Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 194

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Gamma is a planet of wisdom.

The first three brain regions in history are so terrible that now the six level mecha left by the whole StarCraft comes from the hands of the first ranking people. However, mecha requires too high comprehensive quality of human body. For hundreds of years, only An Tingyun can drive.

This is also an important reason why An Tingyun became famous so quickly.

From ancient times to the present, when NO1 made level 6 Machine armour, it caused great casualties to the Zerg. It took Zerg hundreds of years to recover.

The second top three discovered the time hole and created the time hole gap. They killed 30,000 Zerg elite soldiers without any effort.

It took Zerg a lot of effort to kill the second top three.

These are recorded in the history of the Zerg.

Andrew is the third, and the most important thing is that the Zerg know that Andrew has not yet developed dimensional nanos.p.a.ce, and the identification of him by Zerg is the third in history, which is not as terrible as the first two.

Unexpectedly, Ma made the Zerg find a genius more terrible than Andrew.

The previous two super geniuses are too destructive to Zerg, let alone Ye Shaohua, who has developed 16 dimensional s.p.a.ce.

The first two have caused such a big blow to the Zerg. The existence of Ye Shaohua is the biggest threat to the Zerg.

“Chase Ye Shaohua at all costs,” the queen stood up, her eyes cold. “Put her in the first place!”

The person who reported the news retreated.

At the same time, the hunting list of Zerg has changed.

In the previous list, one is An Tingyun, and the second is Andrew.

Now there is no change in the order of the two, except for Ye Shaohua, a historical talent list that all Zerg are willing to kill at all costs.

“Lu Xiang, you should know how wonderful it is for the royal family to have an extra mecha talent in the Ye family.” Mrs. Lehmann closed her lips and looked at Lu Xiang gently. “Do you think so?”

“But -” Mrs. Lehmann said, “Jun Ye said a few words to me before. She doesn't seem to want to enter Ye's house. If I want to say that we need to survive, otherwise we will fall from the altar one day. “

She used the sentence pattern again.

The Lehmann family is also a royal minister, especially the Lehmann family has close contact with the people of gamma planet.

Once hundreds of years ago, the Lehmann family helped the first day in the history of gamma star to build a six-level machine armour, which made the Lyman family have always been in a high position.

Ye Junyi's level 4 machine armour is provided by the Lehmann family. Although there are many people who can drive the machine armour on Mo planet, there are not many people who can drive the level 4 machine armour. Ye Junyi is a general in the battlefield.

Lu Xiang was not so excited last time. Her brother is the king of Mo planet, but their generation is very thin. Her brother has only two sons, and she has only one daughter.

The senior ministers under my brother's hand have long had a different heart.

So I have to send my daughter to get married with her. I hope those people will be restrained by the threat of settling down, but I didn't expect that the first one who didn't restrain was his husband, Yen En!

Ye Junyi's appearance is very strange.

Rao and Lu Xiang also have to admit that their Lu family may have been dismissed many years ago.

Now the Lehmann family has cooperated with the gamma planet without authorization. They want to cooperate with Andrew to create a new level 6 Machine armour, as well as dimension s.p.a.ce. Lu Xiang doesn't know very well about this, but she knows that the Mo planet is likely to have another An Tingyun.

And Ye Junyi uses, is likely to be the next An Tingyun, enough to deter the existence of the dynasty!

That's all, Lu Xiang knew that she underestimated Ye Junxuan's determination.

But Mrs. Lehmann also brought Mrs. An.

Ye Shaohua's marriage to An Tingyun is well known. Now because of the pressure test of the six level machine armour of the Lehmann family, he wants the royal family to remove the marriage between Ye Shaohua and An Tingyun.

And An's mother, who also wants to change a daughter-in-law, also takes a fancy to miss Lehmann. No matter whether she really takes a fancy to her or expedient, if the two really divorce at this time, what these people should think of her daughter!

The Lu family has ruled Mo planet for so many years, and the people under it have long had a different idea. They can't prevent everything.

All in all, her daughter acted as a cannon fodder in the coup. In fact, no one cared about Ye Shaohua, who used to be superior.

“Madame AN, you are here today. Do you know major general An?” Lu Xiang took a deep breath, holding the n.o.ble demeanor, and looked at Mrs. an.

If they are determined to settle down, the Lu family

There is really no way, who let An Tingyun, and her brother never wanted to suppress him.

Mrs. an looked at Lu Xiang, who once crowned the world of Jue Mo, and said it was a pity.

She can't see whether Ye Shaohua is the same thing. The most important thing is that they don't want to be involved in the dynasty change. They have always been neutral in settling down.

“Ting Yun is still in the army, and a hole has been made in the protection. Ma is starting now. He is also to ensure the safety of these talented people,” Mrs. an smiled. “But he can't go back home once a month.”

She didn't say anything else, just euphemistically recounted the fact that An Tingyun won't go home.

It is also an expression of An Tingyun's dissatisfaction with the deliberately arranged marriage.

Lu Xiang has no way to deceive herself. She also thought that if An Tingyun could like her daughter, everyone would be happy. If someone like An Tingyun really wants to protect someone, it must be with her life.

Unfortunately, her daughter doesn't have such a blessing.

“Well, I'll tell my brother about it.” As soon as the marriage came, it was the first time to settle down with them. Lu Xiang could not say he disagreed.

Get Lu Xiang's answer, Mrs. an and Mrs. Lehmann are very relaxed to leave.

Before she went out, Mrs. Lehmann looked back at Lu Xiang, who was still sitting demurely, and murmured, “you can pretend it. After Ye Shaohua and An Tingyun get divorced, you will know what pain is!”

Mrs. an didn't know what she was thinking. After she went out, she started her mind and sent a video to An Tingyun. “Ting Yun, mum has a good news for you. You can divorce Ye Shaohua.”

Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 194

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