The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1043 - The Devil Servant of God

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Chapter 1043: The Devil Servant of G.o.d

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

However, the defiant expression remained on the Demon Devouring Emperor’s face. With the Armor of Blood Spirits as a strong s.h.i.+eld, he could never be on the losing side!

The remnant sword energy of the fairy sword raked across the Armor of Blood Spirits. Countless beastly spirits pounced forth, wearing down the sword energy. The fairy sword was incredibly powerful, but it still wasn’t able to inflict any harm upon his original form.

The Demon Devouring Emperor gave an inward sigh of relief, and a cold sneer formed on his lips again. “Is that all you’ve got? The power of your sword isn’t that impressive!”

“Is that so?” Su Yu asked with indifference as a strange undulation spread through his eyes. “If it weren’t for the Armor of Blood Spirits, would you still be making such a remark?”

What? The Demon Devouring Emperor had a feeling of foreboding as insecurities crept into his mind. He felt especially anxious when Su Yu mentioned not having the Armor of Blood Spirits. His heart began thumping wildly for no apparent reason.

“What do you mean?” The Emperor discreetly stepped back towards Bing Wuqing.

“Just what I said.” All of a sudden, Su Yu’s eyes began to emit waves and bleak brilliance shot out of them. In the meantime, the fairy sword was moving through the air, tracing a silver trajectory.

The sword headed straight for the Demon Devouring Emperor who tried to keep his cool. With the Armor of Blood Spirits, no one could hurt him—could they? However, when the breathtaking sword energy came toward him, the Emperor felt his heart turn icy cold.

The beastly spirits in the Armor of Blood Spirits did not fend off the sword energy this time. Instead, the sword energy penetrated the armor and finally broke through to his original form!

No matter how hard he tried to activate it, the numerous dead spirits of the beasts felt as though they were being restrained by something and remained totally motionless. The iciness pierced through the physical body of the Demon Devouring Emperor, and penetrated right through to his soul!

“You… you’re good at the Illusory Technique of the Soul…” The instant his soul perished, the Emperor voiced his terror.

He had never expected Su Yu to have mastered the most profound form of the secret techniques of the soul—the Illusory Technique of the Soul! This technique tempted the dead spirits of the beasts with illusory techniques and prevented them from attacking, making them lose their defensive will.

The Armor of Blood Spirits now seemed completely useless, allowing the Demon Devouring Emperor to take the full impact of the blow.

Just now, Su Yu seemed to be constantly avoiding the attempts of the virtual Tao Tie shadow to devour him. In fact, he was performing illusory techniques, ensuring that all the spirits of demonic beasts were tempted.

That was the final part of Su Yu’s plan!

The Emperor had sharp senses. Catching him off guard while attacking him was the only way to kill him. Indeed, the Armor of Blood Spirits that he was so proud of actually made him careless.

Previously, Su Yu’s attacks were only to divert attention. The combination of the spell of Enchantment of the Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air and the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword was the only true ace up his sleeve. The attack had not only destroyed the Demon Devouring Emperor’s physical body but had also shattered his soul.

With great reluctance, the Demon Devouring Emperor collapsed to the floor. All vigor and vitality had gone out of him.

Those who were in the midst of besieging Bing Wuqing had complicated emotions in their eyes. There was joy, as well as heaviness.

Su Yu’s power was way beyond their expectations. Even the Demon Devouring Emperor had died at his hands! The majority of the other challengers knew they were no match for the Emperor.

Nonetheless, the look on Su Yu’s face was far less relieved than theirs. His eyes were still fixed on the Emperor’s corpse, gleaming with wonder and amazement.

The Emperor’s body had shattered and his soul had perished, and a black splendor radiated from all over his body. His eyes had been shut tight but opened up again a moment ago later. They were filled with horrendous demonic energy.

It was just as he had said before his death: he did not want to die with any regrets!

Slamming his palms on the ground, the Demon Devouring Emperor stood up abruptly. Surprised, he looked at his body and couldn’t help but guffaw. “Hahaha, this is the G.o.d’s contract!! As long as the G.o.d is alive, the servant remains undying!”

The G.o.d’s contract?

Su Yu’s brows furrowed slightly as he looked at Bing Wuqing. Bring the dead back to life? Coming back to life wasn’t the terrifying part. No matter how many times he returned, Su Yu would kill him over and over again. The thing that troubled Su Yu was whether the G.o.d’s contract had any other effects apart from this.

“Su Yuxian, do you have any last words?” The Demon Devouring Emperor laughed as he looked up at the sky with a cunning sneer, his face full of evil.


Black light flickered, and before Su Yu could react, a pitch-black figure appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

It had a pair of dark horns on top of its head and sharp fangs in its mouth. On its back was a pair of black wings, and it had a long tail as sharp as a knife.

He appeared before Su Yu, his appearance horrifying. Su Yu had never seen anything like it before.

“The Devil Servant of G.o.d!!” The injured Dongfang Tianfeng stared in horror as the scene unraveled, and her face grew solemn suddenly.

