Ore Wo Suki Nano Wa Omae Dake Ka Yo Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part6

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Later, we did not talk at all, walking silently and saw the familiar buildings.
"The way we can go together is just till here."
Finally... I can finally get rid of Pansy. How refres.h.i.+ng my mood is.
"Ne, Jyoro, can you accompany me?"
"What? Why should I accompany you... Wait, hey, where are you going?"
Pansy hadn't listened to me and went out on the path.
I quickly followed and saw that Pansy stopped at a tree that was particularly large and fewer people walked by.
"Can you please wait here?"
"...I understand... eh?"
What is this girl doing? Suddenly going around the big tree.
"sorry for the long wait."
"I said, you don't suddenly do this inexplicable... and so on, oh whoa!"
"After all, in the room, I did not give you to see. although still maintaining the chest, are willing to settle with it?"
Scared, startled me... I didn’t expect that Pansy, which appeared from behind the big tree, was not the usual shape of the braids gla.s.ses, but instead changed to take off the gla.s.ses and untie the braids...
Still the same, it is in the middle of the strike zone, so beautiful I could not help but think to hugged her.
"Oh, look at you being shy... so cute."
Pansy showed a charming smile and slowly leaned back to me.
I was so forced to move like this, and her hand was gently placed on my head.
"A very kind Jyoro, you will be smooth. And you can rest a.s.sured that if it doesn't go well, I will take responsibility to encourage you."
Pansy touched my head and said differently from the usual calm voice.
Our distance from each other's face is very close, and breathing on the face makes me tickle.
"...the encouragement you said, can't you do in advance?"
"You are really greedy...but, if only advance a little bit, I can... come, can you please close your eyes?" (read this in storyandtranslate, and don't forget to pray for me marrying seiyuu, lol)
"... ok-okay!"
There is a wonderful atmosphere between each other. Pansy's quiet fragrance, a little th.o.r.n.y feeling in her right hand.
Not good... I always feel that many things are messy... huh? The last one is not quite right?
"Oh, you are coming back, lancet."
Looking at the right hand, unknowingly, the huge needle thing has been firmly attached to the top!
Lancet did not put me in a hurry, and the calmness of swinging many feet to Pansy's shoulders should already be said to have the majesty of the king.
"This will not be here ......"
"Yeah. Here is the most common Quercus acutissima "Spirytus"."
I won't say "This is really a bug that can get in the way!" That old-fas.h.i.+oned humor!
"Well, sorry, can you please use this one?" (can you please use this as encourage in advance is what she mean)
Huh? I thought things that encourage in advance were no longer, am I wrong?
Then why does this girl put her hands on her head like her ears?
" 'Master ~~ ♡ What kind of books do we want to look together today?'"
"You...! This..."
This...isn't this one of the collections in the mezzanine of my drawer... "Reading with the Bunny Maid?" This, this girl ...... even went so far as to read the content!
"How about it? Although I am not confident, I tried hard to do it."
I can only see it dumbfoundedly. I didn't want you to do this kind of effort.
"Really, even refused to say what you thought, you are so bad... then let's go."
"……Right, just do that."
Why does the advance encouragement become such a situation?
 Although she did not inflict strange situation, it is a safe landing from a certain point of view, but the cost is too great.
"Thank you very much today, Jyoro-kun."
Pansy walked beside me, who was depressed and thanked me in a dull tone.
"What? Thank you for what?"
"Thanks for taking me into your room, chatting with me happily, and ......"
Pansy paused.
The cheeks were slightly red, but still decided not to look away from my eyes and continue to throw this sentence:
"Still sent me to the station."
Pansy finally put on his gla.s.ses and walked into the building in front of him - the station. I watched her leave and turned around and went back along the way.
"Okay, go to a convenience store on the way home."
Uh... she really... is cute enough... (the only reason you still don't dating her is because it is still in volume 2)

TN: finally, with this the chapter 1 had ended...

Ore Wo Suki Nano Wa Omae Dake Ka Yo Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part6

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