Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 169

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At the same time, Ye Shaohua was still on the mountain.

Behind her was Lin Weiwei and others who were trembling with fear.

Professor Materialism for most of his life, did not expect this moment to frighten him to file violent, but after all, he is not a professor of these children who have not mixed society.

In particular, there was a set of bright red clothes with a rotten smell just left behind.

He took out his cell phone and told several friends to pick him up at the foot of the mountain and go back with a group of students.

After all, it's in the wild. Although Ye Shaohua is here, no one knows if the accident will come next second. These students can't have an accident.

“No… No signal? ” As soon as the professor took out his cell phone, he found that there was no signal at all.

Hearing the professor's words, Lin Weiwei and others took out their mobile phones, and gradually a layer of fear came into their hearts.

It's true It should not be a coincidence that there is no signal at all.

At this time, however, a string of cell phones rings, which makes people sweat again.

“What can I do for you?” Lin Weiwei and others looked at the sound source and found that Ye Shaohua had received a video chat.

Because it's a video, several people around can hear his voice. It's just ningzhou that I met yesterday. “Master Ye, did you look at our house …. Eh, where are you? “

Ye Shaohua took a look. It seems that the Ning family attaches great importance to her words. The appliances at home are all in place. “Yes, can you send two cars to meet us at the south mountain outside the city. I'll send you the address. I'll talk about it when I get to your house. By the way, send a bigger car.”

After that, she cut off the video.

Then he glanced at Professor Yan and others. “You come down the mountain with me.”

Now it's not a clear decision to let them go on the mountain.

The professor would like to ask, why do you have a signal on your mobile phone, and we don't have one, and how does the great demon in ningzhou listen to you?

But now it's him. I dare not ask more.

“By the way.” Just walked a few steps, Ye Shaohua suddenly stopped.

Now even the professor dare not to be too far away from Ye Shaohua. When he saw her stop, They stopped one by one. Several smart people have carefully looked around and loved her for fear of any bad situation.

Ye Shaohua just glanced slightly at the clothes with rotten smell behind her. She sent the edited address to ningzhou with her right hand, and the empty left hand made a ring finger.

Professor and Lin Weiwei and other students looked back, and ye Shaohua pointed.

The frightening dress ignited a dark blue flame from the sky, and within a minute, it was swallowed by the flames and turned into ashes.

The two cars arrived soon. Because of the importance attached to Ye Shaohua, Ning Fu hurriedly came with Ning Zhou. Lin Weiwei's professor is the dean of the Department of civil engineering. Although he had just escaped from life and death, he was shocked in the face of Ning Fu. “Ning committee member.”

Ning's father saw a group of people lost their souls, and Ye Shaohua, who looked down at her cell phone, probably guessed the truth.

He said two sentences to the professor in a hurry and found Ye Shaohua, “Miss Ye.”

Ye Shaohua looked up. “Send the professors to school, and the people who sent them back to me directly. Don't talk about the things on the Nanshan Mountain. There are people who deal with them naturally.” Ye Shaohua said as he walked to the car in ning zhou, and suddenly thought of something else. “Almost forgot, take these things.”

When she opened the door, she suddenly thought of something and found a rune seal in her pocket.

Let Ning pa.s.s it to the professor.

If in the past, professors and others must not believe this superst.i.tion, how could they not believe it now

“Master ye, one is missing.” Ning's father turned around.

“What a trouble.” Ye Shaohua tossed the mirror in his hand to Ning zhou's hand, and then she found out a yellow paper from his pocket, a pen and a pen, and finally a lipstick.

“Sorry, I got it wrong.” Ye Shaohua put the lipstick back and found a small piece of cinnabar again.

A stroke of painting becomes a complete rune, “OK, go back and put this symbol under the head of the bed. You can take it out and throw it away after seven days. It's also OK to wear it on your body to keep it safe.”

Just… That's it? Even Ning Fu's eyes widened. The masters he had seen before had bath and fragrance table in front of their paintings. He paid attention to the harmony between the heaven and the earth. He had to try many times before he could draw a picture.

She just touched it and drew it?

After the last Rune was handed to the eight people, she spit out a string of numbers from her mouth, and then she sat in the car in ning zhou. The party left soon.

Eight people looked at each other.

The driver turned a white eye and looked at them with envy: “that's master Ye's bank card number. You won't charge for it, will you? Of course, you can transfer it to me if you don't want it. I'll pay for it. “

The driver's uncle was very bright. He knew Ye Shaohua's ability. Otherwise, the people above would have to look for her all night.

“No, no, No.” At present, even the most respected professor who believes in science says nothing about this talisman. He thinks that in seven days, he will present this talisman with a incense table and use it as a family heirloom.

Ning family, although it is midnight, is still bright.

“That's it, so that's why we attach great importance to it. and there is no other way around Yu's house. I heard my father's request. We didn't want to disturb you at first, but it's too influential.” Ning's father is on one side, and his worried hair is almost white.

Ye Shaohua touched his chin, didn't answer for the first time, but she came out so long, and didn't say a word to Ye's family.

Thinking of this, she sent a message to Uncle Ye, saying that she would not come back in a short time.

“Young master, the third young lady said that she had gone out with her friends and could not come back for the time being.” Uncle Ye didn't hide anything from brother Ye.

So late, do not listen to his words run, even in this time to run out to play.

Smell speech, the eyebrow of elder brother Ye is wrinkly again, say fiercely: “the ah Dou that cannot help up, sooner or later one day can disaster a big heel.”

Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 169

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