The Devil Servant of G.o.d was the legendary unique form of the paramount demonic G.o.d’s servant. As long as the demonic G.o.d lived, the G.o.d’s servant would never die. In addition, the servant could use the G.o.dly spirit’s power of the demonic G.o.d!

Su Yu’s response was equally fast. Mysterious waves shot out from his eyes, tempting the beastly spirits as he slashed with the sword.


The sound of body and soul shattering reverberated on the level of matter and soul at the same time. This time, the Demon Devouring Emperor’s body and soul perished at the same time!

However, the next moment, a pitch-black demonic claw came out of nowhere and grasped the blade of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword!

The Emperor’s eyes again suddenly opened, and he gave a sly snicker. “I am back, again!” He slammed down his demonic paw, and a terrifying enormous force struck Su Yu’s chest. It had the same intensity as cras.h.i.+ng waves and seemed that it could topple mountains.

Su Yu’s face changed slightly as he fended off the attack with his sword. The sword absorbed a huge proportion of the impact, but some of it still rushed into his body.

A fresh streak of blood ran down from the corner of his mouth.

“Hahahaha! You are too weak!” The Demon Devouring Emperor laughed as he looked up, intrepid because he was fearless of death. Once again, he charged.

Su Yu raised his sword and struck at him. But before half a breath had pa.s.sed, the Emperor had revived again and charged once again at Su Yu!

“So weak! Can’t you be a little more intimidating? That’ll make you more interesting to kill!” The Emperor was extremely thrilled. An una.s.sailable state that he had never experienced before gave him the great sense of pleasure of being on the top of the world.

The situation had taken a sharp turn for the worse, and all those watching were extremely tense.

They did not think that Su Yu was useless. If they had been in his place, they would have no control over the Demon Devouring Emperor who was able to come back to life an infinite number of times.

The enemy couldn’t be killed and couldn’t be destroyed, while they could only die once. The nature of the battle was unfair. If the other challengers had been fighting, they would have been killed a long time ago. Fortunately, Su Yu had his powerful ability and powerful treasures to rely on, so he had been able to keep going up until now. However, they understood that even Su Yu wouldn’t be able to escape death forever.

“Su Yuxian, run away now! You can’t defeat the Demon Devouring Emperor. With the existence of the G.o.d’s contract, it can use the G.o.dly spirit. It will never die! It doesn’t matter how many times you kill it!” Dongfang Tianfeng said. She let out a deep sigh, unable to stand the sight of it anymore.

After all, the power of G.o.d wasn’t something that mere mortals such as them could defy. Although the Emperor was just a servant of the G.o.d, they were still no match of it.

Is fighting against the Glittering Jewel Demonic G.o.d really just a joke? Dongfang Tianfeng’s lips curled in deep bitterness.

“Can the G.o.d’s contract be terminated?” Su Yu asked as he gazed at the Demon Devouring Emperor who had come back to life once again.

Dongfang Tianfeng was startled. Smiling bitterly, she replied, “Only by the G.o.d himself. Any outsiders, or even another deity, will not be able to rescind the G.o.d’s contract with ease.”

What stupefied her was that Su Yu actually nodded. “Fine, just let Bing Wuqing rescind the G.o.d’s contract. That will do.”

If it hadn’t anyone else had been speaking, Dongfang Tianfeng would have totally treated those words as wind past the ear.

Bing Wuqing was counting on the Demon Devouring Emperor holding up the seal for another half an hour. How could she cancel the G.o.d’s contract at such a critical juncture and give up on the Emperor?

Was it meant to be a joke? It was very strange!

Su Yu slashed at the Emperor with the sword once again. But this time, before the Emperor could come back to life again, an Underworld Pearl the size of a hand materialized on Su Yu’s palm, and he tossed it in the Emperor’s direction.

As it moved through the air, the Underworld Pearl enlarged to a hundred feet, pressing down on the Emperor from above.

When the Emperor came back to life and opened his eyes, he was shocked to discover that, apart from his head, his entire body had been suppressed, and he was unable to budge!

However, he looked unruffled on the surface. “So what if you suppress me? You can’t kill me anyway!” the Emperor scoffed. A sword made of demonic energy spilled from his mouth and struck at his own skull. He seemed to be planning on suicide. After death, his skull would serve to consolidate his soul and body once again!

However, before he could act, a silver streak of sword light flickered and stabbed right into his forehead. The icy sword ambiance sank into his soul, shattering his spirit. This time, his body was also destroyed.

Nonetheless, his entire body still remained intact. Su Yu had purposely adjusted the force of the Underworld Pearl to prevent his body from being crushed into a mangled mesh of flesh.

The next moment, the Demon Devouring Emperor came back to life, opened his eyes, and coldly asked, “What’s the point of you doing that?”

Su Yu did not answer, but killed him with another strike of the sword!

The Emperor was vexed. “This is completely pointless!”

He was answered by yet another slash from the sword.

After this had happened four or five times, the Emperor finally realized that something wasn’t right and began to feel anxious.

This couldn’t keep happening. He attempted to commit suicide once again, with the intention of freeing himself from the predicament of being suppressed by reviving himself.

However, the moment he came back to life he was slaughtered by Su Yu once again and had no time to act.

