Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (34)

This man is psychotic, ah.

“If we have a child, I hope it’s a girl. Just like you, it must be very beautiful.”

【Ding, the level of favorability dropped by 5, and the level of favorability is 75.】

Bai Weiwei said expressionlessly , “Zero, have you ever seen such a verbal sweet talker, Do you think it has to do with his heart rate?”

System with facial paralysis: “No, and that is not the point, also can you not call me Zero?”

Bai Weiwei: “Oh, than Forty-Four ”

System:” …… “that’s even worse.

Han Zhengyu wanted to continue, but Bai Weiwei immediately placed her hand on her forehead, “Gege, I have a headache.”

She was worried that if she let Han Zhengyu sweet talk some more, his favorability would continue to go down.

His expression immediately turned serious, “I am going to call the doctor.”

When Han Zhengyu finally walked away, Bai Weiwei was able to relax her expression.

She had to pretend that she had amnesia, and now she had to pretend that her animsia was gone, so that Han Zhengyu will notice that she no longer lost her memory. This kind of performance was actually really tiring.

Just now when Han Zhengyu said his sweet words, and the system reminded her that the favorability was declining, she almost laughed during her performance.

Because she really hadn’t ever met man as stuffy as Han Zhengyu.

He was so choked by a belly full of words that he became choked and couldn’t say them.

She wondered if Han Zhengyu would explode one day.

System: “What happened? Why did the male lead’s favorability drop?”

Bai Weiwei had a profound look, “Who knows.”

The system and Bai Weiwei stayed in silence.

Bai Weiwei was unable to stay silent any longer, “Well, I thought you were going to cry and beg asking me to tell you why the favorability dropped.”

The system burst into laughter, “Did you think I would fall into your trap? I can stay silent for 10,000 years without problem. While you can’t stay silent for less than 10 days.”

The corners of Bai Weiwei’s mouth hooked up, “It was because Han Zhengyu saw that I no longer had amnesia.”

She never dared to look down on Han Zhengyu. This man was too clever. If she was really mentally ill she would have immediately responded to his questions, but she struggled.

Now that she didn’t have a mental illness, just by revealing a little flaw, Han Zhengyu could immediately pick it up and she was discovered.

She had to admit that this man was thoughtful to the point of being terrifying.

And this man was particularly disgusted with people who deceive him.

Her recovered of memory may have made Han Zhengyu’s favorability decline, but the reason why it was declining so fast was because she clearly regained her memory, but she still wanted to deceive him.

Especially when he talked about the wedding, it was a test.

Because the mentally ill Bai Weiwei did not know that they were married, but the real Bai Weiwei knew.

When she did not show her doubts, Han Zhengyu practically figured out she was no longer mentally handicapped.

The wits used in this fight made her nerves taut.

When she was in the company, she used to be so nervous when it was the time to play a verbal game with the company’s rotten and dying old men.

But Han Zhengyu was much more powerful than that group.

Han Zhengyu soon brought back the doctor and the doctor began to give her a series of checkups.

This checkup was too detailed, even a psychiatrist came.

A mighty group of doctors, people were able to see the pressure multiply.

After many examinations, she was back to lying in a hospital bed.

She was very familiar with the hospital. After all, as a person who had been in poor health, she had been taking medicines and doing checkups to the point that the hospital felt like a second home.

Han Zhengyu’s face had been looking bad since the checkups ended.

Bai Weiwei stared at him with her big eyes, “Gege.”

Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here Chapter 36

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