother.”

Schumann did not look sad at her. She was relieved, but watched Ye Shaohua's back to the laboratory.

She suddenly felt that Ye Shaohua's words were a little strange. What is it? She had no confidence in such creatures as her brother?

Isn't Shaohua the first time to see her brother?

She was a little confused, thinking that she wanted more, and then she thought of the things that she could use energy.

“Mom and Dad, I'll tell you a big happy thing,” Schumann excitedly pressed the phone. “It's ShaoHua zhi … Shaohua is very good. You don't have to worry about her. I mean, I can … It's not that she's really OK. I didn't abandon her on purpose. It's not that you misunderstood me… “

The call was only half an hour later, and Schumann suspected that she might not be biological.

Three days pa.s.sed quickly. Today is the day agreed by Ye Shaohua and Meng Yuchen.

Qiu Zifan is used to the entanglement of Ye Shaohua in the first two months. Every day, he sends a annoying text message. When he arrives, he can't help but drag her to the blacklist.

He thought that she would pester herself after signing the the divorce contract. Unexpectedly, she hasn't moved in these days. He turned over the blacklist information that was blocked, and there was nothing in it.

Qiu Zifan thought about this, but he was not used to it. He was very uncomfortable. He was a man, and naturally knew that ye Shaohua liked him very carefully.

But that kind of liking makes him sick and sick.

“Today, we can't delay any more. The Meng family said that if you want to get engaged, you should divorce first. Although you have signed the divorce agreement, the last procedure is still to be done. Ye Shaohua should be tough and let her come even if she doesn't agree.” Old Qiu looked at Qiu Zifan. “Otherwise, if she fails today, she will be sent to the outside of Z alliance directly. Will you find a divorce then?”

Qiu Zifan thinks so too. It's a long dream. Few of him contact Ye Shaohua actively.

Before, he didn't contact her. At that time, only when the phone rang, Ye Shaohua would pick it up.

Today, however, the phone rang until it hung up automatically, and Ye Shaohua didn't answer it.

This is the first time Qiu Zifan has been ignored. He didn't respond to it.

“Brother, this ugly guy doesn't want to get divorced, does she? Knowing that you're going to do the last procedure, She deliberately didn't answer your phone? ” Qiu Ziting is on one side, frowning.

It's not impossible. Qiu Zifan thought of this and frowned.

He made several more phone calls impatiently and finally got through after several times.

“Ye Shaohua, you come to the city center, and I'll wait for you here,” Qiu Zifan said directly. “We still have a final procedure for divorce that hasn't been completed.”

He was afraid that Ye Shaohua would refuse. After that, he hung up the phone directly.

Qiu Zifan came here ahead of time. At first, he thought that Ye Shaohua would not come. Unexpectedly, she came very fast.

After going in, they didn't look at him. They went through the formalities very quickly.

I don't know why Qiu Zifan felt that the staff were very fast and the information in it was prepared in advance. When they signed, it was only three minutes before and after.

Even the divorce certificate was issued to them in advance.

If he didn't know that people here couldn't bribe, Qiu Zifan almost thought that someone had arranged it specially.

As soon as Ye Shaohua stepped out of the gate, a black car stopped beside her.

Qing jun's figure shakes to get off, very gentlemanly opens the co-pilot's seat for Ye Shaohua.

However, he didn't get on the car immediately. He leaned slightly and looked at Qiu Zifan with his majestic face. “I heard that you are going to be engaged to Meng Yuchen? Congratulations, really. “

After that, he got on the car, put on the door, stepped on the accelerator and left happily.

Qiu Zifan stood in the same place, just Was that man Yun Mo just now?

How does Ye Shaohua know him? And what about the apparent pleasure on his face?

Qiu Zifan looks down at the divorce certificate in his hand. He doesn't know how to describe it.

But think about Ye Shaohua's old-fas.h.i.+oned appearance again, just like that face can't see people.

After he married her, he didn't dare to see his brother for fear of being laughed at.

There are people on the Internet who doubt that there is a scar under the long bangs, otherwise how could it have been so shameless?

Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 128

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