Only when he had been killed for the tenth time did the Demon Devouring Emperor felt a tinge of fear. He growled, “What the h.e.l.l are you trying to do?”

“I’m trying to make Bing Wuqing terminate your G.o.d’s contract of course!” Su Yu replied nonchalantly, before killing him with another swing of the sword.

Upon revival, the Emperor bellowed, “My master needs me! She won’t ever terminate the contract!”

“Hehe, but what happens if your master isn’t capable of reviving you endlessly? Revival surely isn’t something that happens naturally. The cost of doing this time after time is consuming your master’s G.o.dly spirit, isn’t it?” Su Yu remarked indifferently as he raised the sword yet again.

Su Yu had tried bringing someone back from death before, and there had been a cost. He had been left with a head of white hair.

The Emperor opened his eyes, this time with panic and dread visible. Exasperatedly, he said, “So what? My master is a demonic G.o.d! Reviving me only takes a tiny amount of her G.o.dly spirit!”

“If she had been at her peak state, killing you countless times wouldn’t have hurt her G.o.dly spirit the slightest bit. However, her current G.o.dly spirit is so feeble that she isn’t any stronger than the dog Kylin. How much consumption of her G.o.dly spirit do you think she could withstand for you?” Su Yu chortled. Seeing the fear in the Emperor’s eyes, he raised his sword…

The Sacred Kylin s.h.i.+vered, as black, steaming streams of air surged all across its body. Grinding its teeth, it said, “Brat, I just heard a very unpleasant description about me.”

Dog Kylin was a new species created by Su Yu.

Again, Su Yu laughed a little. It was as though there was no one around him as he slashed at the Emperor over and over again. The Emperor’s face had lost all trace of the arrogance now and was full of fear and terror.

“Don’t…” He wasn’t able to finish his words before he was slain again.

When the Emperor had been killed a hundred times, a sigh finally sounded from a cranny.

“Haih, why must you be my enemy?” Bing Wuqing raised her gaze which was filled with remorse. “If only I’d known it earlier, I would have ended your life back in the Red Blood Palace, taking only those abilities of yours which I need.” Su Yu’s hindrance to her had far exceeded her expectations.


On the Demon Devouring Emperor’s forehead, a droplet of golden blood spiraled out and returned to Bing Wuqing’s body. The Emperor’s face turned pallid in a split second. Like a victim plummeting into a deep abyss, he growled in extreme dread, “No, master, I… I can still serve you!!”


His words trailed off as his body convulsed terribly. All splendor was lost from his eyes., and he was incapable of saying another word.

“Haih, despite my power as a demonic G.o.d, I don’t have the talent of deploying people well,” Bing Wuqing said placidly, simply and unceremoniously ending the life of a person who had been loyal to her.

Su Yu withdrew the Underworld Pearl. His eyes became stern as he coldly said, “It’s your turn now, Lord Demonic G.o.d! There’s still a short while left! How much longer do you think you can stand it?”

The intense, unsparing attack by Han Fei and the other two had left Bing Wuqing completely drenched in blood, and the number of wounds on her body was shocking.

“More than enough to deal with you people,” Bing Wuqing answered nonchalantly, despite her haggard look.

Su Yu nodded in agreement. “Of course, because, as a matter of fact, a Lord Demonic G.o.d doesn’t have any injuries.”

What? Han Fei and the two challengers who were in the midst of the attack stopped at once, their bodies turning stiff as they stared at Su Yu, hoping for him to repeat what he just said.

The Bing Wuqing before their eyes was so weak and feeble. She was completely covered in blood and wounds and seemed so much weaker than she had been before.

What did he mean by her not having any injuries?

Bing Wuqing looked at Su Yu, remaining silent.

“Lord Demonic G.o.d, is it really a good idea to fool such determined, diligent youngsters?” Su Yu made a grabbing motion. The Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter that Bing Wuxin had been holding flew into Su Yu’s grasp. He clasped his fingers around it, adding another crack to the object.

This crack didn’t appear because Su Yu damaged it, but it was formed after the scepter was used.

“Everyone, including the dog Kylin, has neglected the existence of this fairy scepter and has also neglected who its real owner is. You’ve also neglected to consider its true purpose, which is to purify!” Su Yu caressed the scepter with his palm.

From within the scepter, golden streaks of blood as narrow as hair were extracted.

The dog Kylin, no, the Sacred Kylin widened its stare. “Impossible! I refined this fairy scepter a long time ago. How can there be marks of her refinement?”

“Have you forgotten who the holder of this fairy scepter is?” Su Yu looked over at Bing Wuxin, feeling sorry for her for the first time ever. She had been under the control of a demon all her life, while her life was in the hands of Bing Wuqing. She had even been used without knowing it, secretly refining the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter for Bung Wuqing.

The mark of refinement was removed. Bing Wuqing had a look of surprise in her eyes. Waves of tremors occurred on the surface of her body as if some delusional guise was falling apart.

Shortly after, Han Fei and the others took in a cold, sharp breath. Bing Wuqing was totally unscathed!

All of her injuries had been purified by the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter that had been secretly activated all this time!!

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